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Thank you for visiting us at a bead fair - they were great fun! We'll be back in the spring

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New Beads

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Slender Picasso Grey Jasper Tube Beads
Chunky Faceted Oval Moonstone Bracelet
Faceted Moonstone Rondelle Beads
Striking Summer Rainbow Crackle Agate 6mm Beads
Shiny Old Amber Bracelet
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Deep-Red 12mm Carved Cinnabar Beads

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MrBead Autumn UK Bead Fairs

This year we attended 19 bead shows. If I was spending longer in the UK, I'd get a van and do more - they are social and great fun! For summary of our spring bead fairs click here.

As all serious bead merchants, we often work 7-day weeks with little holiday - and only time to take the boat out three or four times this year. It's not easy with 19 bead fairs all weekends and only 6-months in the country. However, I've just returned from a week in Singapore and Bali. The longest holiday of 2015.

See pictures of all our autumn fairs on the online version of this newsletter.

Kempton Park Gem 'n' Bead Fair - 1st-2nd August 2015
Kempton is always the busiest Gem 'n' Bead fair, held four times a year. A great show to kick off our autumn fairs fresh back from Hong Kong. The big hall is easy to reach, and road closures because of a cycle event on the Sunday didn't put off buyers.

Welsh Gem 'n' Bead Fair - 8th-9th August 2015
The first time we have done this one. Lovely location with chickens running around, and I stayed at a beautiful old farmhouse B&B. Very scenic. However, after a long M4 run, the venue was another 1 1/2-hours off the motorway. The revenue doesn't warrant a return visit next year.

Harrogate Gem 'n' Bead Fair - 15th-16th August 2015
A fine city with tea like it used to be and parks everywhere. The Great Yorkshire Showground makes a grand venue. Quite a good turnout for a two-day show. Will defiantly return especially as Harrogate is such a good spring board to explore North East England and Scotland. Headed for Dumfries latter for a break - see my blog: A Week in Scotland. Great fun camping!

Scottish Bead Fair - Perth 23rd August 2015
I've been longing to do this for years, but I'm usually in Hong Kong over this period. I'm told it's not as good as it used to be, but we done well and will return in 2016. I love Scotland and are disappointed the Edinburgh Bead Fairs are finished.

Newark Gem 'n' Bead Fair - 19th-20th September 2015
Newark was busy and we done well. It was also great at the Muskham Ferry by the river Friday evening, and fun among the Pirates Saturday at Just Beer, a tiny Newark riverside pub. Sarah and Michael showed us the castle and some wonderful pubs in this fine city. An easy run too: from Luton and back to Norwich.

Kentish Town Bead Show - 26th October 2015
Second of our own fair in North London, and the best. More people, more beads, and more fun. Close to Kentish Town tube station with easy parking. Many regulars returned - London is full of great beaders.

Autumn Bead Fair - Leeds 27th September 2015
It's a shame we don't do better at this excellently-run show. After burning up the motorway from London the previous evening, we had a great display in a nice hall. Could do with more visitors. I think Leeds is not a good place for a bead fair, alongside Stoke On Trent. May give a miss next year.

Luton Bead Show - 3rd October 2015
A little quiet. Might hold this one just once next year.

Uxbridge Beadwork & Bead Fair - 4th October 2015
In its 25th year, this is the UK's longest running bead fair. It also attracts some of the more unusual exhibitors, like the African merchants in the picture. An easy one for me, being on a Sunday and close to Luton. As usual, sales were OK and I enjoyed the homemade food and visit from a couple of mates.

Norwich Bead Show - 11th October 2015
Norwich is always good. With many regulars and a good attendance. And I love the warmth of the venue - a cozy hotel close to the city centre.

Big Bead Show - Sandown Park 17th October 2015
As always: full on with a constant flood of customers from 10.15 to 4pm. By far the biggest and best UK show. More visitors, more exhibitors, and more money! Next year we'll have an even bigger display.

Newton Abbot Gem 'n' Bead Fair - 24th-25th October 2015
It's always good in Devon, but I wish I had a free day to enjoy. Going back to Hong Kong a couple of days from the show left it tight - especially with four hours from Luton each way. I enjoyed a few drinks in the evenings, but missed out on some spectacular coastal walks. The show was a little quiet, but we done all right with a constant trickle of regulars.

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