We’re rarely looking back but this mixtape series is a way to summarize Adrian Recordings 2010 in the best way we know; with music. It had been a fantastic year for us.
Adrian Recordings 2010: 146 tracks, 26 releases, 58 artists, More than 13 h of music.
This is a Spotify list with almost everything we released 2010.
2010 is getting to an end and so is our Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes series. And we are finishing off with something extraordinary. 2010 has been a milestone in the music scene in Malmö, Sweden and it all culminated in the festival “Som en aldrig sinande ström” that was held on venue Babel earlier this year. 8 artists played on 2 days and it will be released on a live vinyl next year. 2 of the artists were This Is Head and MF/MB/, another was VED.
VED is one of the central figures in the new Malmö sound. 2010 they released their debut album “Gershwin's Pipe” and it’s one of the absolute best albums of the year. You should check it out.
VED’s main man is Mattias V Nihlén and here’s he has put together a melting bowl of sounds and transcendental rhythms. This is not your ordinary dish. This is VED.
Given all those thousands of downloads and listening to this ears mixtapes we are proud to say that it’s another success. Looking forward to next year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year from Adrian Recordings and all the artists.
Adrian Recordings Advent Sunday Mixtapes 2010
4th  Advent
Duration – 32:17
File Size – 26,1 MB
Artwork – Markus Slivka - www.slivka.se  
Track list:
1.       Dmitry Fyodorov – Centralia Detour
2.       The Bear Quartet - We're Not Gonna Make It
3.       This Is Head - 0011 (VED RMX)
4.       Andreas Tilliander - Medication (MKMN99 Remix)
5.       Dmitry Fyodorov - Gorilla Cage
6.       Dmitry Fyodorov - Etzweiler
Direct link to MP3: http://www.adrianfiles.com/VED-Adrian_Recordings_Advent_Sunday_Mixtape.mp3    
Link to zip with music and info: http://www.adrianfiles.com/VED-Adrian_Recordings_Advent_Sunday_Mixtape.zip
SoundCloud : http://soundcloud.com/adrianrec/adrian-recordings-advent-sunday-mixtapes-2010-4th-advent-by-ved