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Rachael Herron - Tuesday, March 16
Kelli Stanley - Thursday, March 18
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How to Knit a Love Song: A Cypress Hollow Yarn RACHAEL HERRON will read from
How to Knit a Love Song: A Cypress Hollow Yarn
Tuesday, March 16th 7 PM

Herron, a popular knitting blogger who has been knitting since the age of five, skillfully weaves heartwarming romance with knitting knowledge in her debut novel. Her heroine, Abigail, is more than ready for change when she inherits a cottage from her beloved mentor, knitting guru Eliza Carpenter. But when Abigail leaves the city for the greener pastures of a small California beach town, she discovers that the cozy little cottage - which she intends to turn into a knitting shop - is a decrepit, junk-filled shack. And her new neighbor is an irascible rancher, Cade, who happens to be Eliza's nephew. He owns everything surrounding Abigail's ramshackle new home, and views the city girl as an unwanted interloper. In spite of Cade's hostility, Abigail must somehow learn to trust him with much more than just her heart when the past she thought she'd left behind comes calling.

City of Dragons KELLI STANLEY will read from
City of Dragons
Thursday, March 18th 7 PM

Stanley, author of Nox Dormienda, received the Bruce Alexander Award for best historical mystery. Her atmospheric series debut, City of Dragons, opens in San Francisco's Chinatown during Chinese New Year festivities in 1940. Private investigator Miranda Corbie stumbles upon the body of teenager Eddie Takahashi, and soon discovers that the Chamber of Commerce wants it covered up. The cops acquiesce. All Miranda wants is justice, so she uses her street smarts and her .22 to navigate the gritty San Francisco underworld, sorting out the truth. Was Eddie a good boy, as his immigrant parents claim, or a drug mule for a shady Chinese herbalist? Did Eddie's Japanese heritage factor into his murder?

"(Stanley's) hard-boiled, strong female sleuth stalks Hammett's San Francisco and does the job with all the panache of Sam Spade. Readers will eagerly await the next installment in this exciting new hard-boiled series." - Booklist

Upcoming April Events...

  • HUGH RAFFLES will discuss
    Tuesday, April 6th at 7 PM

  • JACQUELINE WINSPEAR will read from
    The Mapping of Love and Death
    Thursday, April 29th at 7 PM

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