IAHF List:

Please read Brett's mssg to me, and my response. Please join with Kevin, Phil, Kathryn and I as we seek meetings with our respective congressmen during the July 4 recess. Even if I don't get a meeting, I am going to buttonhole my congressman at the Town Meeting he's going to have, you can do the same, but we must try:

At 12:28 PM 6/30/2005, you wrote:

Please forgive my negative attitude but those
assholes dont listen to us anymore. It used to be that
when I called one of my congress critters they would
take down my name and phone number but they dont care
anymore who calls cause their minds are already made
up. They are given orders by the Party and our bitchin
and moaning come last on their list.
I know that you put tons of work into the cause but
I fear its a lost cause. When it comes to the rotten
trade deals they almost always vote against us.

Brett Kraft

P.S. Already called them and they dont care, sorry.

Brett- I understand how you feel, believe me. Daily I have to wrestle with the exact same feelings of cynicism, however this really is going to come down to the wire in the House, and I haven't given up trying to urge people to line up personal meetings when they come back to their district offices even as I have put in a call to try to line up a meeting to meet with my congressman, congressman Rick Larsen at his office down in Bellingham WA during the recess.

I want him to watch Kevin's documentary. Kevin is trying to get a meeting with his congressman, Dennin Kucinich, and a woman named Kathyrn in San Francisco is trying to get one with hers. My friend Phil near Cincinnati is trying to get a meeting with his. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Think about this for a second Brett: If we can get even just ONE CONGRESSMAN to make a FLOOR STATEMENT in our behalf when this is debated on the floor of the house, it could give a LOT of them pause, especially if many other people dutifully make the calls and send in the form letters which would BACK UP such an effort.

You have to remember something: even though they're all awash in PAC donations, they STILL have to run for office. Can they AFFORD to piss off millons of vitamin consumers who WILL END UP finding out about this if they don't already know? No way! I got an email just now from Norm Singleton in Congressman Pauls office. He is putting a Dear Colleage letter together which is going to urge members to watch Kevin's documentary, and he'll make a floor statement in our behalf. We're trying to get congressman De Fazio to do the same since both of those guys are in Kevin's documentary.

You need to have more faith Brett. We all just need to hang in there with this, because grass roots battles of this sort are always a challenge, but they're a WORTHY challenge, its WORTH the time we're taking because future generations and our own health hang in the balance. I'm doing a radio show monday night, and I'm trying to do one tomorrow morning if I am able to line one up that I'm trying to. I have been working very long hours in the past several days, and I'm not asking much, I'm just asking that each and every one of you on the IAHF list hang in there and never ever ever ever ever ever give up!! We are going to show Congress that the spirit of '94 lives on in the hearts and minds of American vitamin consumers, that we're not going to just roll over and capitulate to the FDA criminals who are trying to genocide us!!

It might come to another Revolution some day, but for now, we haven't yet reached the point of a shooting war, we're still trying to work within the system, however flawed it may be. There are radio shows yet to do, calls yet to make, meetings yet to attend, and although most members of congress are total and complete whores from hell, there are still at least SOME that are halfway honest and we MUST work harder to get their ears, for they know not what they do. These treaties encompass thousands of pages, and its up to all of us to fully inform them of the time bombs that lurk inside the fine print. Thats my job.

Thats what I am here for. I am a legislative advocate, but beyond that, this is personal for me: I have a genetic need for the supplements I use, and these people are threatening my life.

Thanks for your help. Please make an appointment to see your congressman like I'm trying to do when he comes to your state during the July 4 recess. Also keep in mind that they're looking to ratify a FRAMEWORK at Codex, then to try to fill in the BLANKS on allowable POTENCIES next November at the Codex mtg in Bonn---- and we'll be there, we're not giving up. ANH has hired a Foundation in Holland to generate honest SCIENTIFIC risk assessments for vitamins and minerals which actually look at BENEFITS which is what WHO aren't doing.

Its not over til its over, and even THEN it aint over. Its not over til the fat lady sings. Its not over til HELL freezes over and when HELL freezes over we will fight ON ICE!

John Hammell