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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
March  9, 2011
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia

New Ferry Named - L. DUCK
In honour of Lenny Duck



Dear Waterfront Access Only Home Owner

At long last we have the serious prospect of having the NSW Government (given that the NSW Liberals/Nationals win) act to remove the jetty tax for WAO home owners - something we have been fighting for over the last 10 + years.Their formal letter, in draft form at present, being sent to the Home Access Association (NSW) Inc talks about Labor choosing to 'exploit the predicament facing WAO residents' with an 'ill conceived, unreasonable and  discriminatory licensing scheme for water access only residents' and stating that 'if elected to Government in March, 'we will work with water access  only residents to resolve this issue by delivering a simpler, fairer and more transparent scheme'.
Shadow Minister for Lands, Greg Pearce will publicly state their policy at a  specially convened meeting at the Mooney Mooney Workers Club on :-
All WAO home owners are invited to attend this meeting which promises to give us success in our 10 year + battle with the Labor government.
It would be great to see a good rollup from Pittwater to support our Hawkesbury friends.
Please ring Paul Purvis (9979 9667) by Friday 25th to ask any questions and confirm that you can attend.

To get to the Mooney Mooney Workers Club:

Some of you might be brave enough to go by boat, but for the rest of us, here are directions.

Address: 5 Kowan Road, Mooney Mooney, phone 02 9985 9244
Directions: Proceed North along the F3, cross the Hawkesbury River Bridge, keep in the left lane, exit at the Mooney Mooney turnoff. Go straight through a roundabout, then turn left, then right. It is well signposted.

I do hope you can attend. Lunch and refreshments are available at the club.

News from the Pittwater Offshore Wine Syndicate                                    

This is going to be a very special tasting. Not just because it is at the Muir's lovely home and not just because the tastings get better and better.

The interesting new option is that we have a couple of special EXTRA wines for you to try, compliments of another vineyard.

We are SOOO popular (and why not, we drink a fair volume) that the rest of the wine world wants to get onboard.

Click HERE for the TASTING notes.

Please remember your GLASS and food to graze upon...

PLEASE: Print the tasting notes and order form and bring them with you on the day.

Date: Sunday, March 20th March 2011
Time: 3pm
Place: The Muirs
Address: 58 Richard Road, Scotland Island.

Much thought, consideration and drinking has been done by our experts, showing wines full of flavour and value. We will be forwarding you the tasting notes, the price list and more information shortly.

You can invite your neighbours by suggesting they visit www.wine.hostcell.net where they can sign up to receive our quarterly 'notice of tasting'

** Don't forget your Tasting Glass and some food for us all to share **

Best Wishes - your committee

If you want further information or directions, you could ring:

    * George Gaal    9979 9141
    * Alan Gaines     9979 2070
    * Julian Muir      9999 4449
    * Paul Purvis      9979 9667
    * Greg Roberts   9979 5228

Well Done on Clean Up Day
Just a high and a low note.

The vegetative clean up was, I feel, our best ever.
Every item was taken - probably because it was properly bundled or boxed . Boxes were left neatly by the roadside and not 3 properties away .

Thank you to those who operated the vehicles .
Now the sad report .  Tinny and motor stolen from Commuters, Church Point last week .
"Herons Rest" - (only vaguely marked) with 30 HP Tohatsu on 4.1 meter Quintrex and teak flooring
Registration No.  A E D 157  N The No is on the inside of the boat .
Boat locked to pontoon with heavy chain and lock .
Distinguishing marks :      Triangular weld on starb'd side bow
                                       Dented gunwale starboard near stern
                                       Life Jackets marked "Mistrida "
                                       Just Anti fouled
All public jetties on Scotlanf Is. checked without success.  Water Police, Mc Carrs Creek advised.
Alan & Marion Grundy would be grateful of any information leading to recovery with  a  suitable reward .
Phone 0407 478639
71 Robertson Road

Blue Trolley Taken!

My blue trolley used for work has been taken on Tuesday 8 March from Thompson Street
(North end).

I would appreciate it back as I used it for my fruit/veg run on Tuesdays.

Please contact Justine on 0413 724 113 to organize its return.
Justine Kimi

Church Point Carpark Works Notice
New Lighting Works Commence
Areas Closed for Parking on March15, 8am - 5pm



We are sadly missing our collection of Grand Designs DVDs.

We lent them out but cannot remember who to.
If you have seen them we would love to watch them again.

Cheers Paul and Tracy Smith

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