Liquid Amber Releases DJ Harrison's 
'Songs From The Black Water' EP
Out Now Exclusively On Cassette
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Listen to "Pantry" (ft. Paten Locke) exclusively via Passion of the Weiss HERE
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"The Virginian's sound harkens back to early 80s hip hop with a hint of AM radio grooves."
-Passion of the Weiss
*For Immediate Release: December 22, 2015*
*All Content Cleared For Posting*
In this digital age, it’s unusual to find an artist dedicated to embracing a true analog approach. DJ Harrison is from that rare breed, and his new EP ‘Songs From The Black Water’ proves it. Although musically grounded in the modern era, this EP was not made on a laptop, and you won’t find it on Soundcloud (other than a single and teaser), iTunes, Spotify, Beatport or anywhere else as a digital product. The place you will find it is on a cassette, where the authenticity of tape brings out the organic, feel-good vibes of Harrison’s Dilla-esque hip hop soundscapes.
“I think it reflects an age of when the beat tape SHOWED who a producer was, before the age of the internet,” says Harrison, real name Devonne Harris, of the project. A native of Richmond, Virginia, he has been involved in a wide range of different musical projects due to the city’s small-town vibe, and these eclectic experiences shine through on ‘Songs From The Black Water,’ where the sounds of the contemporary beat scene clash with jazzy instrumentation and laid back beats that would have felt right at home on a 90s rap mixtape.
Harrison got involved with Liquid Amber after opening for DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist on their Renegades of Rhythm tour, and his music has been supported by artists like Questlove and Talib Kweli. His hazy, easygoing style is infectious, and the EP's opening line, "In this simulation, this record will take the place of the computer," couldn't hold more true.
a) Wave Flow
b) DooWop Glow
c) Drowned Out
d) Hydroplane
e) Pantry (ft. Paten Locke)
f) Rain Dance
g) Sunset Lake
h) Slipped Up
i) Flood Gate
j) Washed Away
"Harris understands that audio cassettes can serve a purpose beyond hipster fetishism: they possess their own hiss and studio clutter similar to vinyl. Wielded correctly, it can play just as important a role as any instrument."
-Passion of the Weiss
Since its launch in August of last year with the release of DJ Shadow’s own ’Liquid Amber’ EP, this imprint has built up a reputation for high quality vinyl/digital releases at the forefront of the beat scene. Despite having the credibility to work with major names in the music scene, Shadow is focused on supporting the underground, as he has been throughout his career, and consistently works with under-rated and highly unorthodox musicians, bringing attention to experimental music that might otherwise fly under the radar. Among them are avant garde masterminds such as Bleep Bloop, Ruckazoid, Mophono and G Jones, whom Shadow paired up with on the DL to form the mysterious Nite School Klik moniker.  Even the label’s artwork attests to Shadow’s desire to thrust budding talented artists into the spotlight. All created by Meegan Barnes (except DJ Harrison's art, which came from Sam Friedlander - hence the differing style), the beautiful drawings are meticulously done by hand.

Most recently, the label has launched a series called Digital Dubplates, where they release free one-off singles from up-and-comers in the scene. The first two of these came from Wisconsin’s Noer The Boy, whose track “Soda Pop” is made up of oddball samples of soda cans, and the second, a dark hip hop number called “Vomar”, came from Dutch duo Know V.A., whose single marked the label’s first international signing.
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