John Hammell of IAHF Educating the Crowd in Seattle in the March For America About Threat of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter

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I will tie this information in with how it pertains to our maintaining our access to dietary supplements, so bear with me. At the end, I'll have THREE EASY THINGS for you to do to help take our country back and defend all of our FREEDOMS, especially to defend our access to dietary supplements!!

Please watch this footage from Joe Scarbrough on MSNBC: 

As you can see from Sara Carter's report, and from the statement of TJ Bonner, legal council for the National Border Patrol, in the past 10 years there have been more than 216 ARMED INCURSIONS by Mexican Military Troops onto US Soil as Mexican troops protect Mexican drug smugglers from our Border Patrol, and the FBI has verified this. Mexican drug cartels are controlling border town on both sides of the border. They're murdering journalists on the Mexican side who dare report on this, and they're putting bounties on the heads of our Border Patrolmen, who are being blocked by the so called "Justice Department" from even ATTEMPING to do their jobs- as witnessed by the outrageous incarceration of border patrolmen Ramos and Compean.

Ramos and Compeon were railroaded into Federal Prison for 20 years apiece based on the testimony of a felon, the same convicted Mexican drug smuggler who they shot in the leg after he aimed a weapon at them as he was fleeing back over the border, leaving behind a van with more than 700 lbs of pot.

Yet the Mexican Embassy DENIES their troops invaded US Soil and shot at our Border Patrol to protect Mexican  drug smugglers, the US State Department and White House are IGNORING it, and so is the (so called) Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Incredibly, as all this is happening, despite vehement opposition by the Teamsters Union seeking to protect the jobs of American truckers, the Traitorous Neocons have opened the borders to dangerous Mexican trucks at a time when we're supposedly concerned about "Homeland Security":


They're very determined to dismantle America, to destroy ALL of our most deeply cherished freedoms, and to harmonize all the laws between Canada, USA and Mexico- the better to enslave us all. They have concentration camps waiting in the wings to put people like me in who refuse to ever capitulate to the New World Order, yet despite my efforts to alert you, far too many of you are sitting on your hands, secure in your comfort zones, and I'm not sure what its going to take before you join me, and join Ron Paul in taking ACTION against these TRAITORS!

Please listen to the interview Greg Ciola, publisher of The Health Crusador Magazine just did with me last week:

Health Freedom or Tyranny, Which Will You Choose

Please watch the video of this tremendous lecture "Paths Toward Fascism" by Naomi Wolf given on October 11, 2007 at the University of Washington Wolf is the author of "The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot"

In her lecture she delivers a chilling analysis of the direct parallels between the rise in Fascism in America today and that which existed in Nazi Germany in the 1930s prior to the outbreak of WW2. The only way we're going to stop WW3 from breaking out and the planned destruction of America is to ACTIVELY FIGHT BACK NOW---- yes despite my most passionate efforts to exhort you, to move you all to action, FAR TOO MANY OF YOU aren't doing a DAMN THING, and that needs to CHANGE!

In my last alert, I asked you all to let me know what you were doing to fight back.  A grand total of 5 of you responded, and thats PATHETIC! I sent you this website  about the 6 Marches for America that will take place on November 17th in Atlanta, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacremento, and Yakima---- and I URGED you all to either make plans to participate in one of these marches or to let me know you would organize your OWN march in a CITY NEAR YOU.

One of you is interested in doing that, in Miami, but I need MORE of you to step forward!

On Monday I am traveling to Seattle with the Bellingham WA Ron Paul Meetup Group. We'll be joining forces with OTHER RP Meetup groups from all over the Pacific Northwest to COUNTERACT Hillary Clinton's presence in Seattle. Via Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton ordered the murder of 83 innocent men, women and children at WACO Texas when the Branch Dividians were MURDERED by our government in cold blood.  The woman is evil, and she is totally controlled by the shadow government which is seeking to dismantle our country and force us into a North American Union Dictatorship.

Along with Rudy Julie Annie, she is bisexual, and that provides a way for the shadow government to control them both. Hillary is totally controlled by Big Pharma and has publicly vowed to repeal DSHEA. She doesn't give a damn about our access to dietary supplemens. 

Rudy Julie Annie is a cross dressing fascist from hell- watch him in drag here kissing Donald Trump  Washington Post: Giuliani's Cross dressing antics Debated: My friend Robert Lederman was arrested 41 times in NYC (but never convicted) for selling artwork that depicted Giuliani as Hitler when he was Mayor: Watch Arrest Montage  See this article about Lederman's expose of Giuliani


1. Donate to IAHF to help me get to Atlanta on November 17th where I'll be part of the March for America, and where I'll give another speech about the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada & Mexico as I continue to use this issue to awaken Americans to the threat of the North American Union Dictatorship:

IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at

2. Go to and RSVP with the March for America Organizors in Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Las Vegas, NV, Los Angeles CA, Sacramento CA, and Yakima WA.... Let them know you'll be helping and that you're discussing this with everyone you know to urge THEM to participate too! Send ME an email at to let me know you're helping!  (If you don't live near one of these cities, let me know you intend to organize a march in YOUR city, and contact Jonnie Crivello in Seattle for assistance on how to go about that. She can be reached at:  She has been the driving force behind all these marches after successfully organizing two such marches in Seattle including the one I was in in August, see

3. If you're not already in a Ron Paul Meetup group, please join one and get active in it by going to: Ron recently raised more than $5 Million and the media is taking him a lot more seriously now as his enormous grass roots campaign continues building momentum and strength as more and more people from across the Political Spectrum recognize the fact that only Ron has what it takes to save this country from its planned destruction.

See this NBC Evening News Report which chronicals Ron Paul's huge surge in popularity  Ron Paul is the only member of Congress who has attempted to help us stop the Codex international threat to health freedom, and he's been the only one to help us try to stop the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico.

Please let me know what YOU are doing to help fight back!! Together, we CAN STOP our planned NWO ENSLAVEMENT!!!