Richard Herring Newsletter
January 2017
The Twelve Days of Deathmas
Hey guys and gals (how's about that then?)
Well done, you've nearly made it to 2017. Just two more days and you will have defeated the curse of 2016 and officially be immortal. Let's just take a second to think about all those who have fallen this year.... Bad luck deados! We're still alive. I can see no way that this will ever rebound on me in an ironic manner.
There's my daughter being justifiably terrified and suspicious of a grump old man in an overpriced grotto which was very much Kung Fu Panda 3 themed and not really in the spirit of Christmas. We had a nice time apart from that though.
New Year Message
No podcast this week, but I have recorded a New Year message to thank you for your support and try and encourage people to pay £1 or more a month for the 40ish RHLSTPs and other assorted podcasts and blogs that you get on a yearly basis. As always there's a big prize draw at the end of the month - look at what you could win!  Head to to join the coolest gang in town.
2016 in review
If you want to see my highlights of 2016 (they were the few bits where nobody died) then head to the History section of my website.
Everything Happens For No Reason
In January we are recording a 10 minute taster tape of my latest sitcom script for Channel 4. If they like it then it should lead to a series. It's about alternate Universes and I think it's pretty good. But that means nothing. Whatever happens I am contenting myself with the fact that there are infinity Universes where the sitcom will be made, so doesn't really matter too much if this isn't one of them.
I am recording a four part sit-com for Radio 4 in March (which will be broadcast in the summer). So far I haven't written any of it, but it's not like I have much on.
The Best
My new tour, Richard Herring: The Best kicks off again this month. A few dates are already sold out (including Hitchin this month), so book ahead.  You can see all the dates here.
Only two more studio records to go for AIOTM and a couple more days of filming sketches. We've pretty much run out of money so if you can come along and see it, then that would really help! buy tickets to the live shows here. They are on January 15th and February 12th 
There is also a secret channel where you will see extra bits and bobs, backstage interviews, behind the scenes footage, longer versions of sketches and episodes and get to view the completed shows before anyone else (with bonus material). If you contributed £15 or more to the kickstarter you get this anyway. If not then pay £15 and get it here. As you'll see there are also surplus AIOTM DVDs, badges and T shirts (available whilst stocks last). All the money from these gets ploughed back into making more sketches.
And don't forget you can already listen to four bonus audio AIOTM podcasts (with two more to come) here or on iTunes.
We're hoping to get the video eps out by Easter (or at least some of them).
Happy Now? DVD
You can now get my last tour show on DVD or download at
The DVD is packed with extras including two of the short films I have appeared in. You can also get hold of a copy of the show programme and the profits from that go to SCOPE.
Series 10 of RHLSTP is all in the can, but there are still a good few to come out. The next one comes out next Wednesday and features Tom Davis from Murder in Successville.
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
I have already committed to two more series (in the summer and autumn of 2017) and we're also going to be releasing the full length interviews from Meaning of Life to help feel the gap between March and June.
I think 2017 is going to be a bit of a bumpy ride for the planet earth (unfortunately where we all live - I assume), but will try to keep churning out the comedy and laffs in spite of there being nothing funny about anything.
Also I turn 50 this coming year (and should be returning to the Fringe for my 30th anniversary show, "Oh Frig, I'm 50!"), so it's literally just crying all the way. Better than the alternative. Marginally.
Have a terrific New Year's Eve and thanks for your continued interest and support.
Richard Herring