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Increased Global Awareness Needed to Head Off Ruling Elite Genocide

Codex Wants your Vitamins While the Airforce Wants Your "LOV"...

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As the 4th of July Lie looms near, I can't contain myself. I must speak out. We ALL must or we're going to WISH we had because the price of freedom is eternal vigilance and right now we're facing unprecedented attacks on literally every last shred of personal freedom that we have! All of us, world wide, must truly join forces to fight against this evil and I value your ideas and input into what I'm saying here! 

Its been said that those who have been incarcerated and then become free are forever pressing against unseen walls. Before I smuggled the vitamins into the psychiatric gulag 30 years ago that enabled me to regain my freedom for the first time in 4 years, I had a lot of illusions about what I thought America was but they were all shattered behind the walls.

Keep in mind that I grew up in a military family. My dad was a Navy Captain. I was an eagle scout and grew up like a brainwashed zombie playing songs like "The Stars and Stripes Forever" on my trombone in a high school marching band, relentlessly blinded to the truth about my country and the world. I was an athlete and the "all American boy" til I became a rebel with a cause. 

I emerged from the gulag with a lot of questions that I'm still searching for answers to as I go about this business of fighting for health freedom. I imagine I had a lot of the sort of questions Congressman Hansen had after he emerged from 4 years of incarceration in the gulag where they gave him "diesel therapy" for writing a book about the IRS called To Harrass Our People.

 All of us world wide need to ask these questions and to strive to see the whole global chessboard. If we don't, the last shreds of freedom remaining to us will be stripped via the ruling elite who have a very systematic plan underway to enslave us all and if you need any proof of what I'm saying, read this:

The Air Force Wants Your LOV: Aerial Seeding of Biological Implants into Food, Water, & Air Learn about how chemtrails are being used to put nano particles into our bodies that assemble en vivo turning out bodies into antennas for mind control purposes. This is not science fiction, the US Airforce has published a paper about this which you'll find referenced in this article and you can read it.

The ruling elite's plan is to force us into a "psychocivilized society" with everyone under electronic mind control and they're setting the stage for that now via a variety of ways, one being to ban our access to healing nutrients which interfere with both implanted chips and with directed energy in the form of microwaves.

As the 4th of July lie is about to be played out once again here in America with all its mindless chest beating bravado and brainwashing nationalistic pagentry, I feel compelled to set a few things straight even at the risk of possibly alienating a few people who remain mired in the belief that this is somehow the "freeest" nation on earth when the diametric opposite can certainly be proven and MUST be seen if we are to even have a CHANCE to one day become FREE, because right now we are SLAVES!


Nowhere has the stream of ruling elite lies been deeper or more pronounced than it is right here in America, a nation created by freemasons for the purpose of being the tip of the Illuminati's spear, the main vehicle by which the ruling elite are attempting to force the whole world into bondage. The street layout of Washington DC is laid out on a grid of masonic sacred geometry with the White House forming the southern base of a Goat of Mendez Satanic Pentagram. The Masonic square, and compass, can also be clearly seen in the street layout:


It came out in the Paddleford Case that although there was a Constitution, none of us were parties to it, (we never signed it) and we're not amongst the Posterity, so can claim no rights under it in a court of law, in fact, if we do, we're trespassing:  


First- don't panic! If you feel tense about this stuff, thats normal. Do what you can to improve your own health. Embark on a program of regular exercise if you're not already. Endeavor to lose weight if you need to. Over the past 2 years out of concern about everything thats happening, I've gone from 240 lbs down to 208 lbs by swimming, cycling, hiking, and eating raw foods wanting to get into "fighting shape" in anticipation of being plunged into the chaos we're witnessing unfolding around us.

We must all focus on what we CAN do, not be paralyzed by thoughts of powerlessness. Just as I have taken the time to research and write this article, all of you can forward it to more people and urge them to snowball it still further. We can all band together for moral and spiritual support. We can all pray and meditate. We can all strive to break out of our own limiting patterns, whatever those may be because none of us is perfect. We can all strive to do pushups with our hearts by doing more random acts of kindness to help those around us, and part of that is alerting people by helping people see the truth.

