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I'd like to thank those of you who've signed IAHF's Petition for Congressional Oversight of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter at
http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body We're up to 2,173 signatures.


In a fervent plea for donations, today Ralph Fucetola, JD, legal counsel of the so called "Natural Solutions Foundation" announced that NSF is sending him to the upcoming Codex Codex Committee on Food Labeling meeting in Ottawa, Canada- but he's also pitching for your donations.

Fucetola would have us believe that it won't just be "BUSINESS AS USUAL" at this Codex meeting, because NSF has been communicating with Codex Delegations and with third world African countries to promote a Revised
Vitamin and Mineral Guideline and a model International Dietary Supplement Act (patterned on DSHEA.)

Moreover, Fucetola states that South Africa has submitted a document to WHO and Codex that, essentially, calls for Codex to
adopt a pro-health stand through implementation of the WHO's Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Exercise and Health.

Fucetola wants you to think its possible to stop Codex AT CODEX. In an effort to appear reasonable, he ALSO urges people to sign IAHF's petition calling for Congressional Oversight of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico.


IAHF & NHF hold the view that the "Natural Solutions Foundation" and "Citizens for Health" (which they work very closely with) are controlled opposition groups serving as FOILS for the agenda of the Pharma Dominated Vitamin Trade Associations.

We feel that the goal of NSF/ CFH is to perpetuate the MYTH that it is possible to stop Codex AT CODEX because they don't want people focusing ALL of their attention on defending US and CANADIAN sovereignty because upon close inspection that is the ONLY way we can stop Codex from being rammed down our throats- we can ONLY shape our destiny where we actually HAVE political leverage and we DON'T have it with the unelected bureaucrats from the world's FDA's who participate in Codex meetings.

Scott Tips, JD, Legal Counsel of the National Health Federation http://www.thenhf.com has repeatedly asked Jim Turner of Citizens for Health to explain the supposed legal mechanism wherein a nation would become WTO COMPLIANT if they were to adopt Turner's "Model International Dietary Supplement Act" patterned after the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act.

Turner has been very evasive, and has made no effort to respond to Tips questions. You'll see WHY Turner has been so evasive when you read IAHF's comments (below) to the "LEGAL SUMMARY" which NSF has posted on their website (and which Fucetola subscribes to.)

When you read IAHF's response, bear in mind that Turner is co-chair of CFH's "CODEX WORKING GROUP" and that his co-chair is James Gormley (employee of a CRN Member Company who has attended several Codex meetings on the CRN delegation.)

(CRN's membership includes Monsanto, Wyeth, Pfizer, Cargill and other multinational pharmaceutical companies, and they've been generating a steady STREAM of spin against the message of IAHF & Allied groups. You can see our response to it here: http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org/articles/codex_1.html#A2

Go HERE http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3312735.htm to see IAHF's analysis of NSF's Simplistic "Legal Analysis" via which they're attempting to CON YOU into believing that a country would be "WTO Compliant" if they adopted NSF's "MODEL INTERNATIONAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT ACT" as their national law.


NSF & CFH are attempting to HIJACK our health freedom movement!!

They CLAIM to be "trying to stop Codex", but in reality, they're trying to DIVERT grass roots efforts AWAY from the only course of action that has a CHANCE to stop the harmonization of US laws to CODEX.

We need HUGE NUMBERS of signatures on this petition http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body or we're not going to get this Republican controlled congress to give us the OVERSIGHT we need of the FDA (which is part of the Executive Branch.)

With Bush's approval rating plummeting to levels not seen since the dark days of the Nixon Presidency, the Republican Party doesn't want to do ANYTHING that could hurt themselves at the polls in the next congressional election, and that includes providing vitamin consumers with Oversight of FDA's illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico wereby FDA seeks to create one harmonized set of Food & Drug Regulations for all 3 countries (with Zero Input from the Citizens of the 3 countries.)

This is part of a naked effort by the Council on Foreign Relations to destroy America and to force us into a planned North American Union. The big vitamin companies that dominate the vitamin trade associations (which CFH & NSF are helping) all WANT THIS. They all WANT harmonization to Canada's far more restrictive dietary supplement laws as an incremental move towards full CODEX regulations which they ALSO want for reasons discussed here: http://www.thelawloft.com/Freedom/050125_us_law.htm


I'll be attending the CHFA vitamin trade show this coming weekend in Vancouver BC this coming weekend and the following weekend I'll be attending the International Society of Orthomolecular Medicines Conference (also in Vancouver.)

I'm getting the word out on whats going on, and what to do about it to the best of my ability but I need donations to travel to more areas of the US and Canada.

You can help by directing everyone you know to the TAKE ACTION SECTION of the new IAHF site at http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113337.htm

And to this section http://www.nocodexgenocide.com/page/page/3113342.htm where people can get our EDUCATION KIT which can be used to organize a meeting in your area to help wake people up. I can speak via speakerphone at any meeting, or can bring you up to speed sufficiently via phone conversations that you can run a meeting without my direct assistance.

Some people have been going around to all the health food stores in their area in an effort to awaken sleeping store owners and managers to how they're being lied to by NNFA on this issue.

Some have been handing out flyers from in front of these stores to urge more people sign our petition:

With your help we can boost the current 2,173 signatures up to 10 times that number very quickly, but you'll need to get on the PHONE to do that, so please call your family and friends and urge them to sign and to tell others to!