Vaccine Choice Canada V-Bulletin
  September 2015
Dear VCC Members & Friends,
Over the last few years, the drumbeat of “mandatory vaccination” has been intensifying in North America and Australia.  Mainstream media whips itself into a frenzy of fear and loathing over every small outbreak of so called “vaccine preventable” diseases while suppressing the real risks and health injuries caused by today’s aggressive vaccine schedule. Rarely is vaccine failure or waning immunity mentioned as an underlying factor in disease outbreaks.  Only a few decades ago, society viewed these same diseases (measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox) as benign childhood illnesses which everyone knew conferred the benefit of long term immunity, and protection later in life when the risks are much higher.

Today, a heavy pall of medical denialism blinds doctors, public health agencies, politicians, government and the media to the fact that the aggressive vaccine schedule, delivered multiple times in the first two years of life during the most vulnerable time of brain and immune system growth, is wreaking havoc on children’s health. Conveniently overlooked is the fact that the neuroscience literature has shown for decades that overstimulation of the immune system in early life can lead to brain injuries. Willfully ignored is the fact that vaccines are powerful biological drugs comprised of complex bioactive and chemical compounds. Once injected these have a profound impact on the fragile micro-environment of infants and young children, and are a precipitating factor in the epidemic of neurological and immune system injuries afflicting children today.   

What is clear from the government’s own records, as discussed in our recently updated Report of vaccine adverse events reports released by the Canadian government, is the increase in serious adverse events (SAE) in babies under 2 years old who, in 2014 experienced 61% of all serious events. Disturbingly, it is young children (less than 7 years old), toddlers and infants who experience 72.5% of all serious adverse events following immunization, the most common types of adverse events being neurological and immune system disorders.

Earlier this summer in lock step with the recent attacks on health freedoms in the U.S. culminating in the loss of personal belief exemptions in California, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) announced its intention to introduce a “mandatory vaccination” resolution to be voted on at its annual meeting in late August.  In protest, Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC) launched the No Vaccine Mandates in Canada petition to coincide with the CMA convention in Halifax.  

Garnering over 5,000 signatures in the first week it was on-line, and close to 2,000 individual comments opposed to “mandatory vaccination”, the petition took on a life of its own as an outpouring of the collective public psyche saying NO to forced vaccination and YES to the protection of basic human rights, health freedoms and informed consent.  On September 3, 2015 we closed the petition and declared Victory!

VCC evaluated all of the public comments received on the petition site and produced a detailed Comments Review which, along with our cover letter has been sent to the Canadian Medical Association and can be viewed here on our website.

Several members of the VCC Board watched the Members voting on resolutions on Wednesday Aug 26 and then reported to petition signees on the events. You can read the Petition Update where we explain that the CMA back-stepped from their original resolution announced in June, which would have allowed only medical exemptions to vaccinations and require proof of vaccination status for school registration, to a more moderate requirement of presenting vaccination records when registering their children.

A resolution recommending a National Compensation Program for debilitating vaccine injuries did NOT pass.  The motion failed with 70% against a compensation plan and 27% in favour.  Only three doctors spoke for the motion (as a matter of justice). All the other doctors spoke against the motion arguing about the difference between vaccine-caused injuries and vaccine-associated injuries. One doctor said there was no scientific proof that vaccines even caused injury!  Many doctors who spoke against the motion were concerned that a compensation program would be “used by” the “anti-vax” movement or that it would frighten parents away if they thought their children could be injured by vaccinations. Doctors seemed completely unable to come to terms with the fact that vaccines do cause injuries.
As we state in the Petition Update linked above: “Obviously the CMA realized that mandates without personal or religious exemptions would be going a step too far…However that didn’t stop them from recommending that parents, like schoolchildren being sent to the principal’s office, must meet with public health officials to have their “social conformity” adjusted. Yes, the rationale for this motion actually states: Just having to declare their children’s immunization status makes parents more aware of the importance of vaccination and has a social conformity effect.

Even this modified resolution is problematical however. As the Nova Scotia Chief Medical Officer remarked in a CBC article, “calling for parents to declare their child's immunization status, is good in theory only…I think it's an interesting idea, but there's a number of very practical issues which make it, perhaps, not very feasible to implement," he said. He went on to discuss the lack of public health staff to speak with parents as the resolution called for, lack of immunization electronic databases and privacy issues. "I think there are some privacy questions around it, that would need to be explored carefully."

