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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

July 22, 2018

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater

A celebration of the life of Michael Edols

Sunday 29th from 2:15 at

Café Racer Co

1 Park St, Mona Vale NSW 2103


Dear All, We have a private funeral on Friday 13th and will be raising a glass and sharing our stories of Michael's wonderful life on 29th July.

Celebrate the wonderful life of Michael at the Cafe Racer  Mona Vale on Sunday 29th from 2:15.

Guest are asked to make a contribution of $20.00 at the door, and that after the first glass of wine they can buy drinks at the bar.

Please indicate if you are coming. Marion on her facebook page.

if you are interested in Michael's extraordinary production works, then head over to his website  http://www.edols.com.au

Safe Winter Fireplace Practices

West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade


There have been several fire incidents in the Bays over the last few months concerning house and property fires as a result of smoldering ashes/embers that were cleaned out of the fireplace and taken to the back part of the house hours before the fire started.

Ashes can contain embers that are hot enough to ignite combustibles days even weeks after having a fire and ignite other trash you throw out with them.

Do not bury the fire with the dirt, but move the dirt/sand through the embers. A buried fire can smoulder, and then re-ignite. A buried fire with sand/dirt, can retain heat at 100 degrees, eight hours after being covered with sand

Smoldering embers have burned through plastic buckets igniting numerous house fires. Also, carrying an open container through the home has also caused hot embers/sparks to leap out of the bucket and ignite inside the home.

Garbage cans, garbage trucks, garages, homes and grass fires are just some of the situations in which hot embers have ignited and caused massive damage. Here are some tips for dealing with hot ashes/embers:
  • Ashes/embers can stay hot for days after a fire.
  • When disposing of ashes outside, dont dump them on a combustible surface.
  • Use water to wet the ashes/embers to make sure they are completely out.
  • Only use an approved metal ash bucket. It should have a tight fitting metal lid and a double-bottom.
  • Don’t dump ashes outside on a windy day. The wind can whip up what may have seemed cool embers, making them fiery hot and sending them traveling to ignite nearby combustibles.
  • Never burn garbage, wrapping paper, plastic, cardboard or anything not specifically approved for use in a fireplace. These items can lead to a chimney fire, can cause large embers to exit the flue igniting nearby combustibles and the ashes/embers can be unpredictable.
  • NEVER dump ashes into a plastic container, cardboard box, bag, or place anything where combustible fluids of fumes are present.
  • Do not bury embers or any fire with dirt, but move the dirt/sand through the embers.   A buried fire can smoulder, and then re-ignite.  A buried fire with sand/dirt, can retain heat at 100 degrees, eight hours after being covered with sand.
Enjoy your fireplace or woodstove but always dispose of the ashes wisely.

logoAndrew Cutler - Captain
West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade

For more information contact:
West Pittwater Rural Fire Brigade 
02 9997 3795‬



“A Fascinating Tale of Secrets and Lies”

by Lovett Bay resident Brenda Gottsche

From Friday 20 July to Saturday 4 August


“You had a funeral for your mother 20 years ago. Then you accidentally discover that she didn’t die but took off for an “extended vacation” in Ireland. You’re angry at your father for “killing her off” but excited to find this long lost mother you’ve been dreaming of! The woman you do find has a different name, is an eccentric artist with an Irish accent and an additional husband. Now you think maybe the fake funeral was a good idea after all!”

The Star of the Sea Theatre- located at Stella Maris College, 52 Eurobin Avenue Manly

Friday, Saturdays at 7.30
Sunday Matinees 2pm

Online bookings trybooking.com/VGRT
Booking office 9439 1906





Northern Beaches Council has received State Government funding through the Stronger Communities Fund to conduct an independent investigation into the commercial feasibility of the supply of water and wastewater services to Scotland Island. This project will be delivered through a transparent and participative process, including establishing a project working group made up of residents and stakeholder representatives of Scotland Island.

The working group for the commercial feasibility study has been selected. Thank you to all those who nominated. The working group selection process is detailed in a document in the Document Library at yoursay.northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au/scotlandislandwater. The selection was carried out by Council officers not involved with the management of the project.

Our working group members are:
  • Colin Haskell (SIRA - also accommodation provider)
  • Peter Heffernan (SIPCO - a private consortium that have their own water supply)
  • Jenny Cullen (Environment)
  • John Cave (Accommodation provider)
  • Cameron Nicol (Business operated from the island)
  • Graeme Crayford (Rural Fire Service)
  • Cass Gye (Resident)
  • Fabienne d'Hautefeuille (Resident)
  • Steve Yorke (Resident - also Rural Fire Service)
  • Steve Blackwood (Resident - also Business operated from the island)
Residents are encouraged to speak to the members above to discuss aspects of the project relevant to the community. More technical questions or comments about this project should be directed to Ruby Ardren, Northern Beaches Council after Wednesday, 15th August - Phone 9970 1311 or email ruby.ardren@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au.

The working group met for the first time on 1st July, 2018. The meeting was very productive and members agreed to the project scope to be included in tender documents. A record of the meeting is contained in the Document Library.

Due to commercial risks associated with the tender process, the scope for the study cannot be released until the tender is publicly exhibited in a few weeks. When the tender is released, the scope will be added to the " Your Say" project website, which contains further information about the project.

Adrian Turnbull
Manager Coast & Catchments
 t 02 9942 2911    m 0409 455 935


House Wanted Short Term

Retired couple seek furnished house in the Bays or Scotland Island for August-September.

At least 2 bedrooms, ideally sunny waterfront with jetty (we have a tinny).

Excellent references.

Cash or exchange for waterfront flat in Nice, France.

Contact Chris 0432 978981 / christine.wild@me.com

Item for Sale table


Beautiful wooden coffee table with glass top. Length 150cm, depth 60cm, height 40cm.

Available near Bells.

Sharon 0410 439 052


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