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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- February 2007 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 9, Issue 211 February 2007     


Earlier this month the Land and Environment Court ruled in favour of the redevelopment of the Pasadena site at Church Point. You may be aware that there has been a concerted community push to have this development stopped. Thousands of 'person' hours were expended and, on this occasion, the community lost. Now it is time to move on, accept the decision and attempt to take advantage of what appears to be a loss. All our efforts must now be focused on the vexatious car park issue. A new Pasadena will mean a lot more visitors and a lot more visitors means less spots for you and I.

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  • Cartoon of the Month
  • Island Poetry
  • Scotland Island Festival – Have Your Say!
  • The perfect solution to HOT Weather
  • The Scotland Island Players Present..
  • Interested in stage lighting operation?
  • Pittwater Tangler Bin Launch
  • New Car Parking Restrictions at Church Point
  • Pasadena Redevelopment Approved
  • Church Point POM - Plan of Management
  • Island Septic Pump Out
  • Love is Wonderful
  • Putt Putt 2007 - Great Success
  • New Island Resident
  • Bathe in style!
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  • History Corner

    The Oliver family (of which there became many) were pioneers of Pittwater when the aborigines inhabited the sprawling slopes of Kuringai Chase. It was related that the matriarch, Mrs.Oliver, would sit at Church Point telling stories to her many children with a loaded musket at her side to scare away marauding natives. These had earlier looted a whole paddock of potatoes and frightened her children with fierce and threatening behaviour. Her husband, William, had developed his farm on the neck of the peninsula between Lovett and Elvina Bays which was later called Flood’s Peninsula.

    We have previously touched on the fact that William’s young son, Frederick, tragically died as a result of a fall from his horse and was buried in a lonely grave about 100 metres from the old Oliver homestead beside the track to Linda Falls. William died at the North Shore Hotel at Circular Quay in 1882 and was buried in the churchyard at Church Point. Later the same year one of his sons, Thomas Albert, married Martha Shaw under a tree somewhere between Bayview and Church Point. Martha then contributed to the dynasty by bearing Thomas 11 children!

    Martha’s father, Joseph, and mother, Susan, came from West Riding in Yorkshire, arriving in Sydney in 1834. Joseph became a shell digger, a shoemaker and, finally, a farmer in Broken Bay. Martha, who was born in 1852, was christened at The Basin, Pittwater, by the chaplain of the visiting Royal Navy frigate H.M.S Juno which was under the command of Captain S.G. Freemantle. The ship then left to visit Pitcairn Island to attempt to move the truculent inhabitants to Norfolk Island and was later engaged in survey work on the Australian and New Zealand coasts.

    Leicester Warburton

    (Next month: Up McCarr’s Creek)


    Cartoon of the Month

    Need some localised cards? Gwyn has a wonderful selection for you. Contact him at g.perkins@gwyn.com.au

    This is just a tiny sample. To download the full version ready for printing, click here Warning: 3mb download!

    New Car Parking Restrictions at Church Point

    It may be of interest to all residents, that as of now, Pittwater Council will be booking any cars that are parked behind a car in the section between Commuter wharf & Cargo Wharf at Church Point. For a number of years now residents have been able to park their own 2 vehicles together, the council have informed me this is obstruction & all vehicles will be booked daily. I can only say I have been very lucky to date.

    Contributed by a concerned resident

    Island Poetry -contributed by Geoff Bullock

    This island hides from the city hussle,
    turning her back on the ceaseless energy
    that saps the city of life.
    We islanders play
    a thousand miles from care,
    and five minutes away.
    I see them,
    across the waterway
    so blue and glimmer-full,
    in cars and buses,
    racing against their clocks
    counting down deadlines
    relentlessly driving through
    the unseen day.
    City life is so blind,
    our eyes are full of traffic lights,
    and the car in front,
    the enemies
    who steals our relentless haste
    and hurl it back in a cloud of chemicals.
    I am sitting quiet,
    on my island's shores
    feeling the gift
    of this hour,
    still and soft,
    above and around me.
    I am paused,
    not waiting or wanting.
    A new day,
    washed fresh and clean
    hung under blue sky,
    softly sunning
    in clear morning light.
    I pad about,
    within the seconds that wind into
    minutes and hours,
    silent, gentle,
    so conscious of sights and sounds
    that dance about my senses.

