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Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals Magazine's September issue has announced that Pharma Traitor Randy Dennin has "retired" from Pfizer subsidiary Capsugel, but that he is still "serving" ("servicing" would be a more accurate term, or should I say SCREWING?) the dietary supplement industry as Chairman of controlled opposition group "IADSA" (International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations) (read "International Alliance of Pharma Dominated Dietary Supplement Associations which have turned their backs on consumers, mom and pop health food stores, all innovators in the industry, high potency vitamins, and all small companies in the industry who they are actively DECEIVING as clearly shown by the information that DENNING does not want us to SEE.

This information can be viewed at http://www.iahf.com/iadsa
The week before Expo East Vitamin Trade Show in Washington DC in early September this information USED TO BE at
http://IADSA-EXPOSED.TRIPOD.COM but DENNIN had it blasted out of cyberspace in an effort to COVER HIS TRACKS while at the trade show, anticipating that someone might be there to circulate copies of my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine about the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_01.html

Maury Silverman was at Expo East as the official representative of the Alliance for Natural Health, but Dennin, Chair of the Joint International Committee of NNFA and AHPA threw him out of their meeting because Silverman circulated 1500 copies of my article about the ANH lawsuit which totally exposed IADSA as a controlled opposition group which is leading the supplement industry to the CLIFF under the guise of "protecting" it....

I never cease to be amazed by the spineless idiots who run vitamin companies whose collective motto seems to be "go along, get along, don't make waves". This group of bleating sheep is charging en masse to the cliff, while Randy Dennin walks around at the vitamin trade show flashing his plastic smile like a politician out there pressing the flesh and kissin' babies as these imbeciles whose products we should boycott just kiss his ass because they buy his capsules.

If I didn't have a genetic need for the supplements I use, I'd turn my back on the dietary supplement industry in complete and TOTAL DISGUST, because these lame fools don't DESERVE the help IAHF is attempting to provide. Most of these people suffer from what I call "millionaire's syndrome" which is an ego driven thing where they basically think they're all demi gods because they get so used to cracking the whip over the backs of their employees as they run their own little fiefdoms, so they just arrogantly IGNORE any attempts to warn them that their businesses are in jeopardy.

They're used to being BIG FISH in their own SMALL PONDS, so when someone like me tries to tell them that they're actually NOT big fish, but actually TINY MINNOWS surrounded by GREAT WHITE SHARKS that are circling around licking their chops and eyeballing them with malicious intent while engaging in a very slickly orchestrated, long drawn out incremental TAKEOVER of their industry which is being LED and ORGANIZED by an employee of PFIZER who sells them their CAPSULES, they just look at me like I'm from ANOTHER PLANET with vacant, slack jawed stares of non comprehension.

It would be hard pressed to find a dumber group of people on this planet than the ceos of most dietary supplement companies. I've long since reached the point where I regard most of them with open contempt, and I wouldn't give a flying F what happens to their businesses if not for the genetic need I have for the supplements I take, so I have a real love hate realtionship with this industry.

Most people in the industry are gutless cowards, with few exceptions. They are cowards because they don't stand up to Dennin and his cronies.

They are cowards because they don't file a lawsuit against NNFA charging the trade association with FRAUD for not upholding their bylaws, and for ALLOWING an employee of Pfizer to lead them to the cliff.

In CANADA, Friends of Freedom http://www.friendsoffreedom led by paralegal and health food store owner Trueman Tuck fully sees all of this, and he's really fighting back HARD to turn things around.

He's leading a REVOLT against the CRIMINAL Canadian Health Food Association "CHFA" and is in the process, along with health food store owner and past CHFA President Croft Woodruff in organizing a NEW CANADIAN VITAMIN TRADE ASSOCIATION, one that will NOT turn its back on the Canadian PEOPLE, one that will NOT turn its back on the mom and pop health food stores, on the innovators in the industry, and on the small players in the industry which CHFA is actively setting up for DESTRUCTION.

As I write this, we're on the eve of a historic health freedom political Summit meeting that will take place in just a few hours in Toronto Ontario Canada. I wish I were there. I would be there if I weren't busy packing boxes getting ready to relocate IAHF from Virginia to Washington State, but I'm working very closely with several participants in this Summit Meeting, and as soon as IAHF relocates, we will be turning it into a membership organization, and we're going to be leading a serious campaign in the USA to emulate what FoF is doing in Canada.

We're going to take IAHF to the STREETS in OPEN REBELLION against CRN, NNFA and AHPA and will be actively encouraging people to QUIT these trade associations to form a NEW trade association just as is happening in Canada and for the SAME REASONS.

The biggest enemies of health freedom in the world today are the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations, and its high time the vitamin consumers of the world flexed their collective muscle to read these traitors the RIOT ACT.

Rob Verkerk of the Alliance for Natural Health took to the airwaves yesterday (October 10) and was on "Natural Living With Gary Null" the largest, nationally syndicated alternative radio show in the USA. An archived copy will be available at http://www.garynull.com

On the show Null announced that he would be providing ANH with a ton of documentation, thousands of scientific studies attesting to the safety and efficacy of a slew of dietary supplements for use in the treatment of a myriad of medical conditions. All studies have been cross referenced by condition, and ANH will be using them in the lawsuit that DENNIN and PFIZER don't want the supplement industry to support or even to know about.


ANH Supporter Paul Taylor told me yesterday that in the past week he has seen more hacking attempts on his computer than he's ever seen before. He has firewall software and is able to closely monitor this suspicious activity. All of us who are involved with the putting together of this lawsuit have had phone calls go dead where people tapping our lines have hung up the lines, Rob Verkerk has often either not received email people have attempted to send him, or has received it DAYS AFTER people have sent it to him, and he's been forced to start using encrypted email.

We can be certain we're on the RIGHT TRACK in our efforts to fight back when they're actively trying to hack our computers, tap our phone lines, and engage in censorship by throwing people like Maury Silverman out of the Joint International Committee meeting of NNFA and AHPA for circulating copies of my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine.

Your active assistance is needed to call this to the attention of every health food store in the world, and to the assistance of every vitamin company ceo in the world. If this group of blind bleeting sheep doesn't wake the hell up, soon they're not gonna have a pot to piss in, and you know what?

I would openly laugh in their faces as they go off the cliff if it weren't for my genetic need for their products. They don't deserve any help from IAHF, and I'm not doing this work to help them.

I'm doing this work to help the vitamin consumers of the world because I really dislike this industry which I am a part of. I'm the BAD COP of the industry, and most of 'em hate me, but thats just fine with me. One day they'll wake up, and wonder how they could have been so blind. I just hope that day comes a lot sooner than it appears to be coming, because if it doesn't, we're going to see the creation of the largest black market in the history of the world and THAT would be horrible.

Next time you hear talk of DENNIN "retiring" from Capsugel/Pfizer, don't believe it, thats just SPIN against my message. He's "retiring" from Pfizer about like Dick Cheney has "retired" from Haliburton.

Please show this to every health food store and every vitamin company that you do business with. Tell them to send a donation to the ANH lawsuit which has been filed, but which will need donations over the next couple years to be sustained http://www.alliance-natural-health.org
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