All of US, Fighting Back Together.....

IAHF List:

Please watch  this very urgent warning from Alex Jones who is urging us all to question our reality and to reach out to those around us to awaken them

In this alert, I'll provide you with a massive dose of optimism and hope, so please don't dial me out before reading this whole thing- we all must stick together right now, our sheer survival demands it.

Some of you can sense it coming, while some of you cannot. The economic house of cards is coming down. I feel it, because I have no safety net. I'm not insulated by monetary wealth, but due to my public service work I am living on the ragged edge of poverty to the point where the runaway inflation we're all experiencing right now has been causing me to feel like a canary in the coal mine about the coming Tsunami- the trap thats been set like a guillotine falling in slow motion on all of our necks hence this effort to alert you to what you can do to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and to awaken those around you.

There are many watchmen and women on the wall. One is John Mecca , another is my friend Sue Ford who wrote this book under the pen name of Brice Taylor: Daily when I pray I thank Creator for these courageous people, and for each and every one of you on the IAHF list who has the strength and the courage to assist me in waking up more people.

On January 2nd, oil hit a new high of $100./ barrel. Inside the next 6 months, a gallon of regular unleaded could easily cost $6./ gallon, and everything we go to the store to buy will be jacked up in parallel with the rising cost of oil as its expected to be up around $130./ barrel. In just 8 years it is projected that the world will be using 50,000 barrels of oil every second, and by that time, production won't be able to keep up with demand.

Ponder this against the backdrop of this information about cars that run on ordinary water as fuel:   Also watch this: Modified Ford Escort runs on water as fuel:

This is all a scam of monumental proportions for many reasons and its all geared toward killing huge numbers of us so that the ruling elite can make the survivors their total and complete slaves. Alex Jones documentary film End Game Blueprint for Global Enslavement provides us with a chilling glimpse into the depraved minds of the ruling elite and their evil plans for humanity:  The Rockefeller created and controlled UN is moving very methodically to strip us of our access to high potency vitamins and minerals, for starters, then of the most effective dietary supplements of all kinds.

These Machivellian scum are doing this for the same reasons that they stopped farmers from using manure as fertilizer at the end of WW2 when they put massive pressures on them to instead use coal tar dye based petrochemical fertilizers. They did this deliberately to break the sulfur cycle, realizing fully that by doing so they would trigger a massive increase in degenerative disease of all kinds- especially cancer.

They did this in order to drive the global sale of patented pharmaceutical drugs because they wanted to please their investors and make themselves fantastically wealthy, while simultaneously putting themselves in a better position to live out their fantasy of global dominance- of making all of us their slaves. If you read John Mecca's website carefully ( where he outlines in great detail how the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program works, you'll notice that in his countermeasures section he lists certain specific micronutrients that the elite wish to strip us of because when we have them its easier to protect ourselves from the effects of both implanted microchips and also directed energy in the form of microwaves from such sources as HAARP.

Using presently existing CIA developed mind control technology, people seated at computer terminals inside Fort Meade, Maryland, are monitoring thousands of test subjects all over the world 24/7/365. Some have implanted microchips, while some other guineapigs are being controlled strictly via directed energy in the form of microwaves.

Some of the victims of this Nazi human experimentation have gotten in touch with me over the past several years due to information I have posted at on this subject and I've had death threats for doing this health freedom work.



When I was 16 years old, in 1972, a gigantic hemlock tree fell on me during a tornado while I was in a tent. The accident happened deep in the wilderness of the upstate NYs Adirondack Park. I was out of my body for nearly an hour and the trail guide who had been attempting CPR on my had given me up for dead, and in fact I WAS dead. I was on a YMCA canoe trip that was supposed to last 3 weeks, and for everyone but me, it did last that long, but I spent that summer in a body cast following a 7 hour long operation. The ambulance had to get me over 100 miles from where the tornado touched down to St.Lukes hospital in Utica and a team of surgeons was airlifted in by helicopter from New York City. The exact moment that the tree fell on me, my mother, who was hundreds of miles away in New Jersey woke bolt upright in bed, grabbed my dad and shook him til he awakened. Then she told him something terrible had happened to one of her son's. An hour later the Camp Director called advising them of what had happened. That which doesn't kill us makes us stronger, and Creator never gives us a mission we can't handle with His help. Less than one year after this accident happened, I was playing on my high school baseball team.

What I came away from it was the full realization that this isn't all there is. I was on the edge of crossing over to the other side. It is a place of unconditional love, and the scum who are messing with us are not in control of what goes on. I was given a choice whether to come back or not and during the time when I was out of my body, the very close contact I had with our Creator infused me with energy and hope that helps me view each day as a GIFT, even now, even amongst all this darkness.

All of us on the IAHF list must reach out to neighbors, friends and family for the sake of educating them to help them see the approaching trap thats been set for us all so that together we can fight back for our sheer survival because the ruling elite are taking us down right now and what is coming is going to make the Great Depression of 1929 seem like a walk in the park by comparison.