Following the adoption of the CMA resolution, the CMA Journal issued an article (pdf download) quoting incoming President, Dr. Judy Forbes, saying a national registry of immunization is “essential”. However, this “good in theory only” resolution and another CMA resolution calling for a national medical records database are not in line with the state of the development of electronic health records in Canada. The CMA is well aware of the problem as this article (pdf download) from the CMA Journal explains:
“Despite a $2.1-billion federal investment in Canada Health Infoway since 2001 to create nationally interoperable patient records, Canada ranked second-last among 11 nations in a 2014 Commonwealth Fund survey of primary care physicans' use of electronic medical records (EMRs). The survey estimated that less than 60% of Canadian physicians use EMRs.”

The article then goes on to quote Dr. Alex Jadad, director of the Centre for Global eHealth Innovation at the University of Toronto: "We are squandering hundreds of millions of dollars in almost every province. So far what we have mostly built is a fragmented collection of computer repair shops.”

And then the article quotes an industry professional as follows: “Dr. Karim Keshavjee, CEO of Toronto-based InfoClin, a medical records consultancy for health care providers, also describes Canada's performance in realizing the potential for ehealth solutions to improve the management and utility of patient records as "abysmal."

So it certainly looks like after 14 years and more than $2 billion, Canada is not much closer to implementing electronic medical records that are interoperable even within local regions, let alone at the intra-provincial level.

What this lack of records means is that no one really knows what vaccine coverage rates are on a national basis, nor how many Canadians are applying for vaccine exemptions for medical (including natural immunity), religious or philosophical reasons. All data at all levels is simply estimated based on samples from fragmented provincial records or from the StatsCan immunization coverage surveys. These national level surveys in themselves are only estimates. The childhood survey linked above is based on sampling less than 0.4%  (four tenths of one per cent) of the actual population under age 18. VCC made an Access to Information request for the results of this latest survey, but was turned down. The rationale was that all information collected in the survey was “confidential” and that there was no Public Use Microdata file available. Until the Public Health Agency of Canada releases their promised report, we know little about the real results of the survey except that coverage rates have dropped for children age 2 and under. You can see a comparison of 2011 and 2013 rates in the Database Update Report on our website.

However the Canadian mainstream media remains blissfully unaware of the problems of implementing the CMA resolution on records for school entry. Rather, since the resolution passed, it is being used as a springboard to fill the media with stories of low coverage rates in schools and to talk about “required” (or even “mandated”) vaccines for school entry. Occasionally media reports mention the exemption option, however no reference is ever made to the statement in the 1996 Canadian National Immunization Report that immunizations are not mandatory in Canada and cannot be made mandatory in Canada because of the Canadian Constitution. So regardless of the facts of the matter the spin goes on.

Now we see the political parties in Canada caught up in the swirling vortex of mandatory vaccination illegality. A citizen recently contacted VCC to inform us of an online site where one can see how their beliefs align with the platforms of the main political parties. They wrote:

“So I get to the end of the poll and it tells me what party I’ve most sided with. For one of my most important concerns I find":
"Should the federal government require children to be vaccinated for preventable diseases?

Liberal: Yes    

Conservative: Yes  

Green: Yes, but only for deadly transmittable diseases

New Democratic: Yes, they are essential to protecting other children who are too young to be vaccinated

Communist: Yes

You: No”
You can read the communication VCC sent to all the political parties requesting they state their position on the question of “required” vaccinations and the responses we have received to date on our website.
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Ontario events in October
The Peanut Allergy Epidemic - Why & How Millions of Children Have Life Threatening Allergies to Peanuts, Nuts, and Other Common Foods and the Connection to Vaccinations - What is Causing It and How To Prevent It?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015
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Heather Fraser, MA, BA, BEd, CBP has worked in energy-based modalities including Body Talk, Iridology, and Nutrition since 2006. She is the author of “The Peanut Allergy Epidemic, What’s Causing It and How to Prevent It” and “Acupressure for Allergy”. Did you know?  Just 20 years ago anaphylactic allergies were virtually unknown; Medical literature states that vaccination creates allergy to what is in the shot, air, or body at the time of injection; Doctors have stopped trying to find out what causes infants under 1 yr to develop severe food allergies.

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Katlyn Fox Foundation's 7th Annual Halloween Dance & Silent Auction

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Friday, October 30, 2015
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The Katlyn Fox Foundation is a parent-founded charitable foundation focused on
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