    It is summer, brim full
    of bird song and water ripple,
    the soft splashing as yesterdays salt
    is washed from today's shoreline,
    dinghies to-ing and fro-ing,
    trailing white wash
    ever busy with their
    outboard spluttering.

    Scotland Island Festival – Have Your Say!
    We hope you enjoyed last years Festivities and a huge thank you once again to all who performed, participated and volunteered so enthusiastically.

    As a final task of the 2006 Festival Coordination Group, a debrief is being complied. We would love to include some feedback from the community as part of this process and would appreciate your comments as follows:

    • What did you attend?
    • What did you like about the Festival?
    • What would you like to see more of at the next Festival?
    • What would you like to change/see less of?

    Please forward your thoughts to denise_m@tpg.com.au
    The perfect solution to HOT Weather

    Mint Julep recipe
    Scale ingredients to servings

    4 fresh mint sprigs
    60ml bourbon whiskey
    1 tsp powdered sugar
    2 tsp water

    Muddle mint leaves, powdered sugar, and water in a Collins glass. Fill the glass with shaved or crushed ice and add bourbon. Top with more ice and garnish with a mint sprig. Serve with a straw. YUM!

    The Scotland Island Players Present:

    Do you have a hidden SINGING talent bursting to be seen? Then Scotland Idols is for you!

    Visit http://users.bigpond.net.au/scotlandidols for an entry form, or contact David Richards ( 9999 0562) and Jon Hazelwood (99978731)

    - Auditions and rehearsals to take place through Feb / March

    - GRAND FINAL night in the Community Hall 24/03/07

    - Live performances of each entry song with a live band, judges, voting, dancing

    - Prizes, when we can think of them..................

    Good Luck!!!

    Interested in stage lighting operation?

    Over the last couple of years the Scotland Island Players have acquired two new professional lighting boards, a set of remote controlled DMX lights and a brand new stage spotlight. The range of operation is impressive, from low-key lighting for drama to a completely over-the-top disco frenzy!

    We are seeking someone to help with, or even to take on the main responsibility for lighting operation. You would have lots of support and training from within the Players (if you need it). Responsibilities would include care of the equipment, lighting design, lighting set up, lighting operation during final rehearsals and of course, lighting the shows. Island Players shows occur about 2 or 3 times per year, so its not a huge commitment.

    This would suit anyone with an interest in working backstage, but we would especially encourage anyone with an interest in learning about lighting for stage and screen. If interested please email Boyd at boydatt@bigpond.com or call him on 0417 991 499.

    Pittwater Tangler Bin Launch
    Pittwater Council and OceanWatch Australia (OWA) are offering some relief to all anglers who are hooked on snags.

    Line snags are one of the most common reasons for fishing lines to be cut and left at fishing spots, resulting in a serious threat to wildlife. To address the issue, Pittwater Council has adopted a recycling program for fishing line - the ‘TAngler Bin’ project.

    Pittwater is the first council on the Northern Beaches to adopt the project, developed by OWA. Council and OWA will initially install 10 TAngler Bins at fishing ‘hotspots’ around Pittwater. The uniquely shaped bins, made from Vinidex PVC pipe, are easily recognisable and offer information about the project. Anglers are encouraged to keep their favourite fishing spot tidy by casting their unwanted fishing line in the TAngler Bin, which Council will collect and send for recycling.
    Pasadena Redevelopment Approved

    On Friday 12 January 2007 the Land and Environment Court approved the application for the redevelopment of the Pasadena complex at Church Point.

    This approval was given despite strong opposition from local residents and Pittwater Council.

    The Court approved the application with the removal of one unit and a reduction in bulk and scale which mitigated view loss for Church Point residents.

