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IAHF List- Please see my the speech I made below in 2000 at an FDA Meeting


See #16 Comments I made at an FDA Public Meeting held on April 4th, 2000
in Washington DC.

FDA held a public meeting to solicit public input on "how they should go about implementing the Pearson court decision (where they lost in court against Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw who got a court order forcing them to honor their first amendment right to make truthful and non misleading health claims pertaining to folic acid in the prevention of neural tube defects, and some other matters on the labels of dietary supplements.

In my comments, I was angry. I flat out told them that although I was unarmed, and that I had never come armed into the District of Criminals, that they'd better not push their luck (!!) After delivering this speech, I left the auditorium and a Washington Capital Cop from their intelligence division who had been instructed to "monitor me" asked me plenty of questions which I very cheerfully answered with a huge shit eating grin on my face because I enjoyed the whole thing so much!

The cop was actually pretty friendly, and fully understood me by the time I was done. She grasped that another Revolution might come down if FDA didn't watch their step and FDA understood this too. Good to "keep 'em guesssing."


The reason I was as angry as I was when I presented my testimony are numerous- but one reason is that I will never forget touring a facility in Peapack Gladstone New Jersey that cares for people who are permanently paralyzed due to Spina Bifida, a crippling deformity that in many cases is caused simply because a pregnant woman has not gotten a sufficient amount of folic acid while carrying her baby.

At that facility, I met some people who were permanently confined to a hospital bed, who could not hold a pen in their hands, and whose only ability to communicate stemmed from holding a pointer in their mouth which they used to move magnetic letters around on a spelling board to spell words in order to make messages because they could not talk, walk, or so much as sit up in bed due to their paralysis.

It was utterly heart breaking.

Many of these people could not eat, drink, go to the bathroom, or do ANYTHING without assistance- their immune systems were impaired, and many of them had only a very limited and hellish lifespan.

They had been sentenced to this condition by the evil criminals at the FDA who until the Pearson v Schalala first amendment court decision, refused to allow us to tell consumers of the ability of folic acid to prevent neural tube defects.

The luckiest of the people at Peapack Gladstone had some mobility via specialized electric wheelchairs, but they were the "lucky" ones who weren't totally bed ridden.

So when I made the extremely angry comments to the FDA who were dragging their feet, and not obeying the judges decision when they held this public meeting to which they invited numerous "quack busters" who advised them to flat out IGNORE the Judge's decision in the Pearson case and NOT abide by it, I was thinking of THEM when I told them I was considering putting an army of people together to come to DC to mow them all down in a hail of lead.

While you're on this FDA website, please take the time to read some of the other comments besides mine. Many were very good and a lot can be learned from them, including from our enemies who made statements that day many years ago.

All of us, world wide, stand at a crossroads today. The FDA and their criminal allies think they're going to ban epehdra and repeal DSHEA. They think they're going to destroy consumer access to supplements globally via harmonization mechanisms involving the EU, WTO and CODEX.

But they're WRONG, and the REASON they're wrong is because each time someone has a positive healing experience as I did using nutrients http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html that person will tell as many people as he or she possibly can, all over the world.

The IAHF website keeps getting more and more traffic with each passing day and so does the ANH website. The FDA isn't going to get away with an effort to ban ephedra, or anything else for that matter.

If they get a lower courts decision telling them they can pull ephedra off the market, ephedra marketers will file suit under the Administrative Procedures Act and they'll win and force ephedra to be returned to the market because there won't be any justification for FDA to ban ephedra, while leaving pseudoephedrine on the market in a slew of OTC cold preparations- especially not at the high milligram dosage levels many of those products are sold at, like capsules containing 100 mg for example.

As for S.722? Its going NOWHERE. It only has 3 cosponsors, and when I talked to the guy at the Documents room who hands out copies of the bills, he told me hardly anyone was asking for a copy of it.

So its not moving. We're not going to find a lot of new cosponsors on it in September when Congress goes back into session- this recent hearing notwithstanding.

Metabolife has it bottled up tighter than a cork in the neck of a bottle via massive lobbying efforts.

ANH is going to win their lawsuit, and all of you are going to donate to it and ask all your friends and all the vitamin companies world wide to do the same, educating them using my article at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html The Cartel isn't going to know what hit 'em after we kick their ass in court via this lawsuit.

They won't be able to generate a finalized codex vitamin standard at CODEX because we will have succeeded in monkeywrenching their greed driven agenda via the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU FSD, and we're going to get enough of a lobbying campaign going in Brussels via your ongoing donations that we're going to kill the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive and the Pharmaceuticals Directive too.

We're going to do this by educating MEPs as to the healing properties of dietary supplements, and if they still don't get it or if anything goes wrong, well all of us are still armed here in America, and if necessary, we'll ship arms globally to help anyone overthrow their genocidal governments.

Thats what we're really up against- GENOCIDE, a concerted effort to cull our numbers. We useless eaters are expected to die the moment we turn age 65 so as to not "play hob with the game" by getting onto the entitlement programs such as medicare, medicaid, etc.

No- you see they want us to be "GOOD SLAVES" and drop dead immediately on our 65th birthday, because by then our usefulness to them as "production units" will have run out.

Our birth certificates were monetized at birth as collateral against an unpayable debt, and our SS #s are our SLAVE numbers- they've just replaced the old method of using a branding iron on slaves, but the idea is identical.

There are many ways to beat the elements of coersion, I keep learning more ways all the time. IAHF exists to generate a more widespread knowledge of freedom technology---- because its us..... vs...... THEM.

Who are "they"???

Paranoid? Nah. Just pragmatic.

They don't like me a whole lot at FDA. Whenever I show up at one of their buildings, they have about a dozen armed cops following me everywhere I go, but thats just fine with me. I'm on the watch list of the Washington Capital Police, the FBI, and NSA. The German government has permanently banned me from Codex meetings. Its a great feeling to know I'm so "well liked " by these bastards- because in the end- we're all going to have the last laugh.

They can run, but they can't hide. The truth will keep catching up with them each passing day. If you haven't already donated to the ANH lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive, please do at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org and see my article at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html if you don't fully grasp whats going on.
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