The Lion's Roar
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Chenango Bridge, NY
April 2014
From the Church Guy
     The little things in life are the big things.
     What if Easter egg hunts aren't just for children?  What if there are small joys hidden in daily life for you to find?  What if God, or the Risen Jesus, or the Easter angel, scatters small joys for you in plain sight?
     What if "giving something up for Lent" led to "hunting for Easter joys?"  What if you could find those moments that flavor life with joy the way yeast fills bread dough, or the way spices make food better?  What if new life really happens?  What if Christ truly rose from death?  What if joy is the last word?
     What if you could fill the basket of your heart with the small sweetnesses you can find in each day?
     The little things in lfe are the big things.
                                                                         Father Mark +
     We have three Sunday morning services on Easter Day, April 20.  Please note the shifted schedule!
     7:30 a.m.   Eucharist (like our usual early morning service)
     9:00 a.m.   Eucharist (Father Mark will lead the singing with his guitar)
    11:00 a.m.  Eucharist (with the organ, the choir, and a trumpet)
     Christ is risen!  Let us rejoice together! 
 St. Mark's Table on Maundy Thursday
     Check out the article on Holy Week!  
 Holy Week at St. Mark's
     Easter is more meaningful when we are prepared.  The days just before Easter have been marked in the Church for centuries as days of special devotion.  Participation in these liturgies can enhance our joy on the day of resurrection.
     Maundy Thursday is the day we commemorate the Last Supper of our Lord with his friends.  It began as a passover meal together, and then Jesus added his own meaning to the bread and wine.  After the supper, Jesus and his friends went out into the night.  (The word "maundy" derives from the Latin "mandatum," referring to the new mandate or commandment Jesus gave us: "A new commandment I give you, that you should love one another."
     On Maundy Thursday, April 17, we will begin at 6:00 p.m. with the St. Mark's Table potluck meal in the undercroft.  Please bring a dish to share, along with your own place settings.  After we eat (perhaps at about 7:00), we will move upstairs to the sanctuary and celebrate the Eucharist with the Great Thanksgiving (in other words, the second half of our Sunday morning service).  After we have received the sacrament, the altar will be stripped in a powerful symbol of the arrest and abandonment of Jesus.
     On Good Friday, April 18, we will have a  noon liturgy, a combination of the Stations of the Cross devotion and the Prayer Book Good Friday service.  Deacon Dorothy and Father Mark will officiate, and Father Mark will offer meditative music on his recorder.
     There is a special old church word, "the Triduum," which refers to the entire celebration of the holiest three days in our church year: Manudy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.  We hope you will join us in these commemorations. 
 Church School Happenings
     We had a very successful Overnight for our 4th-6th graders at the end of February,  and I'm sure the overnight for those in Kindergarten-3rd grade on March 28 will also be lots of fun.
     Don't forget that on Saturday, April 12, we are offering a Holy Week Workshop for children in grades Kindergarten thru 6th grade from 10am until 2 p.m.  We will take a look at the week to come and enhance it with stories, crafts, games and a movie.  A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board at the side entrance.  
                                                                           Mary Taylor  
                                                                           Christian Education Director
 Time for some pizza for our youth group!
     The youth in grades 7 - 12 are invited to stay after church on Palm Sunday for pizza with Father Mark, Eric and Sabrina.  That's 11:30 on April 13.  Don't miss the food and fun! 
 Here's What We Are Reading in Book Club
     At our March meeting, we will review Erik Larson's book In the Garden of Beasts.  The time is 1933, the place, Berlin, when William Dodd, a mild-mannered professor from Chicago, becomes America's first ambassador to Hitler's Germany in a year that proved a turning point in history.  Larson lends a stunning eye-witness perspective on events as they unfold in real time, revealing an era of surprising nuance and complexity.  
                                                                             Lillian Ruf
April's Vestry Meeting
     We have shifted the day and time of the April Vestry meeting.  Our usual Sunday, the third Sunday, is Easter Day, so we will meet the FOURTH Sunday, April 27.  Our usual time is 11:30, but the St. Mark's Women's Retreat is the last weekend in April, and several women from the Vestry will be attending.  They are willing to meet when they return from the retreat.  So we have decided to meet at 3:00 in the afternoon on April 27.
