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Two APAP Showcases

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Happy and Healthy 2021!

We're excited to be a part of the major performing arts conference APAP January 8-12 in New York again, this time, however, not in the Hilton, but online with a showcase of a live-streamed Duo Laroo/Byrd Feelgood concert on January 8 and a pre-recorded concert of the Saskia Laroo Band & Trumpets Around The World presents Jazz Meets Hiphop @ Rabobank Amersfoort Jazz Online on January 9.

We love to share our music to make you feel good--wherever in the world you are--explore us!

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Trumpeter Saskia Laroo from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and pianist/ vocalist Warren Byrd from Hartford, CT, US form Duo Laroo/Byrd. They create a smorgasbord of music assorting their own catchy, poignant originals with some selected standards.
They have been true die-hards in this pandemic having presented their live-streamed Feelgood concerts every Friday since March 20, 2020.

“They glide from piece to piece finding the un-found, guided by telepathic interplay--an intrepid improvisational chamber jazz unfettered by boundaries whether they’re honoring Miles, Bird, Diz, Monk, or trekking free jazz.”--Owen McNally

They have travelled the world performing at major jazz festivals, tiny cafes, or humble homes in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Belgium, as well as the US. In 2011 they released a CD “Two of A Kind”, a Tribute to Miles and Monk, and continue to expand their music horizons, composing new songs, exploring new sounds.

In Byrd's words, “Often, we try to recreate what it would be like if Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis would engage in musical dialogue to work out their differences... Another hope for us is that Saskia’s European identity and my American identity comes through in the music we create and form a unique blend that exemplifies boundless fellowship through art.”

Warren Byrd is a pianist/vocalist/composer, whose early years performing throughout Southern New England and New York have grown international. Renown for his Monk-influenced piano style, he's also celebrated for his compositional uniqueness. From Afro-American roots, he engages universal ideals connecting us all through music. He has since three decades recorded his original works with his own and with other ensembles. Collaborated with Laroo Records on the grand release of his 2000 album “Truth Raised Twice”, an album which sprang from his top 25th placement in the 1999 Monk Competition.

Multi-instrumentalist/composer/improviser Saskia Laroo--dubbed “Lady Miles Davis of Europe” by the press - is a singular example of a female trumpet player, recording artist and band leader active on the international stage for over four decades.Laroo founded her own record label 'Laroo Records' in 1994, has released eight CD's, a DVD, her latest album also on LP: 'Trumpets Around The World' (2019).She leads five ensembles presenting her original music touring the world. Has won several prizes, including the Indian peace prize ‘Karmaveer Puraskaar’ in 2010, the Montreux Jazz Price in 2006, was finalist in the International Song Competition (ISC) in 2005.

The "Lady Miles Davis of Europe": Saskia Laroo brings jazz improvisation to danceable beats, modern world grooves, and fiercely conscientious rap/vocals on Trumpets Around The World

Dutch multi-instrumentalist, composer and band-leader Saskia Laroo, known affectionately as the "Lady Miles Davis of Europe," is one of the few female trumpet players on the international stage to have led her own band and performed at top-level venues for over four decades. Internationally known for her candid improvisational purity in creating genre-defying music with the mystical elusiveness of spontaneous jazz, her latest compositions are inspired by musical traditions from cultures all over the world.Laroo’s music, in-kind, sounds like a global musical journey. In teaming jazz with influences from hip-hop, dance and world music, she makes it sound as if those styles have always belonged together. 

Laroo plays with her bands all over the world, from festival stages (both large and small) and prestigious concert halls to hole-in-the-wall clubs and raging dance parties. 

Latest tours & Festivals: 2020: India (World Music Fest in Mumbai & Pune), the Netherlands, the US2019: Burundi (Dutch Kings Day), the Netherlands, Thailand (Krabi naga Fest), the US2018: the Netherlands, the US, Vietnam (Dutch Kings Day, 45 year relations Holland-Vietnam2017: Serbia (Dutch Kings Day), South Korea, the Netherlands, the US2016: Belgium, China Tour, Croatia Tour, France, India Tour, Indonesia tour, the Netherlands, the US.2015: Bangla Desh, Italy, India, Lithuenia (Klaipeda Jazz Festival), Poland, the Netherlands (Aalsmeer Jazz Weekend, Amersfoort & Apeldoorn Jazzfestivals), Russia, the US (a.o. Cape Cod, MA; Carlyle, PA)

Laroo founded her own record label Laroo Records in 1994, has released eight CD's, a DVD, her latest album also on LP: Trumpets Around The World (2019).

Has won several prizes, including the Indian peace prize ‘Karmaveer Puraskaar’ in 2010, the Montreux Jazz Price in 2006, was finalist in the International Song Competition (ISC) in 2005. 
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