18/04 Limelight Nights @ Den Aalmoezenier

BodyBeats & Vampire Party are pleased to announce a new monthly concept:

Every 3rd Saturday of the month

On these nights, obviously inspired by the legendary parties at Antwerp’s Wave/Goth/Electro temple of the nineties ‘Limelight/Follies’, we will try to revive the atmosphere and ambiance of those club nights. In order to achieve this, we took two DJ’s who stood already behind the DJ booth as residents on those legendary nights : DJ BOYTRONIK & DJ BORG (First, Last & Always Parties). 

To kick-off this new monthly event we invited no one less then DJ DIRK DA DAVO, member & co founder of the electro-terrorist-combo and cult band ‘THE NEON JUDGEMENT’.
Together with one of our resident DJ’s, BOYTRONIK & guest DJ, ANGEL X (Bal Fatal/Kompas) he will spin some of the best danceable Wave/electro/alternative music that is out there.

YOU are ALL invited to come and party!
… and … oh ... yeah …. Leave your prejudice outside ;-)      

24/04 Emilie Autumn - The Asylum Tour - Part III - The Key

We at BodyBeats are very proud to announce yet another passage of the enchanting lady EMILLIE AUTUMN and her ‘Victorian’ Girls.

Coincidence or not but on April 24th it will be exactly one year ago that EMILIE AUTUMN played for the first time in the CC Luchtbal.

On her last Antwerp concert E.A. managed to double the amount of visitors/fans. One of the reasons for this is that Antwerp show differs from most other E.A. shows on their tour because the CC Luchtbal venue is a genuine seated theatre!

So don’t wait too long to order your ticket!

Tickets: www.bodybeats.be, www.ccluchtbal.org, www.fnac.be 

08/05 Shadows in the Dark - Revisited - Part II @ Bar Mondial

After the first & very succesful night we present you our second part of the ‘Shadows in the Dark – Revisited’ trilogy

This time with live performances of:

+ special guests LIQIUD G. feat KIM

Afterparty with danceable weird shit provided by DJ's BORG, BOYTRONIK & ALBI VOOMBASTIC.

All this will take place at one of Antwerp's finest alternative music bars, BAR MONDIAL, suikerrui 13, Antwerp.
No presale!!! Limited space!!! Be on time!!!
15/05 The Threshold Houseboys Choir + Ah Cama-Sotz
BodyBeats proudly presents: Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson!
This man founded Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV & Coil and changed the face of modern Music.
He spend the last four years in the urban jungles of Asia, finding voices that will live in the back of your mind forever.
He has been in places, and sampled things both sacred & profane, that most people never see in a life time …
He wants to show you them, in his first ever solo musical venture.
'UNCLE SLEAZ' Proudly Presents:


To open up the evening we at BodyBeats added our own house choir boys AH CAMA-SOTZ feat. Jamez Dean, who will bring you a suitable Dark Ambient set!
Mind you! The available seats at the CC Luchtbal theatre are very limited so .... First in, first served!

Tickets: www.bodybeats.be, www.ccluchtbal.org & www.fnac.be
23/05 BodyBeats Festival @ Hof Ter Lo / Trix

We at BODYBEATS are proud to present you our first and independent BODYBEATS FESTIVAL!

As the festival name already states ... This festival features mainly bands that we represent, work(ed) with or ... simply like!

Here is our first editions complete line-up:

THE NEON JUDGEMENT (B) presenting their new album 'Smack'

Afterparty with DJ Wattie & more...

Tickets on www.bodybeats.be, www.trixonline.be & www.fnac.be

05/06 Shadows in the Dark - Revisited - Part III @ Bar Mondial

Our third night in the ‘Shadows in the Dark – Revisited’ trilogy.

with live performances of:

+ special guests: ANOUK WEBER

Afterparty with danceable weird shit provided by DJ BORG & friends

All this will take place at one of Antwerp's finest alternative music bars, BAR MONDIAL, suikerrui 13, Antwerp.
No presale!!! Limited space!!! Be on time!!!
So, musical & party friends, that's all for now ... But rest assure ... there's is still more to come!

But for now ...
Thanks for your time and support!