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IAHF List:

Some of you have had problems sending the form letter to all Codex delegates that I alerted you to yesterday. (If you just signed on to the IAHF list- see https://www.ymlp.com/pubarchive.php?jham

Here are some answers based on responses I've just made to a handful of people:


1. Go to http://iahf.com/index3.html

2. Scroll to bottom and click on "ALERT: Form Letter to Send to Codex Delegates"

3. In the Alert, you will see a LINK that says "Email Addresses of Codex Delegates That Should Be Sent the Below Form Letter" Click to open that link, there you'll see the email addresses to copy and paste into an email to send to all delegates.

4. Open a New Email in your email program

5. Copy and paste the first few email addresses from the link above to your "To" line and the remainder to your "Bcc" line (unless your email program doesn't have one in which case put them all into your "to" line.

6. Copy and past the form letter into your email

7. Copy and paste the TITLE of the form letter into the SUBJECT LINE

7. Click SEND


Some people's servers won't allow an email to be sent to more than a certain number of email addresses at one time. While my ISP allowed me to send to the whole list in one shot, yours might not. If your ISP blocks you, try sending two emails in order to send to only half the list each time.

While I checked the list for invalid addresses before sending them to you, some servers are detecting invalid DNS entries and are blocking the mail from going out. If this happens, just delete any email address that appears invalid to your server and send again without it.

KEEP IN MIND that the FDA and CODEX refuse to furnish us with the up to date email list of delegates to send to, so we're forced to use the list from last year's meeting. We just have to do the best we can. Most of these addresses are still good this year.

Sorry the programmer was not able to overcome the technical difficulties for writing a program that would have allowed us to send this form letter with just one mouse click. He worked very hard to solve the problem, but was unable to.

I timed myself on how long it took me to send the email the low tech way, and it took me less than 30 seconds.

Please take the time to send it, and please also join me in sending the legal demand letter to FDA that I sent out yesterday. Send it to them by certified mail. The more people who do this the better. We are putting key FDA officials on notice that unless they do what we tell them to do at this Codex meeting, we can sue them as private citizens under Title 42 for civil rights violations if their actions result in our losing access to supplements at any future time. There is no stronger message we can send to them than this, and we have no choice.

The reason we have no choice is we're dealing with unelected bureaucrats who are predisposed otherwise to strictly follow orders originating from the Pharma Cartel.

Never forget that US Codex Delegate Dr. Schneeman is not an elected official.

Never forget where she came from: (to FDA from UC Davis where in 2003 she was working under a nearly $40,000. research grant from ILSI who's membership reads like a "Who's Who" of the multinational drug companies.

The gloves are OFF. This is CRUNCH TIME people. If you require your access to dietary supplements, you must ACT NOW.