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Were you aware that our criminal government considers it totally LEGAL to treat us all like LAB RATS as if the Nuremburg Code never even existed as they spray us with toxic chemtrails? The shocking truth is that US law openly allows for testing of chemicals and biological agents on "civilian population".


Please take a look at this upcoming "Conciousness Beyond Chemtrails" conference in Los Angeles August 17-19. I would love to attend, and if you guys could help me by reaching out to friends and neighbors to alert them all to the enormous threat we all face as we undergo increasing biological attack from toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us as part of the UN Agenda 21 population control effort you might help me sell enough sulfur that I could afford to make the trip on short notice!

(If you can't attend, at the very least you owe it to yourself to order a copy of the sequel to "What in the World Are They Spraying?" which is Why in the World Are They Spraying?" You can also watch the conference live, online, for a fee- see this link.


If any of you with deep pockets or frequent flyer miles could help me get there, and if anyone in the LA area has a pullout sofa or other place for me to crash, perhaps I could make the trip on a shoestring. I really need to be there to network the GOOD NEWS about the BEST ORGANIC SULFUR IN THE WORLD so people will fully appreciate its value to protect against the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us for population control purposes as the NWO goes into hyperdrive seeking to kill off 9 out of 10 of us as they have carved this intention into solid granite via the Georgia Guidestones as their way of flipping us all the bird!

I've been putting money into fixing up my house hoping to get outa Dodge before martial law, so am strapped for cash right now, but I'm doing my best to really keep my hand in and if I could be at this, I could tell a lot of influential people in the anti chemtrail community about the healing power of sulfur, and they in turn could get the word out a lot further!

This past weekend I had a booth at the Point Roberts Arts and Music Festival down on the Boardwalk at Lighthouse Park here in Point Roberts WA where I live, and earlier in the summer we had a booth at the Fermented Foods Festival near Santa Barbara CA where we sold sulfur and also our fermented coconut honey and coconut sugar. I finally have some coconut honey and sugar for sale, but don't yet have it on the Sulfur for Health website. I know I've been promising this to you for months and am sorry its taken me this long to deliver, but we finally got a lot of product by freighter from Manila, and it took a month to reach California.


If any of you have stopped taking sulfur due to the bitter taste, or if you've had trouble maintaining the twice a day regimin due to the bitter taste, I finally have the ANSWER for you! Coconut sap which we call "honey" because it resembles honey, it has an amber color and its very sweet and just might be the most DELICIOUS substance you ever put in your mouth!

An 8 oz bottle of ultra delicious fermented coconut sap "honey" costs just $8. (plus $5. shipping, or I can ship up to two bottles in the same package as one to two pounds of sulfur for just $5. shipping for all.) Put some on your tongue to coat your taste buds and you will start associating taking your sulfur not with the bitter taste of sulfur water but with this far more pleasant taste instead! It makes the bitter taste making it far more platatable to even the most sensitive palate.
This sap is only 35 on the glycemic index, and its RAW (not heated above 105), it has not been denatured by heat so all amino acids and enzymes are present, undamaged by high heat! No other coconut sugar or honey in the world can make this claim you can tell by the coloration of their sugar that it's been caramelized from being heated above 115 degrees! If you would like coconut sugar instead of honey, I can send you a 250 gram pouch for $8. along with some delicious recipes!

You can use this as a one to one replacement for cane sugar in recipes and it is also RAW like our sap ("Honey") learn more at this link but order from me via this paypal link where you can also make donations so if you want the honey or sugar with or without sulfur, please email me about your order at jham@iahf.com  (You can also always pay for sulfur, coconut sugar or coconut honey by sending a money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA, if your order is from outside the US, email me for a shipping quote.)

I myself have a sensitive palate, and if it weren't for Coconut Honey, I'd have a very hard time sticking with my twice a day sulfur water regimin. (Although 4% of your body is comprised of sulfur, we don't manufacture it in our bodies, and we only store it for 12 hours, so to achieve the maximum beneficial effects of sulfur's massive oxygenation and cleansing properties we must take it TWICE a day, a half hour away from other supplements or meds.)


