Denmark 2018:
It’s illegal to wear burka! - It’s illegal to be naked!
So what if you are naked in a burka?
We are about to find out starting this Thursday!
In just 6 days, the above facebook postings have been seen by over 377,000 people – one in 10 facebook users in Denmark.
  1. Naked in Burka Happening!
  2. Live Streaming on Facebook (from Thursday)
  3. Ministers and culture establishment speak at Galschiot's cultural stage.
Naked people in Burkas and ministers in line to hold speeches on Galschiots own stage. Yes, it is quite difficult to find out where to start this newsletter.
Every year, the political and cultural establishment of Denmark gather on the island of Bornholm for a Peoples Summit. But this year the ministers and our cultural leaders will meet something they did not expect.
Denmark has just banned the use of Burkas in public space, but at this year's People's summit they are met by a lot of people in burkas! 
Unlike ordinary Burka wearers, these burkas are worn by both men and women - and they are completely naked under their burkas. The stunt is a part of an art performance that puts focus on the absurd Danish burka law, which is purely populist and is a response to a problem that does not exist in Denmark. The happening focuses on the absurdity that, in ‘Freedom of Speech’ Denmark, we must neither be naked nor fully covered.
The presentation of the project has already exploded on facebook with 377,000 views in Denmark over 6 days, corresponding to 1 in 10 Danes watching the video about the happening.
Everybody can participate at the Peoples Summit that starts Thursday.
Guests can come and switch all their clothes for one of our 16 burkas and both men and women are welcome to dress up, so it is going to be interesting to see what happens. 
If the Police ask the wearer to take off the burka or identifying themselves, they obviously need to dress off till naked. But because of the ban on burka and indecent exposure, the one dressed in burka is in principal illegal in a double way. Since they have no other clothes they have to walk back to the tent through the crowds either naked or wearing a burka, before they can change their clothes – probably escorted by the Police.
The burka wearers are live streamed to facebook by our own camera team and several journalists have already said they will follow the event as well. You can follow as well at Galleri Galschiøt on facebook. We will be live streaming from tomorrow, Thursday.
Actually, Artist Jens Galschiot behind the happening, does not favor burkas. But there are no signs that women are forced into burkas in Denmark. So the burka ban is just another symbolic, populist and indifferent rule that restricts our rights on a completely indifferent basis. And since the law is for all, it can hit everybody that wears a big scarf or funny fake beard.  More about Galschiots thoughts on burkas and the happening.
Link to Live Streaming (sporadically from tomorrow till Sunday)
--- Galschiots Culture Stage ---
This year we open our very own culture scene at the People’s Summit and it will have classy visitors!
A number of Danish ministers, cultural figures, museum directors, musicians and others will come to speak and make us wiser about the state of Danish culture.
That is, of course, if they can come near the stage, with all the burka-fuzz going on.
Have a lovely Wednesday
Lasse Markus Cand. Soc. – News editor at Gallery Galschiot
Other activities
F... Double Standard
The Sculpture ‘F... Double Standard’ was sold for 3.370 Euro through a national charity event 'Danmarksindsamling' in favor of the world's poor.
The sculpture was actually quite critical towards Danish charity (or rather the lack of it). It is a comment to the fact that Denmark has decimated its national development aid with an amount that is 50 times higher than what we can ever hope to collect at this charity event. These cut downs happen while the Danish people and Denmark get richer every year.
The sculpture created a lot of debate and we are very satisfied with the outcome of the art event. The buyer of the big finger was Morten Jeppesen from the presse bureau
Fundamentalism exhibition
The Children of Abraham/Fundamentalism is exhibited in Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus from March to June. The sculpture shows the 600 darkest and brightest quotes from the Bible, the Torah and the Quran.
Now the city's schools, libraries and cultural institutions will get involved in order to make a constructive debate about Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the religions’ differences and (many) similarities and their dark and bright sides.
COP24-climate summit in Poland
In December 2018 we once again exhibit our climate sculptures. Galschiot has a long tradition for exhibiting just outside the official UN climate summits, and we already have an agreement with the Polish officials.
Climate art is often used by the press to express some of the complicated issues in a single photo. Also, news reader are easily bored by photos of men in suits and conference rooms.
In a way, media helps us communicate the sculptural messages throughout the world.
The sculpture F... Double Standard
The Sculpture Fundamentalism
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