Richard Herring Newsletter
December 2015
Advent Newsletter
It's like the singing of a street corner choir
It's going home and getting warm by the fire,
It's true wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas.....
That isn't entirely true. They were a few places I found love where Christmas was the last thing on my mind.
But anyway, it's a nice, if erroneous thought from the pre-rubbish Muppets.
Here's some idea for presents for you. I mean, my latest newsletter
Series 8 of RHLSTP is now in the can (American slang for toilet). There are some great ones on the way. We've just released one with the hilarious Sarah Kendall and next Wednesday it's the inspirational Eddie Izzard. And lots more to come including David Mitchell, Jack Whitehall (his girlfriend Gemma Chan from Humans gets the odd mention) and Richard Bacon. But lots of great newer comics too.
You can see them on youtube, vimeo and iTunes on video for free (as well as audio on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide)
These will take us through to mid-February, after which we will continue releasing the old videos on youtube. But we'll be back in June 2016 with more
One of the rewards for the Kickstarter campaign was a self-indulgent (even by my standards) DVD of me interviewing myself (plus all the backstage interviews from series 7 - another hour of content). We've got a few left over so we're selling them to help raise the funds to film series 9. It's the perfect Christmas gift from someone who has never heard of me, who you really want to confuse.
Head to to buy this and my other DVDs and books.
Lord of the Dance Settee DVD
The Welsh misfits at Go Faster Stripe are working their seaweed crafted socks off to get this out in time for Christmas. I will send out another email when it's available, but it will include the whole show and loads of extras (including the audio from the 12 Shows version of the show and another frame of Me1 Vs Me2 snooker). And it's coming in a proper plastic DVD case to make it look more like it's a real DVD.
We're also going to do a draw to win the actual crown that I am wearing in the Lord of the Dance Settee poster (value of nearly £2) which will be open to everyone who buys the DVD on the first day it's available.

Happy Now?
Happy Now? is shaping up really nicely and
dates are sill being added to the 2016 tour.
Quite a few of the ones I've done already sold out, so it's worth booking ahead.
Other stuff
Unbelievably my attempts to raise one million pounds to build a snooker arena did not bear fruit. The campaign topped £100,000 but alas I don't get any of that as we didn't hit the target. I wish I'd set it at £100,000 now. Ah well. My wife has won and it's all your fault.
I was a guest on Scroobius Pip's podcast (he's coming up on mine later in the series too). You can hear me talking about myself for 90 minutes here.
Monthly subscriptions - Pay a pound (or more) a month (or make a one-off donation) in return for a badge, entry into a monthly prize draw, access to a secret channel of exclusive extras (like additional backstage interviews at RHLSTP) and a badge.
Albert Hall gigs
I am compering quite a couple more stand up gigs at the Royal Albert Hall (Elgar Rooms) in December on Friday nights. Check their website for details.
They've started putting my Metro columns on their website again. They are here
Have a very Happy Christmas.  
Hope you have a happy 2016, though looking at my newspaper, that feels quite unlikely.
Richard Herring