A local branch of Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) of North America providing support for
people with all types of gluten intolerances, in order to live healthy, productive lives.
Hello Everyone!
I would like to know how I can make our GIGCA newsletter better for you.  Will you take a few minutes and e-mail me your answers to the following questions?
You can reply to this message or e-mail me at beauracavalier@gmail.com.
Thank you so much!
~ Beaura Cavalier
1.  Which sections of the newsletter do you enjoy the most, and which sections are you not really interested in?  Here is a list of topics from previous newsletters:
  • Notes from our President
  • YOUR Opinions (posts from Facebook and e-mails sent to me): restaurant reviews, GF product reviews, etc.
  • Recipes
  • Kid's Corner: information useful for those with GF (gluten-free) kids
  • New GF Products
  • Research Update: articles & abstracts
  • Personal Stories (experiences from your GF journey)
  • Product Recalls
  • GF Events in Central Arkansas
2.  Do you have any ideas for other topics you would like to see in our newsletter?
(This newsletter is e-mailed to over 400 people, and posted on our Facebook and web page.  I hope it is a great source of information for all of you.)
Gluten Intolerance Group of Central Arkansas (GIGCA)