Compressed Air Challenge Newsletter Spring 2011

 The mission of the Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) is to be the leading source of product-neutral compressed air system information and education, enabling end users to take a systems approach leading to improved efficiency and production and increased net profits.  We hope this newsletter serves these goals and provides value to you, our most important customer.  Please feel free to provide any feedback about this issue to:

The Dirty Thirty...
 Much attention and expense is often directed towards optimizing compressor control, clean-up equipment, system pressure/flow control and main system piping in an attempt to maintain adequate and stable pressure at the end use. Often forgotten are the components of the distribution system between the main system header and the end use. What is the Dirty Thirty?....Read the rest of this article 

Ultimate CA resource...
 Our best seller Best Practices for Compressed Air Systems manual is THE best source for information on compressed air systems and compressed air systems optimization.  Get your copy today. Click here to get more information and order.
Become a CAC Instructor
Are you a compressed air systems expert? The CAC seeks additional instructors to teach our seminar Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems. This opportunity is open to an estimated six to eight U.S. and Canadian based applicants. There is a thorough instructor screening process and the costs of the training are to be covered by the trainees for this round of train-the-trainer sessions. Get more details by clicking here.
To VSD or not VSD....
That is the question. See our article about controlling compressed air pressure with VSD and/or pressure/flow controllers in Plant Services Magazine.   This contraversial issue is discussed in terms of energy efficiency and cost savings To view the story click here
New CAC Affiliates
We are pleased to announce that we have two new affiliates; Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine and Maintenance Technology Magazine.  Print magazines, online magazines, associations, public entities, energy efficiency programs, utilities and compressed air equipment manufacturers/distributors can now apply to become CAC Affiliates.  
On approval these organizations will receive discounts for online training, be listed on the CAC website and be allowed to display the CAC Affiliate logo among other benefits.  A $1,500 fee applies. To apply contact us.
May - WE Training

 Our next session of  Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems WE (web-edition) is starting May 18, 2011.  This popular course is delivered over the internet and is highly rated by our participants.  Additional benefit: A free copy of our Best Practices Manual.


 We have scheduled two more WE seminars for 2011.   Visit our Training Calendar for more information. Should you wish to be notified about future training please visit this link and sign-up to be notified 

Did You Know?

 Any organization in the United States or Canada can host one of our popular seminars for their employees, customers or the public at large.  See our brand new Hosting page on our website for step by step instructions of how to host. Our seminars are designed to be self supporting and funding for U.S. based training can be obtained by application to U.S. Department of Energy. For more information contact us.
 You can turn your compressor into a flowmeter that can help measure your leak level.  Many plants have leak levels exceeding 30% of their total production capacity.  If you want to learn more Click here.
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