August 2013
Meet Pamela D. Rice

August 3rd with the Strong Sistah's Bookclub. Los Angeles.
August 17th
Literary Divas Spartanburg.
Meet Lorraine Elzia
2nd Annual Meet the Author Extravaganza
August 10, 2013
10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Lucky Lady Hall
1107 N. IH-35
Austin, Texas
Sharel E. Gordon-Love gets another 5-Star Review!

"I couldn't stop reading it, I think it was a good story that talked about real issues in the world and in relationships. I think it could be a great resource for a focus group or even a therapy group going through the same situations." 
By Whitney Chisholm
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THE WILD LIFE by Stacy-Deanne featured in USA TODAY!
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YES You Can...
During this time of the year, I always get a bit sentimental. It is my birthday month, which means, by the grace of God, I am a year older, and hopefully wiser and better. 

I reflect on past heartaches, and am happy to have healed.
I reflect on past relationships, and am thankful to have moved on.

I reflect on moments when I wanted to throw in the towel, and am grateful for endurance.

I reflect on past failures and mistakes, and am thankful for grace and mercy, and life lessons.

It also means that time is passing by, and as time waits for no one, this time of year comes to me as a reminder to Live.

And, sometimes, Living Ain’t Easy…

I remember when I started Peace In The Storm Publishing. There were so many obstacles in the way, and as time progressed, the obstacles grew bigger and self-doubt tried to creep in. The keyword here is “tried.” 

So glad I didn’t give up. He speaks through trials. I was reminded, through those trials of “Who” I am, and “Whose” I am. It made all of the difference in the world. And, whatever you’re going through in life, no matter how big your problem may seem, I’m here to tell you that there is a God that is bigger than anything you’re going through. So the next time obstacles confront you, don’t allow your problems to scream to you how big they are, look them in the face and shout how big your God is! 
Life is filled with speed bumps, roadblocks and stop signs. Our normal tendency is to listen to the world as it tells us to slow down or even stop, behind a belief that some things in life are out of our reach and beyond our attainment and control. The world wants to cushion our expectations and to ultimately limit our goals. But thankfully, there is a God. And with faith in Him and His mercies, He gives us pedals upon which to accelerate and a path of green lights upon which to proceed when others tell us to we can’t possibly move forward.

My Peace In The Storm Publishing journey has been an ongoing saga of having faith and believing that even though others can give me molehills of why Peace In The Storm “can’t,” my God gives me mountains of why Peace In The Storm “can.”

You Can, Beloveds, YES, you can!

Always and In All Ways,

Elissa Gabrielle
President and CEO of Peace In The Storm Publishing
2009, 2010, 2011 Winner Independent Publisher of the Year
Congratulations to Niyah Moore!
Niyah Moore has been acknowledged and will be recognized as an HONOREE to receive the Exceptional Woman of Color (EWOC) Excellence Award at the 5th Anniversary Celebration of the Exceptional Women of Color Networking Brunch Conference on October 5, 2013 in Sacramento, California. She has also been selected to be featured in the Fall/October 2013 issue of THE HUB Magazine-- Northern California's Exceptional Women of Color Special Edition. This year's theme celebration is: "Move Forward in Becoming the Soul of the Nation". 
"It's such an honor to be recognized for doing what I love. I've been an entrepreneur for over ten years now in Sacramento and to be recognized for my hard work is definitely a good feeling. I thank everyone who nominated me for this award and I thank the Sac Cultural Hub for the Exceptional Woman of Color Award." -- Niyah Moore
(Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) Speakers Bureau
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