WE'RE MAKING A NEW FULL LENGTH STUDIO ALBUM (CD)! This is a pre-order album! The recording, mixing, mastering, and production of the CD will be done in June/July. Post production, including manufacturing and shipping will have the finished product at your doorstep by August. I am incredibly excited about the possibility of making this album. I have over 40 songs to choose from at this point. It's going to cover a lot of ground sonically and musically. (This will be our first full band studio album since 2006's "Permafrost.")

NOTE: I AM SHOOTING FOR A BUDGET OF $10,000. Your contribution will insure ample studio time, hiring of engineers, band personnel (we're planning on "ex-Vigilantes" old and new making an appearance!), art-work, and manufacturing. Hopefully, the budget will also allow for the record to be profiled nationally.

AGAIN, THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ALBUM. I am trying to meet the $10, 000 budget in the next 3 weeks. (We're checking into the possibility of doing a limited run of vinyl LPs on this one, as well!)

HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: A donation of $20 or more will insure you of a signed CD, mailed to your door. We're also checking into making some "swag" for contributors. (Possibly a T-shirt, a coffee mug, or a poster to be a part of your donation!) Please make sure the mailing address associated with your PayPal account is up to date and correct - this is where we will send your CD.

IF YOU ARE ABLE TO GIVE MORE, WE WILL CERTAINLY USE IT WISELY. It will be greatly appreciated. Studio time for quality recording, mixing & mastering, paying musicians, generating art, and manufacturing is expensive. There are many details that go into "birthing" a new album! A donation of $600 or more will entitle you to a house concert when I am touring in your area.*

The early Irish mystics spoke of the "thin places." These were hallowed places, large and small, where God seemed to be immediate, bearing witness of His watchful care over our lives and calming our restless, troubled spirits. By contributing to the success of this project you are helping me as an artist to continue to explore those "thin places" where our spirits hunger to both define and be embraced by that Love for which we were made.

Lastly, if you would, please consider forwarding news of this project and it's pre-order to as many folks as you will. It has been my experience on the road for almost 20 years and through 30 plus albums that "word of mouth" is absolutely the best public relations there is. Pass it on! Spread the word!

Thank you grass-roots fans,

~ bill mallonee

*Lower 48 only

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! Any amount is appreciated, but only contributors of $20 or more will receive a CD.

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