Stitchin', Bitchin' and Casting On Podwise 28th March 2007

Late and lazy March greeting to you People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter finds you well and sunning yourself happily in the first rays of spring-scented goodness (and that those of you whose hayfever has just kicked in do not sneeze all over something cashmere).

This week’s meeting, to the theme of Latino lullabies in the lobby of the National Theatre, was an oddly popular one. We ran out of chairs and some ended up sitting on the floor, while others stole chairs from unsuspecting theatre-goers when they got up to applaud the band. We also had a visit from the lovely Jo from Barwell Alpacas who showed off her sweet, sweet yarn, and we had no less than three manly knitters (meaning male knitters, not ladies in comfortable shoes).

We heard a rumour some of you didn’t read the corrected newsletter and ended up going to the Retro Bar! Sorry about the mix up. We really did try to warn you. We sent two emails with the new venue highlighted. Please remember to check the latest newsletter before a meeting, and don’t come after us with your sharpened knitting needles...


Lion Scarf Tales

In Lion Scarf news the frenzy is dying down at last. We have been promised a slot on Five News next week, the local newspapers have been fab, the London press are still pretending no one was in Trafalgar Square last week putting 550+ metres of scarf on the chilly lions, the Internet London info sites have done us proud ( and viewlondon) and we are working out a place to hold the grand draw. More on that soon.
The donation site is still open for those who want to give a little in order to win one of the giant historic scarves or the giant broomstick needles and some kick-ass yarn to go with it.

Also we will keep updating the blog with Lion Scarf comings and goings.

Stitch and Back to the Basement with You! SWAP AND SHOW MEETING

Details of the next meeting:

We are back where we belong. Deep, deep in the basement of Waterstone’s buried under 100000000000 books and knitting ourselves happy. And this is a Swap and Show meeting (which sounds rude but is not).

The plan here is to bring along your knitting mags for two purposes:

  1. To let people who have not seen that particular one have a butcher’s at a copy.
  2. To swap for someone else’s magazine if they wish.

You don’t have to swap a thing, but if you thought someone might get a kick out of peeking at your latest Knit 1 or a Rowan mag from 1983 then bring it along and take it home at the end of the knit.

Grab yourself a latte, pull yourself away from the fine collection of crafty books, find a seat and knit. Also if you fancy hopping up to the fifth floor there is the most amazing view of our fair city…

Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Waterstone's Piccadilly Costa Coffee Cafe (in the basement)
Address: Waterstone's
203-206 Piccadilly

Phone: O207 734 4870


Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus

Stitch and Soooo Two Decades Ago

Details of the meeting after next:

TUESDAY 10th April
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: The Retro Bar
2 George Court (Off the Strand)

Tel: 020 7321 2811


Nearest tube: Charing Cross, Embankment


Stitch and Listening to Knitting Tales

Being a bit techy as we are at S&B London we have discovered new fangled things like telephones, photographic cameras, that thing they call the Interweb, and now podcasts. Laura has spent all week downloading knitting podcasts (giving me a little break from newsletter writing) and has some sage advice on bringing knitting pleasure to your ears.

A podcast is like your own little radio show that you can get online. Anyone can make one and anyone can listen. You can download to them to your mp3 player and listen on the go, or just listen to them on your PC when you are meant to be working. And all for free…

Brit Knit Cast brings you essential knitting news monthly – they’ve even featured our Lion Scarf project (not that this makes them our favourites or anything). In news bulletin style the lovely Carrie Anne Dennison tells you what’s up in the world of the knit. She answers your queries, offers substitute yarns to patterns, lets you know about competitions, and talks about her own projects, as well as those of her knitting group. One of the finest of the home-grown podcasters.

Mosh Knit is for the more hardcore of you out there. An American pod caster who loves to moan about her lack of money, and then divulges the extent of the projects she is working on with fabulously expensive yarns. With interludes of music to knit to of the punk/indie/goth persuasion it is an acquired taste, but if you fast forward her ramblings you get to some great reviews of yarns and knitting stories.

Cast On has a big following on both sides of the pond as the host Brenda Dayne hales from America but currently lives in Wales. Episodes have clear themes based on subjects like seasons, male knitters, non-knitters talking about knitting and so on. They provide good information on news, books, patterns, and has lots of personal stories and ideas to knit away to. Some good advice might be to fast-forward through the country style music though (unless you like a bit of yeehah with your yarn).

Insubordiknit again is American and all about embracing the punk rock – but do not let that put off all of you pop lovers out there. This is one of the best podcasts around, with amazing stories from knitters about their projects, partners, lives and loves. Curl up with your knitting and listen to real people’s tales that will really make you smile and think (at the same time! Multi-tasking!).

Stitch and LYS (Local Yarn Store)

It’s one of the first questions we are always asked at groups, on message boards and by yarn-crazy passers by in the street who can sense the force of the knit about us – where are all the good yarn shops? We know of the obvious ones: John Lewis, Liberties and I Knit London, but it isn’t enough we tell you! We want more!

So we are aiming to make a comprehensive list of all the London yarn stores hiding out there. Then all you good People of the Knit need to do is check out our website and all your yarn needs are answered.

What does all this have to do with you? Well you can help. All you need to do is email us with details of the yarn shops you use (full name of shop, address if you have it, website, name of owner, number to their burglar alarm system so we can steal all their yarn, and any details you might want to add e.g. they make a fine cuppa or the lady who runs it used to be in Eastenders). Laura and I will use the power of our Oyster cards to check them out, and lo and behold the website will have a brand spanking new resource for you to dip into.

The same goes for any online yarn shops you want to recommend.

Help us out if you can, and you can sleep safe in your woolly pyjamas knowing that you helped make the world of knitting a more navigable space. Hurrah for you!

Stitch and Everyone Will Be Wearing Them

We have a limited supply of lovely yellow Stitch and Bitch London Lion Scarf t-shirts left over from the big day. They are made from cotton, feature a fabulous S&B London logo on the front and an even more fabulous Lion Scarf logo on the back.


You can purchase one of your very own for a mere £13 (£1.50 of which will go to Cancer Research and the rest to the credit card we bought them with, so we are making no profit). There are a mere six of them left. How is that for limited editions? And they are pretty damned fabulous. See more pics here.

Please drop us an email with the subject “I want to look fabulous in my S&BL finery”  if you wish to buy one and we’ll sort you out.

Stitch and Knitting with Softness

Jo from Barwell Alpacas is looking for some volunteers to knit up her soft, soft, soft alpaca yarn into garments to show people how marvellous the stuff can be when used. You can contact her by email at for more info.


Well that is about all the knitty news we have for you this week. So, time to get back to your real life. So sad. Don’t forget that the message board and myspace are there should you need some online company, and hope to see you all in the basement next week. Welcome to the list knitting newbies, we hope you enjoyed your first skein of news.

Happy knitting and stay fluffy.

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