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  November 2013
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All Welcome At December 14, 2013 General Meeting Of The Library Minyan
On Shabbat, December 14, 2013, immediately following a co-sponsored kiddush, we will hold a General Meeting of the Library Minyan.  The entire Library Minyan kahal is strongly encouraged to attend. Please bring your ideas, your opinions, and your open ears and minds. If there are particular topics you would like to suggest for the agenda, please contact Scott Taryle. One important agenda item will be the upcoming leadership transition in the Library Minyan and the process for selecting a new Steering Committee and Rosh for the next two-year governance term.
New Rosh And Committee Chairs To Be Chosen By TuBiShvat: Upcoming Transition Period Is An Ideal Time For Anyone to Become Involved In Committees
Although the time seems to have flown by, we are already nearing the end of the current term for the Rosh and Steering Committee of the Library Minyan.  Under the governing charter  adopted in 2012, the Rosh haMinyan is elected by the Steering Committee, consisting of the chairs of each of the Library Minyan's standing committees (Education; Finance; Gabayim-Coordinators; Membership; Ritual; Social and Hospitality; Youth; and coming soon, Communications). The committee chairs are elected by the members of their committees. The Rosh and Steering Committee members serve for two-year terms which begin and end on TuBiShv'at of each even-numbered year. Committee chairs are permitted to serve up to two terms (if reelected), while the Rosh is limited to a single term. 
pSo here's what this means: Each of the standing committees will be holding open meetings between now and the end of 2013. (Look for an upcoming announcement for dates and times.) Anyone who is interested in serving in a committee is welcome to attend. At those meetings, each committee will elect (or reelect) a chair who will then serve on the new Steering Committee for the coming 2014-16 term. The new Steering Committee will meet on January 12, 2014 and elect a new Rosh HaMinyan who will take the helm on TuBiShvat (sundown, January 15, 2014).p
Whether or not you have any interest in leadership in the Library Minyan, joining a committee is a terrific way to become involved at any level and to get to know your fellow Minyanites, and this upcoming transition period is an ideal time to do so.  There is no limit on how many committees you can join, no experience is necessary, and any Temple Beth Am member who can read this Minyan Monthly is qualified.
Jamming at the November 16, 2013 Melaveh Malkah.  From left: Rachel Blatt, Josh Warshawsky, Michelle Stone, and Jonathan Bubis.
New Library Minyan Communications Committee Looking For Volunteers
Starting in the new 2014-16 term, the Library Minyan will have a new standing committee, the Communications Committee. The mission of the committee will be, among other things, to oversee the Minyan's website, email and other communications including the Minyan Monthly and printed materials, serve as a liason with the shul re Minyan-related announcements in Temple Beth Am's media (Kol HaAm, Shabbat Bulletins, Midweek Announcements, etc), and to foster awareness and information about the Library Minyan's events and activities. A start up meeting will soon be announced. If interested in joining, please contact Scott Taryle.
Did You Know?  A monthly column on ritual matters of interest.
Ein Kelohahynu in Ladino
Recently on Shabbat, November 16 during Musaf, the Minyan was treated to a version of Ein Kelohaynu in both Hebrew and Ladino, led by Cantorial Intern Michelle Stone and by Adina Bodenstein (who was celebrating her auf ruf along with khatan Boaz Hepner). The Ladino or Judeo-Spanish language is based on Old Spanish and other Iberian languages, enriched by Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic. It has been spoken by Sephardic communities, particularly in the Balkans, Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East, for centuries. The Ladino version of Ein Keloyaynu, the lyrics of which appear here (at right) is currently sung regularly at Sephardic synaogues. You will notice the similarity to modern Spanish. Our special thanks to Melissa Berenbaum who obtained a copy of these lyrics from Michelle Stone.
If you would like to contribute a Did You Know column to a future Minyan Monthly, please contact Rachel Green.
Happy Thanksgivukah!
Mishna study 9:20
Tefillot begin 9:45
Temple Beth Am
Dorff-Nelson Chapel
1039 S. La Cienega Blvd, 90035
Upcoming Smachot And Co-Sponsored Kiddush
Nov. 23: bar mitzvah of Leor Kaminsky (son of Leon and Tina Kaminsky).
Dec. 14: Library Minyan Cosponsored Kiddush and General Meeting.  (To be a sponsor, contact Carl Sunshine.)
Dec. 21: Bar Mitzvah of Yaacov Broidy, son of Alan and Heather Broidy.
Joel Grossman
Joel Grossman reveals his inner stand-up comic at the November 16, 2013 Melaveh Malkah Ice Cream Social
A Sweet And Nutty Night At The Broidys By Val Goldstein
The November 16, 2013, melaveh malkah/ ice cream social was sweet, fragrant, melodious, and funny!
All had a great time as we sang, listened to jokes, and, of course, noshed.
So many people worked to make this program the success it was! Our wonderful musicians included Rabbi Ari Lucas, artist-in-residence Josh Warshawsky, cantorial intern Michelle Stone, and rabbinic interns Rachel Blatt and Jonathan Bubis. We all felt as if we could sing along with all of you every week! Mike Cohn kept the entertainment going at a perfect pace. He really is an M.C. by all definitions of the initials!
Joel Grossman not only had us laughing at the jokes he practiced, he also took suggestions from the gallery! Heather and Alan Broidy kindly allowed us to take over their house, and, as always, did so with warmth and grace. A special thanks to Becca Bubis for rolling up her sleeves and helping to set up, serve, and do whatever was asked of her!
This program would never have taken place had it not been for the hard work of Dafna Taryle and Sharon Grob. They sent endless emails, contacted all the performers, shopped for the food, set up and cleaned up, etc., etc., etc. Todah rabah and yeshar koach!
Non Komo Muestro Dio (Ein Kelohaynu)
Non komo muestro Dio.
Non komo muestro Senyor.
Non komo muestro Rey.
Non komo muestro Salvador.
Ken komo muestro Dio?
Ken komo muestro Senyor?
Ken komo muestro Rey?
Ken komo muestro Salvador?
Loaremos a muestro Dio.
Loaremos a muestro Senyor.
Loaremos a muestro Rey.
Loaremos a muestro Salvador.
Bendicho muestro Dio.
Bendicho muestro Senyor.
Bendicho muestro Rey.
Bendicho muestro Salvador.
Tu sos muestro Dio.
Tu sos muestro Senyor.
Tu sos muestro Rey.
Tu sos muestro Salvador.
Non komo muestro Dio.
Non komo muestro Senyor.
Non komo muestro Rey.
Non komo muestro Salvador.
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