Don't expect everyone you try to wake up to understand any of this. Deal in  volume! Try a door, if it won't open to you, don't obsess about it, move on! Otherwise, you will surely burn out because a lot of people have been too brainwashed to see much of this. So plant seeds of awareness, and stay in motion! Plant a seed, move on, go back and try watering what you planted before, it it doesn't "take root", move on!

The first thing we must do is to fully realize how deadly serious the ruling elite are about wanting to kill off 9/10ths of the worlds population to limit humanity to a population of 500,000,000. They have etched their intentions into stone- see the Georgia Guidestones:

We can see them collapsing the global economy right now. That is going to kill very large numbers of people who don't take steps to prepare. Don't expect O'Bama or McCain to do anything to improve things- both are tools of the Illuminati and our vote means nothing, they'll insert whichever of those lackies that they want and the only reason an "election" is being held is they hope it will help keep a lid on a population that they haven't disarmed yet. They want us to think our vote "matters." Its all nothing but a containment exercise while they continue chemtrailing us get the nano particles into us that will grow into the equivalent of microchips as the particles assemble en vivo.

Someone out there must have really good info on a good program of nutrients for protecting against chemtrails. I am open to information of that sort because over the past year I have been made sick by them more than once and so have others around my area. People are getting really bad flu like symptoms that are hard to get rid of. Worse, some people are getting Morgellons disease, they're being eaten up from inside by the nano particles growing under their skin which form colored fibers and cause horrible itching. We must demand that elected officials read this article  and help us stop the spraying of toxins on us by the military. This threatens them and their families as much as it effects any of us. Those who turn a deaf ear we must remove from office.

All of this feels rather sickening and overwhelming. We've all been doing our best to fight against bills like C-51 in Canada and so far we're doing a good job there. Its come out that the CHFA is actually being paid off by the Canadian government to the tune of some $2 million so one thing that should happen in Canada is health food stores should quit CHFA in droves (see expose titled "Can CHFA Be Trusted?" at  Show this information to health food stores and urge them to join NHPPA instead 

In Canada we need to keep our momentum building all summer against C-51 because CHFA has proposed several "amendnments" which do nothing to protect the public- they just give the government what they've been wanting all along (see The amendments benefit the big vitamin companies, helping them drive smaller competitors off the cliff, while consumers suffer. We must also be prepared to come out against C-52 which can be easily tweaked with one minor change and turned into C-51. C-52 has gone through second reading, so its further along toward passage and is more dangerous:

In America we must strive more to push for congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter. That is the mechanism via which FDA intends to bring Codex into N.America, via the TCC and via bills like C-51 which would allow the Canadian Parliament to harmonize to Codex dictates with no oversight. If C-51 isn't stopped in Canada, it will come south via the TCC as Canada, US, Mexico are being deconstructed and forced into a North American Union. Indeed, beyond even that, bigger moves are afoot for hemispheric harmonization and global harmonization the better to kill off 9/10ths of us.

The ruling elite can be stopped though, and they're getting nervous! Their arrogance level if way too high. What were they thinking when they etched their intentions into the Georgia Guidestones? The effect that had on me was to catalyze me to move that much HARDER against THEM!

As the 4th of July looms closer here in the heart of darkness called "America", I urge all of you on the IAHF list all over the world to reach out to those around you with love and kindness in your hearts and just try to increase their awareness level. You won't wake up everyone, but you will wake up SOME people, and before you know it the 100th monkey syndrome will kick in, then the ruling elite will be screwed! They won't be able to carry out their plans if we continue exposing them and putting them under the magnefying glass and the microscope! They won't be able to carry out their plans if we continue devising countermeasures and ways to constantly thwart them!

For every action, there is an exact and OPPOSITE reaction! Any information you might want to share about how to protect against chemtrails would be greatfully received. For myself, I am just focusing on eating really healthy food (raw whole foods) and doing a lot to detox continously. I am using supplements intended to strengthen my immune system. I'm sure a lot of you have ideas on this, so let me know what you think and we can work together on protecting ourselves!

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