Given the fact that we're undergoing massive, soon to INCREASE biological ATTACK from very toxic chemtrails containing arsenic, mercury, barium, strontium, cadmium, aluminum, iron, zinc, also antibiotic resistant bacteria containing man made nano particles, considering the fact that the ruling elite intend to literally ALTER OUR DNA to turn us into NON REPRODUCING ANDROIDS via this means, I'm all in favor of educating the masses to help as many people as humanly possible FIGHT BACK!

I feel DEEPLY OFFENDED when I think of scum such as Bill Gates and their evil efforts to push vaccines, and GMO food on us, especially when they ADMIT as Gates publicly has that this if for population control purposes..... My niece just graduated from University of Washington law school on a Gates fellowship and it pisses me off that she would put herself in a position where she would sell her soul to satan just to get a damn law degree. Hell, my own flesh and blood is now a cog in the NWO's eugenics machine and that really angers me. (How many is 100,000 dead lawyers at the bottom of the sea? Answer: a damn good start! Cool (Hilary, I am going to forward this to you, you badly need to repent, you are being used directly by satan, and if Gates ain't old scratch himself, he's damn close to it- the guy worships the Creature, not the Creator.)

From where I sit, even the most hideous possible torture would not be sufficient for the likes of Bill Gates. I think someone should stake that bastard naked to the ground, plant bamboo shoots under his sorry ass so they'd slowly grow through him while we pour Aunt Jemima pancake syrup on him to let the ANTS finish the job SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWLY, and this should be done in Texas of course where they have fire ants that would create the most excruciating pain possible! Gates is damn lucky I reformed myself and became a Christian, because there was a time in my past when I probably actually woulda done this to him.

This would be PAYBACK for all the harm he is causing via his EUGENICS agenda, and there are a few OTHER smarmy bastards who clearly deserve the same level of PAYBACK, especially for all the Morgellons disease because caused by nano particles in the antibiotic resistant bacteria being sprayed on us via chemtrails.

Have you taken a close look at Morgellons? People have critters crawling around under their skin, and bright colored man made fibers growing out of their skin the likes of which have never before been seen on God's Green Earth because they were engineered in some CIA laboratory, and our illustrious government considers it totally LEGAL to experiment with us this way, and the Geneva Convention be DAMNED apparently!

I don't know about you, but this REALLY frosts me, and it was one of the things that gave me the gumption to take my sulfur to the past two shows where I went through the rigors of setting up a booth and answering a zillion questions from a woefully poorly informed public, there are just SO MANY sitting ducks out there that I REALLY need your help to awaken the MASSES!!

I need to do more radio shows, and more public speaking. I need your help to get to this conference coming up fast in LA on chemtrails! I hope many of you will attend, epecially if you live in the LA area.  I do what I can, with the very limited financial resources I have. If any of you have deep pockets and can kick in a grand or two this would be a very good time to help IAHF in that way via a donation, or by telling a dozen friends about THE BEST ORGANIC SULFUR IN THE WORLD- THE ANTIDOTE TO TOXIC CHEMTRAILS!

Please folks, HELP me get to LA for this "Beyond Chemtrails" conference, and I'd love it if a bunch of you could ALSO be there! Have any frequent flyer miles you can donate? Can you help me have a place to crash? Hell, we could all go out to dinner together and compare notes on how to live free in an unfree world!

I know a lot about this, I've been a Libertarian for over 30 years, (my whole 55 years actually) and I'm a friend of Ron Paul's, we were in this film together and I've done a lot of work with him on Capital Hill over the years to defend your access to dietary supplements and to alternative medicine! I used to be a professional sailor, delivering yachts up and down the eastern seaboard and I was a boatbuilder for a long time, also worked on an organic farm.

