Hi Everybody,

For those who are interested in coming along tomorrow night (Monday, July 21) to the Pittwater Council meeting at Mona Vale Community Hall, Offshore community representatives will be addressing Council regarding the agenda item to approve the much awaited release for Public Exhibition of the Church Point Plan of Management (including all plans and draft financials), which will go on public display during forthcoming days. Having been involved in this issue for 20 years this is a small historic moment!

Two new proposals have recently appeared in the Plan as it has been developing and very shortly we will be distributing a short summary of this Plan and the major issues that the Offshore communities need to consider in making submissions. We will be holding a Public Meeting soon to further discuss these issues and plan a community-wide submission.

It is important that as much as possible the people in the Offshore communities have a common position, as those who oppose this plan will take advantage of any divisions to drive a wedge though the whole project. If this process fails this will not mean a return to the status quo, but a return to the constant threat over the following years of the possible loss of part or all of the carpark, etc..

Bill Gye

President SIRA