Women's Retreat
    The time draws near!  The  retreat will begin on Saturday, April 26 at 10:00 a.m. at Sky Lake and will end on Sunday, April 27 in the early afternoon.  The cost for the overnight experience is $78.00 per person.  Should you choose to come for the days only, the fee is $26.00 per day. Any checks should be made out to me.  Registration ends on April 13.  Please have your money turned into Mary by then, along with what you would be willing to contribute to our food stuffs for the weekend - 5 people to bring 1 dish in any one of the following categories: appetizers, snacks, fruits, desserts, or "whatevers".  Maps to Sky Lake will be available to you in the church office.
     Some reminders:
  • Sky Lake provides linen service - sheets and towels and washclothes - but not bath soap.                                                                            
  • Please bring an emergency contact card which includes your name, address, emergency contact - with name, and phone number, and any allergies and/or dietary restrictions you might have.
  • Bring a favorite game if you have one.
  • Note taking materials if you are so inclined.
     I am so looking forward to being with you all.   The retreat has proven to be a holy and fun time for us, as well as true blessing, and I can't wait until we gather again to share and enjoy out time together.
                                                                              Judy Kessler
April Birthdays
Ryan Black 4/2/06   Kenney Gardner 4/15
Stephanie Mika 4/3
Ann Dohanich 4/17  
Frank Ruf 4/3   Alexandra Blaise 4/17/08
Jason Samsel 4/4/00 Eric Laine II 4/21
Alan Blythe 4/5 Drew Allport 4/26
Sawyer Kasmarcik 4/9/12 Karen Van Kleeck 4/27
Kim Whetsell 4/10 Jim Stasko 4/28
Layla Laine 4/12/11  Maralys Swart 4/29
Bonnie Guzenski 4/12 Pam Carr 4/30
Bob Van Kleeck 4/15 Joey Rowley 4/30/04
*  *  *  *
Anniversaries in April
Carole & John Petley 4/1/72
Lois & Tom McRoberts 4/18 
*  *  *  *
For Your Calendar in April
April 3
7am         Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30a       Women's Group @ Denny's
9am         Morning Prayer
6pm         Weight Watchers
April 4
1pm        Singles Ministry
April 6 - CHOW Sunday
8am          Holy Eucharist Rite I & Healing
10am        Holy Eucharist & Healing
9am          Bible Study
10am        Church School
11am        Choir
11:30am   Cotton Patch Lent
April 7
7pm       Al-Anon
April 8
9am       Guy's Breakfast @ Red Oak
April 9
1pm      Prayer Shawl Ministry
April 10 - Rector away for Diocesan Clergy Quiet Day
7am       Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am  Women's Groups @ Denny's
6pm       Weight Watchers
April 12
10am-2pm   Holy Week Workshop for
                  Kindergarten-6th grade
April 13 - Palm Sunday
8am & 10am  Holy Eucharist
9am              Bible Study
10am            Church School
11:30am       Choir
11:30am       EYF - pizza
April 14
7pm      Al-Anon
April 16
1pm       Women's Luncheon @ Cortese
7am        Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am   Women's Group @ Denny's
9am        Morning Prayer
6:00pm   St. Mark's Table
April 18 - GOOD FRIDAY
12 noon     Good Friday Liturgy - Stations of the Cross
April 19
10am    Altar Guild Decorating
7:30am         Eucharist
9:00am         Eucharist
11:00am       Eucharist
April 21
7pm      Al-Anon
April 22
9am      Guy's Breakfast @ Red Oak
April 24
7am        Men's Group @ Red Oak
7:30am   Women's Group @ Denny's
9am        Morning Prayer
6pm        Weight Watchers
April 26 & 27
 Women's Retreat at Sky Lake
April 27 - Canteen
8am & 10am  Holy Eucharist
9am              Bible Study
10am            Church School
11:30am       Choir
3pm             Vestry meeting
April 28
7pm             Al-Anon
April 29 
2:30pm        Rector at Hilltop for Eucharist 
St. Mark's Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 458, Chenango Bridge, NY,