Paypal Problem Solved- OK Again to Order Sulfur
IAHF List- I was able to solve the paypal problem, so it is once again ok to order sulfur on my website. Nanoparticles being sprayed on us via chemtrails are raising serious hell with our health, and we must all take steps to detox using sulfur and other methods or we will be biologically microchipped via the nanofibers growing inside our bodies.Sulfur is the solution to prevent this from happening because it prevents the acidification of the body being caused by nanofibers.
You can read the words on the image on the right if you go here and use the magnifying glass to blow up the words so they're not so blurry.
When you do this you see that this illustration is from C.Buzea, I. Pacheco, K. Robbie "Nanomaterials and nanoparticles: sources and toxicity, Biointerphases 2 (2007) MR 17- MR 71.
Please read the abstract, and the abstracts of the related articles you'll see when you go to it.
When you blow this diagram up so its not so blurry, you see on the left side that nanoparticles have been internalized into several different kinds of cells: Mitochondrion, nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane, and lipid vesicle.
You also see that nanoparticle inhalation has been associated with the following diseases (necessetating the need to detox using sulfur and other methods):
BRAIN: Neurological disease, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease,
LUNGS: Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Cancer
CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: Artheriosclerosis, Vasoconstriction, Thrombus, High Blood Pressure
HEART: Arrythmia, Heart Disease, Death
OTHER ORGANS: Diseases of unknown etiology in kidneys, liver
LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: Podoconiosis, Kaposi's Sarcoma
SKIN: Dermatitis
Further- You can see that Nanoparticle Ingestion  has been associated with the following diseases, (also necessetating the need to detox using sulfur and other methods):
GASTRO-INTESTINAL SYSTEM: Crohn's disease, colon cancer
Orthopedic Implant Wear Debris: Autoimmune diseases, dermatitis, urticaria, vasculitis
(Please read the aforementioned article. The following is extracted from it, at the end:
A Strange Brew
So far, if we take the analyses of the fibers as fact, we have a trans-genetic substance that is fluorescent and contains human, bovine (cow) and bacteria proteins, mysterious and unidentifiable fibers made of polythene (polyethelene) that stick through the skin and causes its victims to constantly itch their wounds, and an almost indestructible tube containing a biofilm substance that prevents the skin lesions from healing. This nefarious disease has never been encountered before and there is no known cause or cure. So what’s next?
As we see from this previous alert, the purpose of spraying nanoparticles on us is to biologically microchip us via what we're breathing, but we can block this intentional effort to acidify our bodies by ingesting sulfur.
Polyethelyene (also called Polythene) is the most common type of PLASTIC. Nanofibers being sprayed on us are made of this stuff, they are causing Morgellon's sufferers to have colored fibers come out of their pores..... this plastic is insulating our cells, interfering with the flow of electricity through the body..... this is why people with Morgellon's disease have no energy- see photos from ground samples of whats being sprayed on us from ground samples of whats being sprayed on us
See MORGELLONS : A THESIS Clifford E Carnicom October 15  2011 Edited Dec 01 2011
Edited May 10 2013
Note- I have highlighted the important parts of this in red. If you go to Carnicom's thesis, read Section 17, the last part of it which contains his views on detoxification. You will see that he says Morgellon's disease increases the acidity of the body, and diminishes our blood's capacity for carrying oxygen. Ingesting sulfur helps us maintain a slightly alkaline Ph so that Morgellon's can't grow in the body. Ingesting sulfur opens up cell membranes allowing radically improved oxygen transport to the cells, and improved waste transport from the cells.
He also advocates detoxifying the liver and other organs of elimination to decrease acidity in the body. Sulfur helps to do this too!
"A substantial body of research has accumulated to make the case that the underlying organism (i.e., pathogen) of the so-called "Morgellons" condition, as identified by this researcher, is using the iron from human blood for its own growth and existence.  It will also be shown  that the bio-chemical state of the blood is being altered in the process.  The implications of this thesis are severe as this alteration affects, amongst other things, the ability and capacity of the blood to bind to oxygen.  Respiration is the source of energy for the body.  
This change is also anticipated to increase the number of free radicals and to increase acidity in the body.  This process also requires and consumes energy from the body to take place; this energy supports the growth and proliferation of the organism.  
The changes in the blood are anticipated to increase its combination with respiratory inhibitors and toxins.  The changes under evaluation may occur without any obvious outward symptoms.  It is also anticipated that there are consequences upon metabolism and health that extend beyond the functions of the blood.  This change represents essentially a systemic attack upon the body, and the difficulties of extinction of the organism are apparent.  Physiological conditions  that are in probable conjunction with the condition are identified.  Strategies that may be beneficial in mitigating the severity of the condition are enumerated."