Coming Soon: RonPaulaPalooza Music Festival Fundraiser For Freedom=== A Modern Day Woodstock for Peace.

IAHF is helping to organize this Two Day Music Festival to Raise Funds for RP--- Listen to the Song That Loads When You Click Here and Feel Inspired, especially by the word "CODEX" which is part of the Song (!!!) 

The IAHF Health Freedom Mssg is being incorporated into this Campaign, slowly but surely, and is going to continue to pick up momentum as word keeps percolating into the public consciousness. If you swing a sledgehammer at a slab of concrete long enough, you'll start seein' cracks. We just raised $6.4 Million dollars for RP the other day to set the new one day fundraising record for a political campaign. Thanks to all of you for helping!!! Good job!
We're gonna beat it with this music festival....

This is a true Revolution.

See this interesting article in Mother Jones Mag: "The Apostles of Ron Paul"

In Addition to viewing tuesdays (todays) scheduled mainstream news coverage of the RP Phenomenon, (listed below) please view some of the mainstream coverage we got yesterday due to the success of the Moneybomb, Also see RPs letter which thanks us all- see links below and please forward. 

See the alert I sent out to the IAHF list at re the Canadian Ron Paul Tea Party if you missed it, and PLEASE-- phone your friends to alert them all: RP to be on Glen Beck, CNN Network News tonight (check local listings) & on many more shows due to all our efforts. They'll keep trying to do spin against his mssg, but its getting harder for them all the time.

RP Media Schedule for December 18th Tuesday

Dec 18
1. Ron Paul on Fox & Friends
Fox News Channel
7:15 AM ET

2. Ron Paul on CNN American Morning
8:15 AM ET

3. Ron Paul on Morning Joe
8:30 AM ET

4. Jan Mickelson interviews Ron Paul
WHO Radio
9:00 AM CT

5. Glenn Beck interviews Ron Paul
CNN Headline News
Check local listings (7 or 9PM)

Sunday, Monday  + Extras: MEDIA COVERAGE OF THE EXPLODING RP PHENOMENON- esp see the You Tube of the Santa Monica CA Tea Party Pier Rally with Speech by Ed Griffin.

Jack Cafferty and The 6 Million Dollar Man is Ron Paul   or

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RON PAUL Dubai to Boston Tea Party Celebration GO RON GO RON


PBS Special on Ron   (I?m in it at 2:24 and 3:50 ;p)

New RP Song

Roots, Grassy Roots!

 Dec 16th Ron Paul donation day coverage on CNN

Las Vegas Tea Party!!!

The Strasbourg Tea Party for Ron Paul

Proclaiming Ron Paul (Sheep no more!)

Ron Paul: $6 million haul and blimp on CNN (12/17/07)

Morning Joe Mentions Tea Party Ron Paul Success 11/17/07

Ron Paul Makes History with donations.

Ron Paul Rally Santa Monica Pier Dec 16

Ron Paul: Change the World 2.0


Daily Show: America to the Rescue. Please Stand By.

To The Parents On The Forum

Ron Paul - KWQW Radio Interview (YouTube Video)

Ron Paul: Tucker interview with Ron Paul's campaign manager

<< Thank you Message From Ron>>>   <<<If you didn?t get this email sign up @ >>>

December 17, 2007

What a day! I am humbled and inspired, grateful and thrilled for this vast outpouring of support.

On just one day, in honor of the 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, the new American revolutionaries brought in $6.04 million, another one-day record. The average donation was $102; we had 58,407 individual contributors, of whom an astounding 24,915 were first-time donors. And it was an entirely voluntary, self-organized, decentralized, independent effort on the internet. Must be the "spammers" I keep hearing about!

The establishment is baffled and worried, and well they should be. They keep asking me who runs our internet fundraising and controls our volunteers. To these top-down central planners, a spontaneous order like our movement is science-fiction. But you and I know it's real: as real as the American people's yearning for freedom, peace, and prosperity, as real as all the men and women who have sacrificed for our ideals, in the past and today.

And how neat to see celebrations all across the world, with Tea Parties from France to New Zealand. This is how we can spread the ideals of our country, through voluntary emulation, not bombs and bribes. Of course, there were hundreds in America.

As I dropped in on a cheering, laughing crowd of about 600 near my home in Freeport, Texas, I noted that they call us "angry." Well, we are the happiest, most optimistic "angry" movement ever, and the most diverse. What unites us is a love of liberty, and a determination to fix what is wrong with our country, from the Fed to the IRS, from warfare to welfare. But otherwise we are a big tent.

Said the local newspaper ( "The elderly sat with teens barely old enough to vote. The faces were black, Hispanic, Asian and white. There was no fear in their voices as they spoke boldly with each other about the way the country should be. Held close like a deeply held secret, Paul has brought them out of the disconnect they feel between what they know to be true and where the country has been led."

Thanks also to the 500 or so who braved the blizzard in Boston to go to Faneuil Hall. My son Rand told me what a great time he had with you.

A few mornings ago on, I saw a YouTube of a 14-year-old boy that summed up our whole movement for me. This well-spoken young man, who could have passed in knowledge for a college graduate, told how he heard our ideas being denounced. So he decided to Google. He read some of my speeches, and thought, these make sense. Then he studied US foreign policy of recent years, and came to the conclusion that we are right. So he persuaded his father to drop Rudy Giuliani and join our movement.

All over America, all over the world, we are inspiring real change. With the wars and the spying, the spending and the taxing, the inflation and the credit crisis, our ideas have never been more needed. Please help me spread them in all 50 states. Victory for liberty! That is our goal, and nothing less.

Appreciate the obvious effort to collate all this info at 2 am? Let IAHF know by sliding us a donation to help with gas money to get our pickup truck with the new RP float out all over Point Roberts and all over the Pacific NW to whip people into a frenzy for this cause of freedom: [paypal  IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA