IAHF List: As Easter nears all of us here in the Pacific NW feel a sense of euphoria because we've just survived another long winter of rain, overcast skies, with very little sunlight. I use full spectrum lights in my house and take extra cod liver oil to get more vitamin A and D to compensate for the lack of sunlight, and I take my sulfur twice a day to constantly detoxify myself because I don't want the ruling elite to hijack my internal biology and to turn it synthetic.
Every change of seasons I do one quarter of Master Herbalist Richard Schulze's detoxification program that begins with the Bowel Detox, then moves through the Liver/Gallbladder, Kidneys, and Blood Cleanse. Sadly, by taking our cars to Jiffy Libe for regular oil changes  and to check our transmission fluid, brake fluid, wiper fluid, etc,, we take FAR better car of our CARS than we do of our own BODIES!
This Easter, in this Newsletter- I will teach you how to radically transform your health so that from this day forward you will have a NEW LEASE ON LIFE, so that no matter WHAT painful things you're dealing with, your life will become much more joyous, much happier and far more fulfilling!! If you've been wondering why you haven't been hearing from me as much as usual its because the wholesale and retail sides of my business have been growing by leaps and bounds and I haven't had the time I used to have to generate newsletters, but I am ok, and still here for all of you!.
I don't want the develop full blown Morgellons disease from the weaponized parasites that were developed in a bioweapons lab at Stanford University that are being sprayed into our biosphere which we've all been inhaling. I don't want to be biologically microchipped and turned into a non reproducing cyborg- a slave of the New World Order! My goal is to rebel til the day I die against the Dark Side and to help as many other people as possible to join me in this nobel rebellion against evil!
Every day I get calls and emails from people who are trying to help themselves or friends/ family members who have this horrible man made killer disease called Morgellons, and as Easter nears, I've decided to devote THIS newsletter to not only discussing some new methods of detoxification so as to avoid having our internal biology sabotaged by the weaponized parasites  in the ways Dr. Clifford Carnicom warns about in this article, but I'll also be exposing the irrefutable fact that the Vatican has been hijacked by the Dark Side and most of my fellow Catholics (and the public at large) still don't realize this sad, undeniable fact so we need to trigger the "hundredth monkey syndrome" to awaken everyone because the Vatican is directly partnered with the Rockefellers "Club of Rome" which was created in      for the express purpose of killing huge numbers of people !! The Vatican is directly partnered with the UN which has an altar to satan directly inside its HQ in New York City that I have seen with my own two eyes while on a class trip in High School!
I need help to awaken the masses and I attend Mass in an effort to be a bright light shining in the Darkness in the same spirit with which the Catholic website "From Rome" has been trying to do the same thing, and in the same spirit with which the late Fr. Malachi Martin attempted to warn the world of what would happen if a Jesuit was ever installed as Pope which happened for the first time with Jorge Bergoglio, the evil Rockefeller tool known to the world as "Francis".  Bergoglio is about as diametrically opposite the REAL Saint Francis as is possible for a person to be, but most people can't see through the mainstream media spin which strives to depict him as a "rock star" and a "good, honest man" when he is perhaps the most evil person who ever breathed air.
With this article "Team Bergoglio" This Catholic website "From Rome" is doing a good job of exposing how Jorge Bergoglio (aka "Pope Francis") was fraudulently installed via an evil cabal of gay globalist communist satanic cardinals, echoing the warnings sounded several years ago by Father Malachi Martin, a very courageous Jesuit Priest who witnessed satanic ceremonies, including pedophilia, murder, and blood drinking performed directly at the Vatican by a group of gay pedophile killers who Martin warned would one day install a Jesuit as Pope I urge people to listen to the interview of Fr.Martin at the You Tube at this link- especially if you are Catholic because he does a masterful job of exposing total and complete Apostasy!.
(Martin was an advisor to 4 different Popes before he quit the Vatican in horror and disgust, and moved to NYC where he wrote several books and did numerous radio shows in an effort to warn the world re the Satanic hijacking of the Catholic Church.
As I attend Easter Mass tomorrow at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ladner, BC Canada (very near my home in Point Roberts WA) I won't be putting so much as one thin dime into the collection plate because to do so would be to assist in the culling of the human herd which Satanic Anti Pope "Francis" real name Jorge Bergoglio is directly aiding and abetting as a total whore to the Illuminati Council which controls the Club of Rome, the UN, the world's Banking System, etc.....
I have written other articles exposing Criminal Communist Gay Pedophile Genocidal Killer  Pope Francis and his direct involvement in Global Genocide as a tool of the Rockefeller Banking Family which created the Club of Rome which directly endorses him. The Club of Rome supports Bergoglio because he supports their evil efforts to cull the human herd via a variety of means including Genetically engineered foods, toxic pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, fluoride, mercury amalgam fillings, and most ESPECIALLY "Geoengineering".... the spraying of CHEMTRAILS which is even depicted on the COIN shown above that was minted by the Vatican in 1985 at a time when the chemtrail program was just beginning (see photo above.)
See the yellow arrow pointing to a jet spraying the sky with chemtrails. This is the Satanic Vatican's "Ultimate Solution" and it must be opposed, especially by Catholics, unless you don't MIND having your internal biology hijacked so as to be turned into a non reproducing CYBORG- a biologically microchipped SLAVE and to live in a world in which the 13 Satanic Families destroy all private property via UN Agenda 21 (now called UN Goals 2030) and FORCE us to live in hive like megacities where we'd be stripped of our last vestiges of humanity and turned into total N.W.O slaves!! (I urge more people to assist Tom De Weese at the American Policy Center who was the first whistleblower against this evil globalist scam! He provides us with timely info on how to resist and oppose this evil agenda and we ARE SUCCEEDING!)
1. Big Pharma deliberately broke the sulfur cycle in the 40s-50s in order to make us all sick because they have a "business with disease". By encouraging farmers to stop using manure (which puts minerals ito the soil), by encouraging them to switch to synthetic fertilizers (by telling them they'd get increased crop yield and make more money) they worked through the USDA to intentionally cause our soil to be DEMINERALIZED as you can see from THIS GOVERNMENT GRAPH from which you can easily see the direct correlation between the demineralization of our soil and the huge rise of EVERY SORT of degenerative DISEASE!!
Got Sulfur? I recommend you join forces with a group of friends or family members to save money by buying in bulk- see my 10 lb special where I throw in FREE SHIPPING, and see my even BETTER 20 lb special where I drop the price of the world's best MSM down to just $22/ lb!If you can't afford this, at least buy a Pound or two, or sign up for monthly autoshipping so that you can be SURE to protect yourself by drinking a glass of sulfur water every morning, and at lunch time the way I do!
Something new: You can mix sulfur with powdered vitamin c, just don't take it at the same time as vitamin C in capsules because the silicon dioxide used to flow powdered supplements into capsules will neutralize the sulfur by combining with it! Be sure to take your sulfur a half hour away from other supplements if they're capsulized- it has 16 unpaired electrons in its outer shell and will form a chemical compound with almost anything it comes into contact with. Since its a mineral that MUST EXIT the body, it will pull out ALL the toxic heavy metals being sprayed via chemtrails including Alumininum dioxide (which is causing a huge incidence of early onset Alzheimer's disease as well as cognitive impairment/ brain fog throughout our population.
The ruling elite want to dumb us down so we can't fight back, so we can't understand information like this to even have a CHANCE of protecting our natural biology from being hijacked by the weaponized parasites and other crap they're spraying on us!
2. Most of you have NEVER DETOXED your SMALL INTESTINE so you are NOT PROPERLY ABSORBING the nutrients from the food you eat, or the supplements you take because all your life a cement like barrier of mucoid plaque has been building up on the walls of your small intestine blocking the proper absorption of nutrients, weakening your immune system, acidifying your body by putrifying inside of you making you weak and tired all the time!
When I jettisoned my mucoid plaque for the first time about five years ago, I could not BELEVE how much more energy I had! It was a life changing experience, a 70% increase in energy level, and I'd like for more of you to have it because you will feel GREAT, and it will make it MUCH HARDER for the elements of coersion to mess with your natural biology to turn it synthetic as they're trying to do via the weaponized parasites and all the OTHER crap they're spraying on us including all the toxic heavy metals, and toxic chemicals such as ethylene dibromide and mycoplasma!
1. Order Intestinal Formula #1, Intestinal Formula #2, and Super Food Plus, and follow the information HERE!
When I jettisoned my long held mucoid plaque, I suddenly had the sort of vitality I remember having when I was 11 years old in 1968,riding my bike to and from school, and playing outdoors for hours with my friends every day! Do you want to lose weight? Lose your mucuid plaque and get the ENERGY you need to exercise every day!
2. After jettisoning your mucoid plaque, it makes sense to methodically detox your liver/ gallbladder, then your kidneys, and finally your blood. I can walk you through the process, but first you MUST detox your SEWER (your bowel, your small intestine!) You must boost your immune system to avoid getting full blown Morgellons disease with the horrible open skin lesions, chronic itching,  colored fibers coming out of your skin, and parasites crawling under your skin!
3. I sleep better and during the day get energy from nebulizing essential oils (cold pressed only). Different essential oils have different frequencies and can be used for different purposes to help beat stress! I like nebulizing Young Living's "Stress Away" any time I feel anxiety. At night I like nebulizing lavender which is soothing. When I'm working in my office I find that Rosemary and lemongrass help my concentration. Do some experimenting with essential oils and you will find them very helpful! When you nebulize them it helps keep cortisol levels down, and there is a tie in between cortisol and trouble losing weight! Now Foods makes cold pressed essential oils that are more affordable than Young Livings, but they don't have the variety of blends that YL has.
4. Eat good fats such as coconunt oil and cut way back on carbs and protein to help lose weight if this is a goal. I recommend more people read Nora Gedgaudas books such as Primal Fat Burner- see this youtube of her discussing how you need to eat fat to burn fat! 
Taking sulfur every day in water will also help you lose weight because it neutralizes stress caused by acid so you will stay far more calm and grounded, and you'll have the energy you need to be more active! By reducing stress levels you lower cortisol and this will help your body let go of the fat and burn it. You will want to convert your body from a suger burner to a ketone burner to lose weight. Sulfur  will also help you a lot if you suffer from arthritis because all pain is some cells cry for oxygen and sulfur opens up cell membranes allowing optimal oxygen transport to the cells!
Questions? Call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific (Toll Free North America) or email me at jham@iahf.com
Wishing all of you a Blessed Easter!
John....... see the chart below.... drinking sulfur water helps your cells be healthy as shown below!!