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25th February 2008

Stitchin’, Bitchin’ and Kooky Crazy Fruitloopy Knitting

Breast Cancer Care Blanket... Giant Knitted Bunny ... Knitty Gets Better ... Knit Weird ... Time Out Feature

Barely visible foggy greetings to you (that is you in the mist, isn’t it?)

We hope this newsletter finds you well, waving farewell to February freezes, ready for a bit of mad March mohair, and with two needles planted firmly in your yarn, ready to take on whatever instruction a pattern throws at you.

S&B London were blushingly proud this week to be listed as one of 50 of London’s Top Websites by the good people at Time Out magazine (waves to Time Out readers who have just joined us). We love that London’s what’s-on bible holds the love of the knit in such high esteem.

Also our newest charity knit breaks from its woolly egg this week, calling you to get your knits out for Breast Cancer Care.

And the UK retains the Speed Knitting Cup as Hazel Tindell returns from the US victorious after kicking some stateside knitting heinie. Knitting 241, 247 and 262 stitches in three minutes in her trials. Our jaws are suitably dropped at that kind of stitching skill.

The last couple of meetings have been rather gargantuan affairs, you lovely lot have been coming out in droves to knit in the public eye (and we love you for it). Waterloo’s Wellington pub saw a bit of musical chairs as we tried to fit you all in, and many a brave newbie took their fledgling stitches.

Bloombury Bowling Lanes saw our needles clicking to retro tunes, our jaws aching from giant burger bites, and the discovery that knitters are maybe not the greatest mathematicians on earth when it came to paying for the tasty burgers (whose £10 was it in the end?).

Stitch and Pecan Pie

Details of the next meeting:

You’ll love the cosy feeling of one of our favourite spots to get crafty in. Swing by Leon in the heart of Spitalfields Market, and pull up a tin-can stool, comfy armchair, or a squishy sofa for some good knitting company, and perhaps a slice of pie.

Time: From 6pm
Leon at Spitalfields Market
3 Crispin Place
E1 6DW

Map Website Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street

Stitch and Swap

Details of the meeting after that:

Do you have yarn in your stash that you just know you’re never going to use? Do you fancy swapping it for yarn you will use? Bring your unwanted yarns to our first ever Yarn Swap at the Royal Festival Hall. Feel free to simply give yarn away to a worthy home, swap/fight over something you really like the look of, or be an innocent knitting bystander to the swapping action.


Time: From 6pm
The Royal Festival Hall
Address: Southbank Centre
Belvedere Road

Map Website Nearest Tube: Waterloo, Embankment

Stitch and Tipsy

Details of the meeting after that:

Time: From 6pm
The Royal George (downstairs)
1-3 Goslett Yard off Charing Cross Road

Map Nearest Tube: Tottenham Court Road

Stitch and Knitty Improvements

S&B London are just a bit in love with, our favourite free funky pattern site. And Knitty loves you so much that they want to make it easier for you to browse their fabulous articles, as well as their amazing free patterns.

They have recently put their knitted thinking caps on and come up with a new and improved Archive that covers articles, as well patterns. You now have a choice of drop-down menus: stuff to knit, or stuff to read, all for your woolly pleasure. Enjoy.

Stitch and a Beast of a Blanket for Breast Cancer Care

Back in the early days of S&B London, a blanket for Breast Cancer Care was begun, made up of pink squares knitted by S&B Londoners. With the Lion Scarf taking all our efforts, the blanket was put aside until a later date. But now, the time has come to revamp this project, and we know with all you talented knitters out there, we can make it a beast of a blanket to help raise money for a very good cause!

All you need to do is knit a pink square (or two) and bring it along with you to an S&B meeting. There’s no specific size the squares need to be, and you can knit or crochet in any stitch and any shade of pink. If you can’t make it along to a meeting with us, then please post it to: S&B London, 37 Albatross Close, Beckton, London E6 5NX.

We will be having a ‘sewing up’ meeting when we have all squares together, so we can all have a go at stitching up the blanket. Details to follow at a later date…

So, what will be happening to the blanket when it’s finished? Well, we will be auctioning the finished blanket at Ladyfest London this May and all the money raised will be going to Breast Cancer Care. Be there, or be square.

Stitch and Blimey! That is one BIG BUNNY!

So picture this: you are sitting on an aeroplane sipping your glass of in-flight vino, you managed to sneak your Denise knitting needles through airport security (yay!) so you’re purling away, you nabbed a window seat to inspire you with planeside views, you peer down on the world, you see tiny houses, you see teeny trees, you see a giant pink knitted rabbit, you see…hang on! What?!

Near the town of Artesina, in the Italian Alps, lies a GIANT KNITTED PINK RABBIT! A group of four Austrian artists called Gelitin have spent five years, and possibly a lot of pairs of needles, knitting a beast so big you can see it on satellite cameras.

Don’t believe us? You can click here to see it on Google Earth in all its finery.

The giant bunny will be lounging on the hillside for the next 20 years (or until a giant knitted fox comes to eat him), so if you’re in the area you are invited by the artists to “climb up along its ears, almost fall into its cavernous mouth, to the belly-summit and look out over the pink woollen landscape of the rabbit’s body, a country dropped from the sky” Field trip, anyone?

Stitch and CRRRRAZY!

Sometimes you just have to knit something that’s a little out of the ordinary. Why knit yet another mindless scarf for your loved one when you can just as easily stitch something unexpected and slightly mental? They may put your sanity into question, but hey, we’re knitters – people look at us funny anyway.

Check out Mochimochiland were the weird and wonderful are commonplace. Their free patterns are just the strangest, but cutest things we ever seen. Particular favorites are the blades of grass and Bob. Click on to their online shop for crazier pattern, delights such as a knitted gun or bubble bath.

If crochet is your forte, who wouldn’t be won over by a Happy Poo? Granted, it’s a bit odd, but watch the look on their faces when you tell them what you’re making.

If you’re not up for scaring people with your craft projects then have a go at these Jelly babies, for the cutesy kid in you.

That is about all the yarn-scented madness you can shoehorn out of the straightjacket for you this week. So we’ll let you get back to earth. Hopefully you can make it along for a bit of a knit with us, and let your knitting out into the fresh air to see a bit of our fine city.

Remember to knit out of the box, you inspired knitters you

The S&B London Stitchettes x


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