I was on the ad hoc Advisory Board that created the Office of Alternative Medicine at NIH and am one of the authors of the book Expanding Medical Horizons- A Report to the NIH on Alternative Medicine and Alternative Healing Practices in the USA.

If any of you have ever wanted to sit down with me over dinner and pick my brain on any aspect of health and healing or any aspect of survival including my orthomolecular recovery from so called "schizophrenia", or if you've wanted to pick my brain about the fast approaching martial law and how best to survive, or anything else, make it possible for me to be in LA for this conference and perhaps we can all meet up and have our own IAHF gathering!Please call me at 1-800-333-2553 if you can help with this in any way!

If any of you with deep pockets would like to spend a week in sunny Point Roberts living on the Hammell farm eating fresh eggs for breakfast and poached salmon, that could be arranged for a most donation (call me at 1-800-333-2553) if you'd like to discuss this, I could take you sailing, canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, the Pacific NW is an outdoorsman's paradise! I could really use some help if you're interested, lets talk! I need funds to finish my house renovation so I can get outa Dodge to live to fight another day!

With your help, I can be around til age 150 to be able to be in the faces of these rat shit bastards for DECADES to come, and why not! Life Extension Foundation in Florida are amongst my clients, after all! If you're not amongst their members, I urge you to join, because thats yet ANOTHER way you can really OPPOSE the NWO's evil population control agenda! You can join me in OUTLIVING  our enemies, and not just OUTLIVING 'em, but in really being able to ENJOY your life to the fullest DESPITE their evil machinations!

Disclaimer- I don't want anyone reading this next paragraph to be offended. I am not "Anti Jewish"  There are many Jews who share my opposition to Zionism- for example, True Torah Jews Against Zionism. I also really like Brother Nathanel, a Jew who became a Christian after doing some deep soul searching. I am a member of JPFO and encourage everyone to join them along with Gun Owners of America.  (Who fully understands more about the need to arm ourselves than people descended from those who survived Hitler's predations inside the Warsaw Ghetto where the only Jews who weren't rounded up and forced into concentration camps were those who refused to disarm. They fought bravely from the sewers and killed many Nazis.

Well Obama = Hitler combined with Stalin, and he's already hiring concentration camp guards to oversee anyone who opposes the NWO as we can see from this Army want ad video.  Are you saying "Oh, that could NEVER happen here!" (??) Hell, it ALREADY HAS!! President Roosevelt (evil traitorous bastard that he was) forced all people of Japanese descent living on the west coast into concentration camps during WW2, and guess what they were called? Thats right INTERNMENT camps, just like in the Army's brand new WANT AD.... 62% of these people were American citizens just like you and me. Several were shot dead by guards in watchtowers trying to escape.... (Roosevelt knew about the pending attack on Pearl Harbor the day before it happened and he LET IT HAPPEN to get us into the war....Someone should have shot that terroristic bastard dead, it would have saved a lot of lives of American sailors who he allowed to die.)

Obama's Department of Homeland Security and the University of Maryland have jointly written this paper calling all constitutionalists and nationalists, anyone who opposes the NWO to be "terrorists". Had enough yet??? Ready to really help IAHF/ Sulfur for Health fight back?

The elite's goal is to microchip us all as my old friend Aaron Russo revealed from the candid conversations he had with Nick Rockefeller who spilled his guts to him about their true intentions to enslave humanity, but I'll be DAMNED if I'm ever goin' for THAT, and NONE of us has to either! I urge a lot more of you to familiarize yourself with ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY and BARTER SYSTEMS! Thats a HUGE way we can all flip the BIRD to the elements of coersion, to the dog assed Federal Reserve and all the Zionist scum who think they OWN us! Best way to flip BIRD to ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) is to create your own currency the way we once did back in Floyd County VA, its not that hard!

