Reveals New Video 'The Cliff' directed by Cam Archer

ODE TO SENTIENCE Released 14th February 2011

“sumptuous” Uncut

Label: Tailitres

Following her two critically acclaimed albums Dark Undercoat (2008) and Victorian America (2009), Ode To Sentience  is the new album by  EMILY JANE WHITE.  
Written in San Francisco and Oakland and recorded / mixed in four different studios in the San Francisco bay area by Ross Harris and White. Ode To Sentience is a collection of 10 opulent, uncluttered and captivating ballads. A very personal record where Emily Jane White explores the sentimental qualities of past experiences. “I found catharsis in creating these songs,” she says. “They speak to the emotional simplicity and complexity of human relationship. I chose to call the record 'Ode To Sentience' because it is the capacity to feel that creates a shared human experience of music. We all share the potency of music by having the capacity to feel, and I found the simplicity of this fact very beautiful “.
Arranged during rehearsals, Ode To Sentience was arranged directly in the studio and recorded in a more spontaneous fashion. Most of the same band members Victorian America played on this, White’s third full-length: James Finch Jr (bass), Carey Lamprecht (violin), Henry Nagle (lap steel / pedal steel / electric guitar), Jen Grady (cello / vocals), Ross Harris (drums).
Emily Jane White was raised in Fort Bragg, California, a seaside town nestled in the misty, secluded woodland of the Mendocino Coast. It’s a place where old men tell stories about logging and young girls dream of San Francisco. Time moves slowly in Fort Bragg, where in place of big-city sharp shocks of excitement there stretches one drawn-out, stable truth, quiet and unflinching. 

Ode To Sentience
Release Date: 14th February 2011

1. Oh Katherine
2. The Cliff
3. Black Silk
4. The Black Oak
5.  I Lay To Rest (California)
6. Clipped Wings 
7. The Preacher
8. The Law
9. Requiem Waltz
10. Broken Words


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