Fukushima Reactor 4......................................................................................................>Spent Fuel Pool- Will it Collapse?
IAHF List:
Once you move past fear and take charge of your life by proactively taking reasonable steps to protect yourself, fear dissipates. Several of you placed orders for ten pounds of sulfur after the last alert I sent out.
One of these people was a grandmother wanting to protect the health of her 3 young granddaughters- not at all a bad idea, and I wish more people would come out of denial and see the wisdom of thinking this way. She asked me questions about dose administration, and I explained that it would be done on a basis of 1 Tsp/ 100 lbs body weight, so a 50 lb child would take a half tsp twice a day. She asked if it was ok to administer it in a smoothie. I told her the sulfur will combine with the sugar in the smoothie which would weaken its beneficial effects, but if that was the only way the child would drink it that would be better than not taking it at all.
If you would like to join those people by placing a wholesale order of 10 lbs or more at $32/lb, you will need to use this IAHF paypal link because I'm not set up to sell more than 4 pounds via the Sulfur for Health Link. (Don't worry that the IAHF paypal link says "for donation", I realize when I receive $320. that its for 10 lbs of sulfur.)
A skeptic on the IAHF list told me a friend questioned that cesium could survive the long trip across the Pacific. His friend told him he'd be "very worried" if he were "in Japan", but (initially) doubted that we face "any threat" from radiation over here.
I told him to check out this report of Japanese radiation in drinking water of 14 American cities and in milk above EPA limits....
I reminded him that cesium has a half life of 30 years, that Japan is burning radioactive debris, that these damaged Japanese reactors have not been contained within a sarcophogus the way Chernobyl was and that even if it did, it would not work! It wouldn't work, because they're so close to the ocean that if the spent fuel pool were to melt down it would escape into the ocean to threaten the lives of everyone in the nothern hemisphere!
University of Tokyo Seizmologist Shinichi Sakai predict a 70% chance of another big earthquake in the Tokyo area within the next 4 years that could completely topple reactor #4, causing the spent fuel pool to totally melt down causing a massive nuclear disaster that causes Helen Caldicott to say she would even evacuate her family from Boston if that happened... Boston if that happened...
He then decided he didn't trust his skeptic friend and bought 10 lbs of sulfur.
If you want less than 4 pounds or less or want to set up autoshipping, you can do that here.
Marc Sircus,L Ac. has written this excellent additional article that I urge you to read "Hanging by a Thread"
In it he makes additional recommendations for self protection that I urge you to also consider. He says "Having lots of sulfur on hand as well as sodium bicarbonate, iodine, clay and magnesium is a good start for a radiation survival home pharmacy."
I hope its sinking in by now that the mainstream media is not giving us the information we need to stay safe! Please forward this to friends, family and neighbors! Urge them to protect themselves!