Hi everyone,
Wow, how the time has flown (but also stood still). It's December, in case you hadn't noticed. And I'm tempted to end the email there.
BUT do I have some ideas for Christmas treats for you guys?
Not many.
But here's what I am up to.

As you can see above, growing a moustache for Movember has made me realise how much I look like a character I did 27 years ago. And he's back and finally the correct age: Driving Instructor Peter Dibdin.
It's all part of a ventriloqiusm show that has spiralled out of control and somehow reached 21 episodes. We're taking the week off this week as I am doing some filming (on a FILM), but you can catch up on all the fun and meet the King of the World here.
It's also a podcast if you hate to watch ventriloquism.
It'll nearly be time to change the fridge filter again.
Chris Evans (not that one) is working very hard to get the Snooker kickstarter rewards out to you IMMINENTLY. They are really, really good. You will regret not backing it, unless you did. And all the profits are going to live comedy clubs.
Richard Herring
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The Problem With Men
The book is out and I've been getting loads of positive comments on it (and surprisingly few bad ones for angry meninists).
I think the audiobook is the best version of it -and has lots of extras (Here's the audible link, but it's available wherever you get your audiobooks)
You can get a hardback copy with a badge and a signed bookplate (including crudely drawn phallus) here - and help out Chris Evans (not that one) instead of Ian Amazon.
We are managing to continue with these remotely. Sorry the Alexandra Palace live gig got postponed. Hopefully it won't be too long til we're back doing these live.
Coming soon wherever you get your podcasts
2nd Dec Kiell Smith-Bynoe from off of Ghosts
9th Dec  Alistair Green
Or if you want to watch live, then they're usually on at 8pm on Weds.
Coming up
2nd December Marek Larwood
9th December Rhod Gilbert
15th December Lou Conran
You can see all the stuff from Twitch here
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Twitch of Fun is usually on Thursdays at 7.30pm
I am doing watchalongs with Taskmaster when possible at 9pm on Thursdays.
And there's a new snooker tournament involving 40 Mes on Monday nights at 8pm
Thanks for the support for my moustache. We're raised £12,000 (including all the November badge and Twitch subs), but you can make a contribution here.
We also raised over £10,000 for Refuge with the downloads from RHLSTP 300. Thanks so much. I am also donating money from November gigs to the charity which is another £500.
The offer to get a signed Christmas EQ book is still running (and has raised about £1400 so far). For a signed and dedicated book (plus stickers whilst stocks last) donate £10 or more.
For a signed and dedicated book with a bonus and exclusive hand-written emergency question, stickers and postcards donate £25 or more
Then email your address and details of who it is for to herring1967@gmail.com
I was on Tipping Point: Lucky Stars on Sunday. You can still view that on the ITV hub.
My episode of the Chase is on ITV on Boxing Day.
There are three more episodes of Taskmaster to go (Thursdays at 9pm). SPOILERS I am currently 10 points off the lead in a disappointing equal third place. Is there time to turn it round? What do you think?
There's still an unbroadcast Pointless Celebrities to be put out at some point.
I am also a guest on Russell Howard's show on Sky at some point this month. Look out for it.
This week I am filming a small part in a film called Giddy Stratospheres
Next week I am filming for an interactive movie called Darkcode.
I'm back in the game.

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