    The shortage of car parking, the issue of most concern for residents, was not considered a reason for refusal by the Court. The judgement stated, “because of the high water table it would not be practicable to provide any additional car parking on-site. The uses have been historically part of Church Point and should continue to operate.”

    The development application (DA) to demolish the existing building and erect a four-storey mixed residential development containing nine residential units and basement car parking was lodged on 4 July 2002. The DA’s lodgement generated much community debate, as the Pasadena complex is located adjacent to a car park used by local and offshore residents.

    Pittwater Mayor Cr Alex McTaggart said: “The Pasadena complex redevelopment has been a long-running and contentious issue for the Church Point and offshore communities. The court decision is a disappointment as it did not address the important issue of car parking at Church Point. But the decision has been made and it is now up to Council and the community to work together to achieve the best possible outcome.”

    Church Point POM - Plan of Management

    The new Church Point Plan of Management has been released by council - this is a must read, particularly if you use Church Point for parking, as a bus stop or for any other reason. SIRA are working closely with council to ensure the best possible result for al offshore residents. You are strongly recommended to read it as soon as possible.. Click here to access the document from council. (in pdf format)

    Island Septic Pump Out

    Just for the record, on Tuesday 23rd January, blessed with fine weather. we had a very successful pump out operation. Palm Beach Barges provided the transport & Able Liquid Waste used two tankers to complete the "fun part" !3 of us got together and that kept the 10.5 hrs of barge time down to $156.00/household + $500 for Septics & $600 for Envirocycle properties.

    Whilst we spent a few hours organising everything, the plus side was the opportunity to meet a whole team of new (to us) and wonderful people that inhabit our unique Island.
    A few tips to later aspiring groups:- You need to be able to remove the whole top of septic tanks! That took us by surprise as ours was part covered by decking and vegetation! Also a water source (hose) to help with the final cleaning. The finance side worked well as everyone deposited a set amount into our bank account, and we then returned a rebate when the final price was established, leaving just enough for us to have a short holiday in Bermuda !!!

    Audrey & Brian Cross

    Love is Wonderful!

    I wonder if you can help me with my query.

    We got engaged on Scotland Island on 19th May last year after a wonderful weekend spent in Pitt Point Cottage. We get married a year to the day on May 20th this year and I want to get my husband-to-be a wonderful photograph or map of the island as a wedding gift.

    Do you know anywhere that I can source a framed image or map?

    Many thanks for your help (contact me by clicking here please) Best Wishes, Claire

    Putt Putt 2007 - Great Success

    The annual Woody Point Putt Putt Regatta was the usual great success with a huge crowd of offshore boaties enjoying themselves on this splendid January day. Many 'gentlemen' turned up in their launches, some accompanied by their ladies :)

    The day before had been a terror, with strong Southerlies and dark clouds; but this fine Sunday was a day to remember.

    The pictures to the left show a few of the locals celebrating an Australia Day weekend at Treharne Cove in Pittwater

    New Island Resident

    Congratulations to Camille and Giles on their great Christmas present - the birth of baby Cleo. A beautiful baby sister for Sabine.

    Bathe in style!

    I have a light green Cast Iron bath to give away! ( Just had the bathroom redone)

    Phone 9997 1282 Mob 0409 121 112

    Cheers Mike Molloy

    The Pittwater Cookery Book:

    Due an overwhelming response a reprint has been done and a limited number of copies are still available from Rosemary at Scotland Island Lodge (Tel 9979 3301 or email rhaskell@bigpond.net.au or from Adrian & Jane on 9979 2158 or email missjanedesign@mac.com. This will be your very last opportunity to lay your hands on the most perfect gift for friends and family.

    Over 600 copies of the local Anthology Water Access Only sold out over Christmas however because many people are still asking for books a second print run is possible later this year if enough orders are received.
    Please e-mail Juliette at Pittwater Trading On-Line: ptonline@tpg.com.au with your order and phone number if you would like to be added to the waiting list. 200 orders are required before printing can occur.
    All General merchandise, Cars boats and trucks and Not for Profit announcements are advertised FREE at Pittwater Trading On-Line. http://www.pitwatertradingonline.com.au
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