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What IS it with the paternalistic paper pushers at the FDA, HPB, MCA, MCC, Bgvv and other swine of their ilk who do the bidding of the buggering IG Farben Swine?

Have they no SHAME?

Have they no sense of HONOR?

Have they no GREY MATTER?

All of the above, I'm sorry to say, all of the above, and WORSE!!

We are free to go into any liquor store or bar on the planet and drink ourselves into oblivion, and we're free to crawl under our kitchen sinks and drink Drano drain cleaner, or go out into the garage and consume as much economy gasoline as we can chug, and wash down a bottle of acetaminophen or what have you in over your bathroom sink, but the sycophantic rectum lickers go into a blind rage of moral rectitude the moment we feel like droppin' some ephedra, or anything ELSE thats HEALTHY!!!

Why IS that?

Simple, my friends- anything thats UNHEALTHY like booze or cigarrettes is GOOD by THEIR standards because it makes us SICK, it puts us into THEIR HOSPITALS, and most importantly of all......... it shortens our lifespans so that we don't "play hob with the game."

Yeah.... thats right........ they want us "useless eaters" to croak the moment we have our 65th birthdays so that we're not hittin' the entitlement programs "too hard."

THEIR reasoning goes like this:

The world is divided up into two classes of people: the ruling elite, and the useless eaters, aka the slaves.

When the slaves are born, their birth certificates are monetized and held by the International Monetary Fund as collateral against an unpayable debt.There isn't even remotely enough cash in circulation to pay the INTEREST on the debt, much LESS the principal, and they KNOW this because they're the bastards that CREATED the scam called the Federal Reserve. When we were born, they gave us our SLAVE NUMBERS, our SS #s, and their MO is to squeeze us til we croak, and THEN they tax our ESTATES, (provided we were able to leave anything for them to steal AFTER we die.)

SO.................. How CAN We Successfully Combat This Evil which is trying to gring us all down to nothin'?

How CAN we successfully get them off our backs leaving us free to have access to any dietary supplement WE feel like ingesting into OUR bodies, which WE and not THEY are sovereign over?

How CAN we beat the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations that are keeping the health food stores in the dark so the people don't know whats going on with the EU Food Supplement Directive and the way it will impact Codex and the way we were set up to lose in a WTO Trade Dispute via which FDA intends to ream us in the not too distant future with a little help from the rigged mickey mouse international court called the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO?

I swam a mile tonight, and while I was swimming my subconscious mind mulled over thoughts, feelings and images of FREEDOM- that oft illusive aspect of life that is increasingly being STRIPPED from us by the elements of COERSION all over the world: those unelected pen pushin' bureaucrats who delight in making us so uncomfortable.

I thought about the moment when my college roommate pissed into the gastank of the Maine State Trooper who'd pulled us over for speeding late one night on I-95.
The knock kneed radar gunned SOB never knew what hit 'em. Pierre was in rare form, even for him, which is saying something believe me! The guy was a wetback French Canadian with a phony Social Security Number who put himself through our 2 year state run trade school for boat building and yacht design via that good 'ol frontier spirit of entrepreneurship that is still found in the Moonshiners who still inhabit the green hills of the south west Appalachians where I live today, but he grew a leafy substance that he was quite fond of, an herb that the Fedstapo succeeded in banning via propaganda movies intended to eliminate competition of Dupont which didn't want hemp rope competing in the marketplace with their nylon and dacron and such.

Not so different from the way the Fedstapo banned tryptophan to make the world "safe" for Prozac, a drug which acts on the reuptake mechanism for serotonin in unpredictable ways causing some to become suicidal and others to become homicidal, but thats just fine with the ruling elite, because anything that culls our numbers is just fine with them, while anything like tryptophan which helps us stay healthy and out of their hospitals must be demonized and swept away, never again to see the light of day except in hushed whispers of the BLACK MARKET- that inevitable venue which always will exist as long as the DEMAND is there......

I wonder if the morons in the EU ever bothered to give any thought to the amount of CRIME they're in the process of generating via the EU FSD which ANH is going to overturn in court?

Naaaaah- they don't care if people put varnish in geletin capsules and sell it as Vitamin E or fish oil, anything that makes us sick and kills us is fine with them, a few less "useless eaters" for them to be troubled over, a few less people to "raise hell" with the entitlement programs.

Freedom's jus' another name.... fer nothin' left to lose- nothin' aint worth nothin' but its FREE.......

Yeah man- as I swam tonight snatches of songs ran through my brain and images of things like the sight of a guy on a hang glider soaring on a thermal around some cliffs in Maine, free as a bird, free to pee into the sea from 10,000 feet without permission from the FAA.

Are we going to win this battle for health freedom? People ask me this all the time, especially readers of Dr.Wright's newsletter right now who are calling here in droves.

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Do we not outnumber THEM by a wide margin?

Can we not make phones ring off hooks?

Can we not make fax machines run out of paper and INK?

Can we not flood them with enough mail to break their backs when they try to lift the sacks?

Every time a person recovers from a life threatening illness via a suppressed alternative treatment mode, especially if it involves the use of dietary supplements and herbs, that person will tell as many people as humanly possible because he or she feels quite TRUTHFULLY as if they were set FREE, and that feeling of FREEDOM, once had, will never leave a person's heart, it will never leave their mind, from that moment on they are UNSHACKLED and will press on in any way necessary to keep from EVER being enslaved again.

Its been said that those who have never lost their freedom don't even know what the word means.

That is true.

I spent 4 years locked up, suffering the torment of the DAMNED in the hell known as the psychiatric gulag.

I was freed from that pain by vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, and herbs taken on a basis of lab work via an orthomolecular treatment protocol designed by the late Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html and since putting my full story on the IAHF website, I'm happy to report that its been downloaded by over a million people world wide.

The thing that makes me the happiest is when I get calls and emails from others who utilized this information to go on to make their own recoveries, or to heal from their own painful medical situation which may not always parallel mine, it is often much different, but the idea is the same.

The fact is that the herbs and vitamins were gifts to us all from an all knowing, all caring Creator who sees our struggle and who sees our pain.

In the end, one way or the other, we will prevail.

The web traffic for the Alliance for Natural Health's website is exploding off the charts right now as measured objectively by Alexa Tool Bar:
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None of us can count on the vitamin trade associations to tell the health food stores the truth on this issue- all the vitamin trade associations are sold out. So as we go deeper into August, when the largest number of people are on vacation, I need all of you to REDOUBLE your efforts to rally the troops.

Forward them copies of my article "Ripping Up the Railroad Tracks to Auschwitz" at http://www.iahf.com/anh_lawsuit.html and if that title is "too radical" or "too politically incorrect" for ya, then forward the editted version from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine at http://www.lef.org/magazine/mag2003/2003_preprint_eu_02.html?SUBMIT2=Search and urge 'em to make a donation to our British Allies at ANH via their website at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org Those who don't have access to the web can help out IAHF by sending donations to IAHF POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA, and every penny will be used to pound the world's FDA's into submission, because we ARE going to win, I GUARANDAMN TEE it!
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