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November simply speaks Thanksgiving to me. More and more I see the holiday being combined with Christmas and I feel as though it is being sucked in to the mass, cookie-cutter idea of celebrating this oh so special time.

So, my answer to this is to make it a stand-alone celebration, with all the trimmings of an Autumn feel and look.

A bit of history, some story-telling, and many acts of kindness and showing my gratitude, especially to the wee ones in our family and friends circle.

In the herb gardens, autumn is still working hard at maintaining her place. Basil and dill are refusing to take that last spurt of growth and retire to a peaceful winter sleep.

The squirrels are busy packing away Black Walnuts for winter dining, and the beautiful Swallowtail butterfly has been replaced with the white cabbage moth, cleaning up all the left-overs of tiny green things.

Fall color in middle Tennessee is awesome, if we go up into the higher elevations, the view looking down is a sight to behold. Yellow, red, russet, and all shades in-between are looking back at us. And... we have an abundant amount of evergreens, just the best of all the season has to offer.

My thoughts always turn to cooking this time of year, there are many traditions in my family, and I try to include them all in our family events. From stuffed pumpkin to fresh greens from the garden, to the most delectable coconut cake in the world.

We have many who come and go, so no one ends up over eating. (well, at least we aim for that).

I have altered most of my old recipes to make them healthier, the most important being the kinds of flour and oils that I bake with. Using fresh ingredients; such as coconut, berries, and fruits as often as I can get them, and vegetables from the freezer by way of the gardens, all these combine to make delicious and healthy feasting.

Nothing feels as good as knowing that the food on your table is really "healthy" and that it will impart everlasting good to those to partake.

I would like to invite you, if you haven't already, take an interest in your food sources, ask questions, educate yourself on where your food comes from, how it is grown and processed. How long it travels to get to you, is it still fresh and nutritious.

There are many great websites and local avenues to help guide you. I'm always available and you can contact me through the Sage Hill Farms website.

Whatever your future aspirations are, there is no time like right now to sow the seed.

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If you are not into the "cooking" thingÂ… you surely can't do better than "My Little Taste Of Italy" for all your holiday goodies. Even though I love baking my own, it is so nice to have a source for the things I don't make and for all those special gift packages.

You can contact Gloria or Elizabeth at

You will be glad you did!

NOTE: I do not get any compensation from any person or business that I share with you.
I do so because I find them to be exceptional in product and service.

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Don't forget to add fresh or fresh dried herbs and teas to your daily dining routine, both for flavor and immune health.

Sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme, garlic, and all the mints are wonderful herbs to have on hand during the fall and winter months. From your basic vegetable soup to a cup of hot and comforting herbal tea, each one offers good taste and good benefits.

Consider Sage Hill Farms for your one stop herbal shopping and be blessed!

A toast to your most special November!

Bea and Mike Kunz


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