Merry Christmas....... Happy New Year....... Season's Greetings From The Seabreeze Farm.... Point Roberts, Washington, America
IAHF List:
With your help, 2012 will be the year we finally rid ourselves of the New World Order, to usher in FREEDOM.... the FREEDOM to banish all fear, and stress caused by the relentless tyranny of the Bilderberg Group and their UN pals, the FREEDOM to flip the bird to the FDA and their international counterparts wherever those smarmy paper pushin' scum dare rear their ugly heads!
Two thousand and twelve years ago, the known world lay in bondage to Rome. Pontius Pilate made the mistake of martyring the son of our Creator who gave us the herbs, and vitamins for healing purposes- and this is the year IAHF is going to drive Pilate's heirs, the genocidal killers at the FDA and their international counterparts into the sea where they will drown like the rats that they are.... but I need all of your help to do this!
So........ here's the plan:
We've got the weapon to use, they can't stop it from being shipped anywhere in the world, its got a WTO number that its had for a very long time. Its on the Periodic Chart. Its found in eggs, and garlic, and on this website that a growing number of people around the world are visiting with serious interest!
Did you ever see that crazy movie called "Captain Ron"? He's a character in the Carribean who as a yacht delivery captain manifests a roguish "never say die" attitude as he swaggers across the scene with a rakish fate tempting demeanor assuring all aboard when they worry about being cut in half by other vessels that all worry is absurd..... "they'll get OUTA THE WAY when they see US comin'!" he said!(watch the movie for free at the above link!)
Thats how all of us are right now with organic sulfur, the not so secret weapon that IAHF is using successfully to make an updated version of Kevin Miller's film "We Become Silent" (with Kevin's help, of course!)
This updated film is long overdue, but with all of your help we'll "get 'er done" by God! We've GOT to, is the way I see it!
Well I'm proud to say that you guys are GREAT, you're not letting me down, you're really coming through in the crunch, because I can't keep the sulfur in stock, its selling out before the shipments reach me as awareness grows regarding the fact that we're under an unprecedented level of biological attack by predatory monsters at the UN and in the Bilderberg Group who've brazenly announced their intention to radically cull our numbers via the Georgia Guidestones, and via UN Agenda 21... but they've made a serious miscalculation!
They arrogantly seem to have forgotten the indominitable power and resilience of the human spirit and the fact that we vastly outnumber them!
Who the hell are they kidding? They actually think they're going to SUCCEED with their New World Order plans when we have a weapon of this magnitude to array against them to stymie their plan to give us all cancer, morgellons disease, alzheimers, heart disease, diabetes and others via the toxic crap they're spraying on us from planes?
Today I got a referral from one of you to someone who owns a brand new Eco hair salon and spa in a suburb of a major east coast city. This person is STOKED on the idea of selling sulfur to all of her customers! She understands fully the need for an updated version of Miller's film "We Become Silent" and wants to help fund it! So she just became my latest wholesale account.
With your help, we can get more hair salons, gyms, health food stores, yoga teachers, karate instructors and alternative medical practitioners on board with wholesale accounts to sell sulfur, and that will not only help IAHF fund this badly needed film that will help us get congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, the sleeper issue that threatens to usher CODEX genocide into North America, but there will be plenty of $$ left over for me to make trips to Washington DC, and Ottawa Canada so we can stop Big Pharma's plans DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS!
(IAHF is working closely with Natural Health Freedom Canada, please contribute to their lawsuit against health Canada via this link!!)
I know we can do this follks, and it will be a team effort! We'll have FUN doing it too for the simple reason that taking sulfur twice a day makes you feel so good because it stops the "fight or flight" response. It does that by alkalinizing our bodies, counteracting the acidifying effects of stress on our gut. It helps us sleep better, improves our moods, ramps up our libidos, and detoxifies us from all the heavy metals being sprayed on us by our would be overlords.
Dance all night this new year's eve by drinking sulfur before you go out, and protect yourself from a hangover the next day at the same time! (Get other anti hangover supplements + book about detoxing and about health from my new bookstore at this link!
In the early 1500s my Scots ancestors refused to become indentured servants to the English, so they sailed to Amsterdam, but didn't want their kids growin' up speakin' Dutch, so they rolled the dice in a huge way and crossed the pond to what is now Rhode Island. When their small ship arrived, half their number were dead from scurvy, and starvation, and the survivors were at death's door. They were saved by the Narragansett people who gave them the shirts off their backs, and taught them their fishing and agricultural techniques.
