Media Release
Sunday July 23rd 2017
- Australia Post may not be up to the task
- Auusie Christians want free vote asap
Equality advocates have hit back at Peter Dutton's renewed call for a voluntary postal vote on marriage equality, saying a postal vote would be biased against same-sex marriage, would see an increase in hate speech and would resolve nothing.
Mr Dutton today renewed his push for a voluntary postal vote before the issue of marriage equality can be resolved by Parliament.
Long-time marriage equality advocate and just.equal spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said,
"A voluntary postal vote would be biased against the 'yes' case because groups most likely to vote 'yes', like young people, are least likely to return their voluntary postal ballots."
"We are also concerned because no legislation is required for a voluntary postal vote so the Government would set the question with no oversight from the Parliament as a whole."
"The result would have little legitimacy, is unlikely to be accepted by both sides and would resolve nothing."
"It's no coincidence that the only people in favour of a postal vote are those dead against marriage equality."
Mr Croome said anti-LGBTI hate would also escalate during a postal vote.
"A postal vote would see a very high level of damaging hatred and fear-mongering against LGBTI people."
"Just this week hate flyers were distributed across Victoria equating LGBTI people with Nazis and we can expect to see a huge increase in such fear-mongering during a postal vote." 
"The conventional and legitimate way to resolve marriage equality is to have a free vote in Parliament as soon as possible, so the reform can pass and Australia can move on."
"Recent postal votes have shown that Australia Post may not up to the task of ensuring every voter receives a postal ballot on time."
A Galaxy poll released this week showed 77% of Australian Christians believe Parliament should be free to vote on marriage equality as soon as possible. 
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