Compressed Air Challenge Newsletter Fall 2011

 The mission of the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) is to be the leading source of product-neutral compressed air system information and education, enabling end users to take a systems approach leading to improved efficiency and production and increased net profits.  We hope this newsletter serves these goals and provides value to you, our most important customer.  Please feel free to provide any feedback about this issue to:

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Conference in Chicago...
 We are pleased to tell you that we are a supporting organization for the Energy Efficient Hydraulics and Pneumatics Conference being held on November 15 to 17th.  This conference features two of our Certified L2 instructors, Bill Scales and Hank Van Ormer. The conference will address effective design concepts and maintenance techniques for both mobile and industrial applications, hydraulic and pneumatic. For more information click here.
Free BP Manual...
 Our best seller Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual is THE best source for information on compressed air systems and compressed air systems optimization.  It comes free with any CAC Fundamentals seminar.  Or you can order it separately. Click here to get more information and order.
Are you wasting money fixing air leaks?
Much has been written about the significant cost of supplying air leaks—an inevitable part of any compressed air system. Most owners and operators are usually unaware that without a carefully designed and well-maintained compressor control strategy, a leak-repair program may not maximize their savings. Read the rest of this article in Maintenance Technology Magazine.
Plastics Industry Energy Efficiency
As in most industrial categories, compressed air is critical to the operations of a plastics plant whether it is blow molding, injection molding, or other processes. The opportunities to improve supply side (compressor room) efficiency are similar to all industrial compressed air systems, but are even more prevalent in some plastics facilities, especially blow molding. On both the end use and production side of the air system, the plastics industry offers some unique constraints as well as significant efficiency opportunities not found in other industries. In this article, we will explore these efficiency opportunities and attempt to understand why they exist and how we may begin to capture them. To view the story click here.
November - WE Training
Our next session of  Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems WE (web-edition) is starting November 9, 2011.  This popular course is delivered over the internet and is highly rated by our participants.  Additional benefit: A free copy of our Best Practices Manual.

Look for  more WE seminar for 2012, we are in the process of scheduling for February and May starts.   Visit our Training Calendar for more information. Should you wish to be notified about future training please visit this link and sign-up to be notified 

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