Today, the Narragansetts are one of the few tribes east of the Mississippi that have preserved their language and cultural traditions. I'm proud to be part Narragansett. I feel a certain pull to the land because of it, a certain appreciation of all the blessings our Creator has bestowed upon us, and at Christmas, as this spaceship we call home hurtles through space around the sun ticking off another year, I feel more optimism, more hope than I've EVER felt this time of year, and I just want  to thank all of you for all your help over the past year!
I feel this hope because I feel all of you rallying behind me, lifting me up, so I don't feel so all alone as I spit in the eye of the beast with the full intention of ripping its lungs out and killing it dead!
This question must be asked: Who the hell does FDA Commissioner Hamburg and her NWO string pullers think they are anyway?  She is a terrorist from the darkest, most stygian depths of hell. Her dad was the head honcho of the Eugenics Society and she was obviously put in place to take out large numbers of us. Well I'm not impressed, and you shouldn't be overawed by the evil whore either.
This past year Federal Marshals came here to Sea Breeze Farm in a vain effort to try to intimidate me and to get me to quit opposing the NWO. You know what I did when they arrived on my doorstep wanting to come in out of the rain?
I told the terrorists they were NOT comin' inCool, I made them wait out there on the front porch and when they tried to do their interrogation routine I wouldn't let them! Instead of responding to their innane questions, I demanded to know if the REAL reason they came to Point Roberts was to go see the Canucks play in the Stanley Cup that evening in nearby Vancouver BC and I asked if they had any bets ridin' on the game!
You should have seen the looks on their faces, it was priceless! Then my NEXT zinger was to ask if either of them happened to have any used scuba gear to sell me! Now THAT was really funny because one of them was actually a fellow diver, and when I asked that question, his whole demeanor changed from being an enemy, to being a FRIEND!
So, my message for the New Year to the Obamination and his smarmy low life Bilderberg Buddies is this:
"Go ahead, losers, spray us all you want with your stinkin' chemtrails,( Pilot Films Plane Spraying Chemtrails   ) I've got SULFUR to detoxify myself with so you're NOT gonna take ME out or anyone ELSE on the IAHF list!  
...................Hell, Shindler had nothin' on me! I've created an Amazon store
where you can buy books on health that IAHF has been recommending for years and commissions will help us make our updated health freeedom film!
You can buy supplements in this IAHF/Sulfur for Health store that will work synergistically with sulfur to help detox you and protect you from NWO genocide, and commissions will help us make our badly needed film! (We have a choice, make it, and kick the ass off any corrupt member of Con-gress who refuses to give us an FDA oversight hearing on the Trilateral Cooperation Charter, or be CULLED and MICROCHIPPED!
Together, we can come up with enough $$ to do the updated version of "We Become Silent- The Last Days of Health Freedom" and we can have plenty left over to drive all the corrupt scum out of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee so we can replace them with GOOD PEOPLE, people like Ron and Rand Paul! Speakin' of Ron, he's leading in the IOWA polls, and he's going to not only win there, but in New Hampshire because of his secret weapon!
He's one of the few people on Capital Hill to ever help me address the threat of FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, he wrote a "Dear Colleague" letter calling for congressional oversight, but we got stone walled due to the corruption that we're about to put an end to by driving the rats into the sea!
All of this is very doable in the coming year, so keep those referrals comin' to more wholesale customers, and I'll put a thermometer on the websites showing our progress towards our monetary goal for this badly needed film!
If theres any books or supplements you were going to buy for Christmas gifts that you don't see in the IAHF/Sulfur for Health Amazon store, please let me know, I'll add 'em and you can then buy 'em and be contributing towards our film and towards driving the genocidal killers into the sea in the coming year!
Oh yeah, almost forgot...... if you appreciate the way IAHF kicks FDA, Codex and Bilderberg ass, kindly let us know it via a year end donation which you can make via this link or by sending a check or M.O. to us at IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA.... Please encourage all your friends and family to sign up for the free IAHF email distribution list which they can do HERE
Remember- IAHF was THE FIRST to ever blow the whistle on Codex via an article in Life Extension Magazine in 1996, and we'll be the ones who drive the stake through the heart of the vampire by killing FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter which is the vehicle the bastards are tryin' to us to usher it in! (Be sure to sign the petition at the link above)
By helping IAHF make the updated film in order to kill CODEX once and for all...... the life you save..... could be your own!  Got SULFUR?