Children Play With Stacks of Worthless Deutschmarks
in Weimar Republic... AMERICA Will Soon Be the NEXT
IAHF List: Below you'll find an alert I just out to my local community of Point Roberts WA where I am leading an effort to organize a community meeting for the sake of organizing our community for purposes of sheer survival in response to the fast approaching total financial collapse and martial law. Below my comments you will find an article about the Virginia State Legislature's Resolution to Create an Alternative Currency (Gold) because they're seeing what I'm seeing and what all of you NEED to see!!
If you appreciate the effort I'm making to save your life and the lives of your friends and family, please help me out with a badly needed donation. I am running on fumes here and could really use some good donations as I do my best to prepare for whats coming. I know times are tough, but anything you can send via paypal would be much appreciated! Alternatively, you can also send a check or money order to me at IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA..... Please use the info below to wake up everyone in your community and please do the same sort of organizing where you live that I'm doing here..... Please forward this widely. Anyone can sign onto the IAHF list via
Point Roberts People (and people nationwide):

Please carefully read the article below my comments about what the Virginia State Legislature is doing and why. (They're very openly expecting a total financial collapse, and have a resolution to consider adoption of an alternative currency (gold). 

Some people around here have told me that I should "tone it down" that my message of "gloom and doom" is "too scary" and I will "just alienate" people.

People who try telling me that just piss me off and waste my energy. I'm doing what I can here to save lives and I KNOW what I'm talking about from very painful personal experience. If any of you remain in denial, I hope the article below will snap you out of it and cause you to grasp the fact that what I'm saying about pending financial collapse in the coming year and martial law is actually true.

What we have to do is very soberly take stock of where we stand (just the way a group of people on board a lifeboat must) in order to understand it as well as possible so we can proactively take prudent precautions for our sheer survival. We cannot expect to rely on FEMA to help us at all, not when you examine those goons track record from Hurricane Katrina where they clearly showed us all what they're really all about, and its definitly NOT about "saving lives":

Again, for the benefit of the blind: (Please click on this link)

See the article about what the Virginia Legislature is doing below.


Sheriff Elfo,
Please respond to the last email I sent you, I'm doing what I can to save lives here and to help this community prepare. I need to be in communication with your deputies here, but you did not give me their contact information like I asked you to.

Henry Rosenthal: Please try to focus more on what I'm trying to say. I know you're busy, but this is an ACTUAL emergency, not a "THEORETICAL" one. PREP really should post this information on its website to help people here actively prepare for the fast approaching financial collapse. If you aren't willing to use the PREP website for that purpose, in my estimation something is seriously wrong. What I'm calling for here is "ALL HANDS ON DECK".

George Wright and Naomi:
Please talk to me, we need to be in close collaboration and don't have the luxury of time.

Everyone: Craig Jacks and I will be giving a presentation at the Seniors lunch at the Point Roberts Community Center on Friday (noon). Please come if you can. Craig and I feel that a good move would be for us to chip in to purchase a steel shipping container which we could put on a 5 acre plot Craig owns here on high ground. I found this one in Surrey for 2 Grand, lets chip in to buy it to use it as a food storage depot:  In the next few months we're very likely to enter a period of extreme hyperinflation. The reasons why are discussed in several recent alerts that I've sent out to my global email distribution list of thousands of people. You can see those here.

Connie George (Bloomers on Gulf Rd) is going to be using powerful grow lights to get heirloom seeds to germinate in 10 days so we'll have lots of vegetable starts so we can hit the ground running this spring with our gardens. I am going to furnish her with a list of veges suitable for canning since we need to think this way given this situation.Please spread word around the Point. If someone could please get Carol Fugi to unban me from Point Interface and if someone could explain to her whats going on so she won't keep blocking the use of Point Interface for circulating information such as this it would really help!!

Marco Aurelio weighed in with some excellent suggestions in a much appreciated response to my recent alert. I'm glad you're aware of whats happening Marco, I need more leaders like you to step up and help lead this community because we don't have the luxury of time. We need to create our own Local Exchange Trading System here, it will help insulate us from the impact of the coming crash. We need to strongly urge everyone here to prepare. To stock up on food, heirloom seeds, fishing tackle, and other emergency supplies. We need to get our gardens in early, and we need to get this community organized pronto or we're gonna wish we had.

Please read this article, we need to petition the Washington State Legislature to do the same thing Virginia is, I will contact our State Legislators who are Senator Doug Senator Doug Ericksen
Representative Jason Overstreet
Position 1, Republican
Representative Vincent Buys
Position 2, Republican

I urge you all to echo my message to them so they'll hear about this from lots of people, not just me!
Please communicate with me via 800-333-2553 Toll Free North America, or 360-945-0352 H&W, or drop by my house at 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281, I need volunteers to help me alert their neighbors here, we need to go door to door and educate people and get people to turn out to a community meeting.----- Thanks..... John Hammell

Virginia Considers Dollar Collapse, Gold Currency | Print | E-mail
Written by Alex Newman   
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 17:19

In a stark illustration of the economic fears still plaguing America, a resolution was introduced in the Virginia legislature on January 12 that would create a subcommittee to officially consider the adoption of an alternative currency in case of a total breakdown of the U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve System.

If the dollar loses its status as the world reserve currency, which appears increasingly likely, the U.S. economy will suffer devastating consequences caused by the resulting hyperinflation