Anti North American Union Protestors in Montebello, Quebec Canada Receive Support From Seattle Street March/Demonstration Held in Solidarity-- John Hammell of IAHF Speaks at Seattle Rally in Defense of Health Freedom Against FDA Globalization Moves.

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Right now in Montebello Quebec Canada, thousands of demonstrators are protesting the Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit Meeting at which Bush, Harper (Canada) and Calderon (Mexico) are attempting to covertly put the finishing touches on sealing our fates as free people and selling us into bondage of North American Union Tyranny. There is a near total media blackout on what is happening in Canada, but you can see photos and some video at


 In an effort to smash through this media blackout, on Saturday August 18th IAHF participated in a March through the streets of Seattle and John Hammell was one of the speakers at a Mid March Rally held on the grounds of the Federal Building in downtown Seattle. Homeland Security police attempted to stop Jim, the host of Freedom Fighter Radio, from taping myself and the other speakers who were on his August 18th web based radio show (hear archive at

Komo 4 News, Seattle, provided this media coverage- while far from perfect and replete with spin, their coverage of our March/Rally at least did mention the fact that we oppose the North American Union (in contrast with Fox News, and the Seattle Times whose coverage was far more biased). Komo 4 characterized our Coaltion as an "anti immigration group" which we were not, we're anti ILLEGAL immigration, but the charges of "racism" were totally unfounded.

At this link you can see the Seattle Police counterattacking against several black clad anarchists who had been throwing water baloons at us while taunting us with outrageous insults. The anarchists who had wooden shields and whose faces were hidden behind black skimasks attempted to break through the police lines to attack our group as we paused mid march for speeches in front of the Federal Building:

The March/Rally was sponsored by a Coalition called March for America- Washington and we hope our example will spark off similar anti North American Union marches and rallies nationwide, especially as word gets out to dietary supplement consumers that with the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico in which FDA is illegally harmonizing the food and drug regs between the three countries- if we DON'T stop this attack on our sovereignty, we won't be able to stop the FDA's efforts to destroy our access to dietary supplements!

Anarchist/Socialist counterdemonstrators harrassed us every step of the way, beginning when our group assembled near the Space Needle in downtown Seattle at noon in preparation for our march which began at 1pm. We had advance warning that we'd be heckled by counterdemonstrators because of their posting on the Seattle Indymedia site and others in which they boldly stated an intention to "kick our asses". (See and following the anarchists garbage see my countering responses.)

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I urge everyone on the IAHF list to organize anti NAU Marches and Rallies similar to the one that I was just in in Seattle, or we're going to lose our country and our health freedom with it. If you want information on how to do this, please see and contact me for more information.

You should also examine this information about how US Troops are now allowed into Canada on the pretense of providing for "security." This constitutes the destruction of Canadian sovereignty and should open the eyes of any member of congress who might attempt to tell you that this is "conspiracy theory" Montebello SPP Summit: Canada's Sovereignty in Jeopardy: the Militarization of North America

If you appreciate IAHF's participation in the August 18th anti NAU March/Rally, please show your appreciation with a donation to assist us in participating in additional marches/ rallies where I can also speak to the issue of FDA's Trialateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and  Mexico via which FDA is attempting to usher in Codex.

Donations can be sent to: IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.

Point Roberts WA 98281 and will be used for reimbursement for travel expenses.