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November 2009 - Update & Meeting Reminder

November - cooler temperatures approachingIn This Issue:
1 - Our Upcoming Meeting - November 24th
2 - Our Past Presidents - Your Assistance Requested
3 - Your Subscription & Privacy



Our Upcoming Meeting

Date: Tuesday - November 24th, 2009
Time: 6:00 PM  -  Networking and Dinner
7:00 PM  -  Meeting & Presentation
RSVP: ISA Hamilton Section cordially invites you to participate in a unique opportunity to network with Industry Experts and your Automation Peers. In addition to an interesting and informative presentation, a complementary luncheon/meal will be provided. (Don't forget to advise us of any dietary restrictions you might have)  Please RSVP by Monday (preceding the meeting) to allow us sufficient time to organize the meal and any dietary restrictions.
To confirm your attendance....
(1) Send an e-mail message to our Program Chairman (Ashok Saha) at program@isahamilton.com
(2) Send us a telefax at 905.332.4127
(3) Submit the Meeting Attendance Confirmation form which you access by clicking on this link: http://www.isahamilton.com/form/meetings.html 
Venue: ABB Canada Ltd.
3450 Harvester Road, Burlington, ON

Google Map  Link to ABB
Subject: Unique Safety Considerations for Work on Offshore Platforms
  Offshore PlatformWorkplace safety and safety concerns have been big news for quite some time now.  It seems that not a week goes by without some news of a significant industrial workplace accident or incident. Every workplace environment now either has a full fledged safety program of their own or a well defined set of procedures, rules and guidelines to address safety in their workplace. Offshore platforms such as the ones in place off the coast of Newfoundland present very unique requirements for personnel and workplace safety.  Their remote locations, the harsh/hazardous environments, and the difficulty in removing personnel in case of an emergency make them a most interesting and challenging safety concern.

This presentation will explore the safety concerns and challenges posed by offshore platforms and the various procedures and practices in place to reduce the risks
Speaker: Tim Czepiel   -   Field Service Representative   -   ABB Canada
  ABBTim Cziepel has significant experience in designing and upgrading process automation systems and instrumentation.  In his role as an ABB field service representative, Tim has been an integral part of several offshore platform projects and will draw on this experience and expertise for our presentation


Our Past Presidents - Your Assistance Would Be Appreciated

ISA Hamilton - Past Presidents
We've reviewed our historical records and in compiling a list of our ISA Hamilton Section's past presidents, we discovered some gaps.  Any information that you might be able to provide with regard to our ISA Hamilton Section's Past Presidents would be appreciated. To add or correct any information then please contact the ISA Hamilton Section Historian.

2009 – present  Bob Popek
2007 – 2009      Jack Vincent
2005 – 2007      Jerry Gelata
2003 – 2005       Mike Bovenkamp
2002 – 2003       Alice Kelly
1999 – 2002       Bob Popek
1997 – 1999       Peter Dello
1995 – 1997       Yves Rioux
1993 – 1995       Ken Hamilton
1991 – 1993       Wally Nickel
1990 – 1991      Jack Brokenshire
1989 – 1990       Gord Dugan
1988 – 1989       unknown
1988       unknown
1987       unknown
1986       unknown
1985       unknown
1984       unknown
1985       unknown
1984       unknown

1982 – 1983       Cliff Grundy
1981 – 1982       Tony Thacker
1980 – 1981       Terry Pertak
1979 – 1980       Joe DeSilva
1978 – 1979        Doug Ritchie
1977 – 1978        Gerry Walsh
1976 – 1977        Dave Jarman
1975 – 1976        Eric McInroy
1974 – 1975        Mac McDonald
1973 – 1974        Jim Farrel         
1972 – 1973        Pete McIntyre
1971 – 1972        Dennis Tizard
1970 – 1971        Harry Coates
1969 – 1970        Bob Speight    
1968 – 1969        Dennis Wright
1967 – 1968        Frank Greaves  
1966 – 1967        Mike Kozary
1965 – 1966         Peter Wellard
1964 – 1965         Alec Taylor
1963 – 1964         Bill Hudson
1962 – 1963         Bob Hoadley


Your Subscription & Privacy

PrivacyWe value your personal privacy and your right to choose what email messages you receive. If you've received this message in error we apologize. If you would like to have your email address removed from the ISA Hamilton mailing list, please reply to this e-mail message and simply add "REMOVE" to the subject line of your reply message. Please allow 4 to 6 days for this change to take effect.

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