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I know, I know, you are all probably wondering how it is even possible that I would ever GET a damn cold, so I might as well fess up before I explain how I mugged the damn microbes and and EJECTED it from my body so all of you can do the same this winter, or anytime!
Before Christmas I flew to California, then to Arizona and back which exposed me to people with colds with the air recirculating on the plane.
If I'd been thinking properly, I would have taken better steps prior to flying to really beef up my immune system such as taking extra Super Echinacea tincture, and dosing myself with Silver 240, with vitamin C via Super Food Plus, and eating garlic, but I was in too much of a hurry because, hell, I had Christmas on my mind!!
Then when I returned I was too busy and lazy to unpack my suitcase right away so I stupidly stopped all supplements for a few days when WHAM! Sore Throat!
Damn! I thought, This cold has no RIGHT to EXIST in my body!  This means WAR!! I am gonna EJECT the damn thing before those microbes can piss an inch!
So, here is what I did to eject the damn cold inside of 24 hours:
1. I unpacked the suitcase and started once again taking my Super Food Plus mixed with cayenne tincture, and I drank a whole bottle of Silver 240, the world's best ionic silver. (I don't sell it but its the best silver product on the planet so I don't hesitate to recommend it.)
Then I put some Silver 240 in my Nebulizer after first nebulizing a lung full of Ancient Minerals Magnesium Chloride oil which I don't sell but you can make your own from this video by mixing Mg Chloride flakes with distilled water in a pot on your stove.
The Mg Chloride oil jacks up ATP production in my mitochondria to give me energy when I felt run down, it is also very calming vasodilator, counteracting the stress of having a cold, I then nebulized some Silver 240, then took a hot bath soaking in Magnesium Chloride to really absorb as much Mg as possible transdermally.
Then I took 4 capsules of Intestinal Formula #1 containing Cascara Sagrada and other herbs that work together to trigger peristolsis, muscular contractions of my colon so I would be a great jelly snake BM in the morning in order to purge my body of acid forming wastes to really boost my immunity.
(The two most important minerals in the human body are sulfur and magnesium and they work together synergistically, so I really wanted to blow out the cold, so the next morning I also did two heaping tablespoons of sulfur in hot water and chased 10 cloves of fine chopped garlic with it. I also did some liposomal vitamin C that I made myself via the method described here.  Then I did a dropperful of Magnascent iodine to boost my thyroid gland so it would secrete all the proper thyroid hormones so all my internal glands would be revving on all cylinders and to reduce inflammation for proper breathing through my nose despite the mucus.
Then I did some capsules of Intestinal Formula #2 which contains bentonite clay and herbs that work synergistically to act like MAGNETS to pull toxins out of my colon so the Intestinal Formula #1 could do the best possible job of pushing toxins out of me. (These two products work synergistically, its best to use them together, if you only use Intestional Formula #2 without also using Intestinal Formula #1 the night before, it could cause constipation.)
2. At that point, maving massively stimulated my immune system, I hocked up this massive bloody blob of  dark green flem, the cold was destroyed, nuked into oblivion, every single microbe totally and completely ANNHILATED and I felt GREAT, so I decided to share this good news with you!!!
It really sucks to have a cold, especially in winter, especially here in the rainy grey Pacific NW where we don't see the sun sometimes for weeks at a time. I used a DAY LIGHT full spectrum lamp over my desk to simulate sunlight and that prevents Seasonal Affective Disorder, but sometimes when I need to really take the edge off, I grab my trusty Gamo "Big Cat" pellet rifle and pump a few pellets into the steel file cabinet in my office while shooting from the kitchen, so I recommend you all try that sometime, any time you feel pissed off about anything because it never fails to put a smile back on my face, and when the dollar crashes, the target practice could save your life!
(Just make sure you have an actual rifle for that purpose not a pellet gun, but the pellets are much cheaper for target practice than bullets for a high powered rifle yet the weight and feel are about the same.) Also pays to have a few cans of UDAP Bear Spray on hand since you never know when the banksters are gonna pull the plug on the economy!!
Some of you might not have had time to read my last alert titled "Reality Check as We Head Into 2015"  but I urge you to because it will help you learn all you must know to avoid being biologically microchipped via the nanofibers in the chemtrails being sprayed on us all for eugenics purposes.
You will learn everything about how to avoid being turned into a total N.W.O microchipped slave, a non reproducing cyborg if you read this, and don't kid yourself, our would be overseers have the ability to do this to us, and they're DOING IT, RIGHT NOW, this is NOT "science fiction" unfortunately.... So please read thisand please pass it on!
Remember- We can expect increased chemtrailing in 2015, so stock up on Sulfur by beating the rush and buying in bulk to save $$, you can always use it for barter purposes in the future too as mine is the best in the world and it holds its value indefinitely!
So buy 10 or 20 lbs now, and I'll throw in a free bottle of Magnascent iodine, the world's best! (90% of North Americans suffer from Metabolic syndrome, and are iodine deficient, its a huge cause of obesity and diabetes... when you have an underactive thyroid you just have no energy, so get some Magnacent iodine, its been passed through an electromagnetic field which potentiates it so it will even kill Malaria or Dengue Fever and it will end that brain fog and sluggishness so you don't turn into a couch potato this winter and gain 50 lbs and have a freakin' heart attack and croak!!!
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Happy New Year!! We OWN It!!
This is the year we will kick the N.W.O.s ass into oblivion!!  ;->
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