Join our inaugural Music Fellow, composer & singer-songwriter, Jonathan (Jona) Byron, for a performance of songs and a discussion of his creative process.
Jona Byron soon comes to NZ Pacific Studio to take up our first ever Music Fellowship dedicated to the development of musical genres and a meaningful local context for creative expression and performance.
'As a singer songwriter, I enjoy the creative process of all aspects of music - whether that be composing music for film, writing a song or experimenting with sound design and production. I am often called a ‘folk artist’ because I also compose acoustic material and perform with an acoustic guitar, and I find there is a certain liberating quality to being able to perform on an acoustic instrument. As a  songwriter, I am concerned with all things honest and tangible. During my current travels through New Zealand, I have been dealing with a lot of deeply personal themes: such as new beginnings, death and courage - which is a recurring motif in my latest work. I believe that the older I become as a human being, the more honest with myself I become. At NZ Pacific Studio, I plan to utilise this precious space and time to dig deeper into these themes, reflect, wander a little in nature, and write a little each day, as the inspiration arrives, and attempt to rediscover myself as an artist. It’s a very exciting time for me creatively, and I feel thankful to have this opportunity.' Find out more.
Congratulations to Wgtn-based artist Connah Podmore for a Successful ANZAC Fellowship.
Over April, Wellington-based multidisciplinary artist Connah Podmore was at the heart of a project of Writing to History. Engaging with all ages, across the community, she gathered hundreds of postcards, written back, for the purposes of exploring memory and belonging.
Focused on the ANZAC Memorial Bridge in 
Kaiparoro, she provided a rich written context for the Memorial commemoration held there. Thanks to everyone who played a part.
Seven Sharp made a lovely clip on the Bridge and its central importance to the community, to which Connah's project both contributed and responded.
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www.artistresidency.org.nz. info@artistresidency.org.nz
Jodie Dalgleish, Programme Manager, NZ Pacific Studio Artists' Residency Centre