Hillary Clinton is an in the closet lesbian and satanist who is totally controlled by the ruling elite. I could care less about her sexual orientation, but it bothers me a lot to realize that she is in the closet because that provides the CIA with a huge level of control over her and she is truly their marionette. She ordered the massacre of the Branch Dividians in WACO TX via Vince Foster, and she is utterly and completely ruthless:

She is ranked the number one recipient of Pharma PAC donations, and Barack Obama is ranked number 2 (McCain is ranked 11th) by Open Secrets: 

Hillary, Obama and McCain are all total whores who are equally dedicated to the dismantling of America and to the ushering in of the North American Union Dictatorship, and none of them are going to want to stand by American dietary supplement consumers in defense of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act.


Here is how:

We're all very blessed right now to have a great leader in our midst, a young married women with children living in the great state of Texas. Amy Philo is an inspiration to me right now, because she is going after these bastards hammer and tongs in an effort to kill the so called "Mothers Act" S. 1375  This obscene bill, which is being mindlessly cosponsored by both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, must be killed at all costs!

If its not, what will happen is that pregment women in America will be drugged in record numbers with SSRI so called "antidepressant" drugs including Effexor which carries FDA's most stringent warning, a "Black Box" warning that it causes a substantial increase in suicidal ideation (among other things as it also causes people to become homicidal.) Why don't they just inject this crap directly through the mother's stomach and into the fetus?

The ostensible "purpose" of this depraved mindlessness is to "protect Mothers from Post Partum Depression".

I need all of your help. Please go to Amy's website where you'll find a complete arsenal of tools to fight back with. We must call all cosponsors of this bill, especially Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama to demand that they REMOVE their names as cosponsors.

We must explain to them that women are suffering from Post Partum depression because of Adrenal Exhaustion brought on by stress, poor diet, exposure to all kinds of environmental toxins including pharmaceutical drugs, and what they need is Adrenal extract and other dietary supplements intended to combat high cortisol levels and to support healthy adrenal function (again you'll find complete info on Amy's website.)

If Clinton and Obama fail to remove themselves from this bill, we must crucify them both. Although I cannot stand McCain, and would enjoy punching his lights out, I am reaching out to him to demand that he address issue as a supposed "opponent" of Clinton's and Obama's even though I am fully aware that an actual election is not taking place, just the ILLUSION of one is, but the whole things is staged as a CIA containment exercise so that when the move to install our next Dictator in November they're hoping we won't erupt and march on Washington with our guns and start building scaffolds.


Because we could be under martial law by then with massive food rioting a la Katrina going on nationwide as more and more people default on mortgages and are driven into the streets.

So, why am I so damned optimistic and happy as I ponder all this dismal garbage? How could there possibly be a silver lining in this very dark cloud?

Simple. As the economy goes into the dumper, we can pitch our views on prevention and nutrition that much more easily to politicians at the local and state level, and we can counteract everything the NWO has planned for us.

We can close out our bank accounts and invest in gold, silver, raw food staples, organic seeds, books on survival, and we can organize our neighbors so as to all be safe by developing a division of labor for growing food and for defending ourselves against predatory National Guard, Army troops, UN troops, whatever thugs with guns the smarmy bastards might send against us when Martial Law comes down, and when hell freezes over we will fight on ice, knowing in our hearts that we have the last laugh, because this is not all there is.

This is just a test, and there is a place of unconditional love, and a Creator who we can look to for guidance each and every second of our lives. All we have to do is stop, go to a quiet place in our minds, and take solace in the fact that we're not alone and that no matter how bleak things get, we can count on our friends and neighbors because together, we have all the love we need to drive out and successfully oppose this evil.

I just got the electric bill from hell and could have my electricity turned off soon. If any of you can help me out, please do. The bank can't take my home because I own it outright with no mortgage, but I am having serious trouble feeding myself and paying my bills right now, and I want to be able to go down to Santa Cruz to help Genita with her efforts to get that city declared a Psychiatric Drug Free Zone:  If any of you could see your way to donating anything at all during these very hard times, I'd sure appreciate it and you can call me any time to discuss any of this!

Can you kick in $25.? $50? $100? $200? $500 or more? I sure could use your help to keep IAHF from going under, otherwise, I might have to close my doors forever soon and start working down at the marina as a boatbuilder or as a carpenter, but its not what I want to do, I want to stay in motion fighting the Pharma Cartel because I have such a powerful motivation to do that! Please post this on your websites, forward it, and please help me awaken more people to the trap thats been set for us for today, we are ALL Watchmen and Women on the Wall, just like our friend Amy Philo who is providing such inspirational leadership against the so called "Mothers Act" Lets go door to door and chat with our blind neighbors, eh? Lets do our buddy Alex Jones proud.

John Hammell, IAHF   556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts, WA 98281 USA or via paypal   800-333-2553 H&W