Friends, no matter WHAT ends up happenin' in the next few months, I vow to LIVE LARGE, any way I can! I really ENJOY the calming, grounding effect of taking organic sulfur twice a day! Sulfur neutralizes the acid that is dumped into your small intestine when you are under stress. It neutralizes the acid by alkalinizing your gut. Due to the positive effects of sulfur, I smile a lot and basically feel HAPPY even tough I realize we're all on board this sadly sinking ship called America.

I know that no matter what happens, the ideals of FREEDOM that are enshrined in our Constitution will live on in the hearts and minds of many very good people, unselfish people, who care about their neighbors enough that they stick their necks out to have this conversation with as many people as possible for we are all "Watchmen on the Wall".

Centuries ago, my Scottish ancestors refused to be enslaved by their English overlords. They split for Amsterdam, but didn't want their kids growin' up speakin' Dutch. So they risked everything to sail to what today is Rhode Island. If not for the Narragansett people who gave them the shirts of their backs and taught them their agricultural and fishing techniques they never would have survived, and there are millions of other Americans just like me who have some native blood and are damned if they're ever gonna let ANYONE enslave them.

If you want to really learn what it means to live free in an unfree world, get to know some native american pipe carriers, go into a sweat lodge sometime, watch this video on the Native American perspective on genocide, it was created by Russell Means, a man who had the balls to start his own sovereign nation (The Republic of Lakotah) within the borders of America.. Indigenous people around the world realize that the ruling elite who have beaten them down for centuries are now making their moves on ALL of us, but they also know that if enough of us stick together, or SPIRITS will NEVER be BROKEN!

If you can help me get to this "Conciousness Beyond Chemtrails" Conference in LA August 17-19, if you have frequent flyer miles, if you can help me crash, if you can donate cash, please help me get to it, and please come yourself! I think it would be cool and good if a group of us could meet up at this and have dinner together!

Donations to IAHF can be made by check or money order to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 or via paypal at this link.  I'd really love it if you could all get me enough word of mouth advertising re the Best Organic Sulfur in the World that you could help me reach the point where I can afford to order 2 or more 25 kilo drums of sulfur at a time from my supplier so that in case their plant ever goes down again like it did for a while, I'll always have enough inventory to be able to not be interrupted in delivering your sulfur!

If any of you would like to spend a week on the Hammell farm enjoying the beach here in sunny Point Roberts (yes, not a typo, it actually IS sunny during our dry season here!) please call me at 1-800-333-2553 and we can talk about this. I can take you sailing, fishing, hiking, whatever you like! I need your help to finish renovating my house so I can get outa Dodge before TSHTF! You can learn more about Point Roberts from these sites and I'd enjoy helping you have a nice relaxing vacation! See these sites for info and videos about Point Roberts.  If you like sailing dinghies, I can take you sailing on my Laser. 

If you like swimming in warm ocean water, we have the warmest water in the entire Pacific NW at Maple Beach, just down the street from my house, when the tide goes out, it goes out a mile and the sand is heated by the sun, when the tide comes back in it releases all that heat back out into the water! See

Air temp here today will be in the 90s, water temps at high tide will be very tolerable at Maple beach, I love snorkeling here!
Hiking is good at Lily Point Marine Reserve which is a 5 min walk from my house, come and watch eagles soaring on the thermals by the cliffs!

Questions? Call me at 1-800-333-2553 Toll free N.America, or email me at jham@iahf.com International callers outside N.America can reach me at 1-360-945-0352.  Need autoshipping to get your sulfur every month? Sign up here! (Use the second of the two paypal buttons at this link for autoship orders.)

Theres safety in numbers friends! Please forward this widely, and don't just forward it, after you forward it please call your friends and family and urge them to sign onto the FREE IAHF list at this link!  Please donate whatever you can to help me get to the conference in LA and to help me bring my message to more people via public speaking and radio shows! If you have deep pockets and can kick in a grand or so, this would be a damn good time to help out that way, sales of sulfur have been flat due to so many people being on vacation, so I really need your urgent help, RIGHT NOW!!