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Our first quarterly eNews

Whilst Trans-Help is active on the roads, on the phones and via the social media, we have looked at ways to keep the corportates and those not on social media updated with the growth of the foundation. We have come a long way since our inception, which began in a canvas tent and a foldup table and 2 chairs. We have assisted thousands of drivers, corportates and families along the way.

We hope you enjoy its contents. If you would like one of our units to attend your business, please make contact. If you have a staff member in need or would like some of our brochures to give to staff, please contact us.

No matter what, keep safe and ensure you too get home to your loved ones, as so mny have not.

Max Walker gets a free health check

at the NatRoad Conference.

Former Australian Cricketer, Max Walker was host at the 2014 National NatRoads conference which was held at the Adelaide Exhibition Centre this year. Along with many of the delegates Max was keen to have a free preventative health check at the BP booth, as did NatRoad President, Geoff Crouch. It was good to see so any delegates utilising the service and finding out more about the Foundation and the voluntary work the foundation does.

Royans the founding sponsor
without them, Trans-Help would never have been established.

When the concept of Trans-Help came about, there was no funding, just an idea and a dream - Royan's Wagga was the founding sponsor who believed in the dream and financed its establishment and growth over the last 8 years.

With almost 70 years of service and experience in the transport repair industry

The Royan Group provides specialist repair services to the heavy transport industry,
enabling transport operators to fulfill their contractual obligations and maintain their livelihood. Supporting the industry as Major Sponsors the Victorian Transport Association. Royan are a family business that was established in 1944 and now has 6 fully equipped workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Wagga, Dubbo & Newcastle. Royans are on call 24 hours a day and can assist customers with any incidents involving vehicles and freight, including towing, salvage and recovery and transhipping freight.

The Royan Group Accident Hotline is answered by a central radio base. The phone numbers of branches are diverted to the radio base after hours to answer calls made to those branches. When an accident call is received, a Company Representative is dispatched to the scene. After arrival and assessment of the situation we will contact the vehicle owner or nominated staff member and report on: the driver, the condition of the load, and the damage to the truck and/or trailer.

Accident Hotline 1800 644 499

Townsville Unit heads south after 20 months of service in NQ

Sharon Hourn has operated the Qld Health & Support Unit for the last 20 months out of Townsville. Most weeks she was in attendance at BP Cluden and other times she attended BP Bohle, Cleanaway and prior to leaving the TOLL Depot in Townsville.

Sharon and husband Darren have endured their own tragedy within the transport industry. In 1995 they had an horrific truck accident which claimed the lives of their one year old son, Khaleb and their two year old daughter Tamika. Sharon herself sustained horrific injuries, including a broken back. (read her story at www.sharonhourn.com)

Part of Sharon's recovery was to join Lifeline and complete their counselling course and as a result has the tools and techniques to assist drivers.

During Sharon's work in NQ she has assisted many drivers with health issues, road trauma and PTSD. She has also spread the word about the foundation and the work we do and the difference we are making nationally. The rewards are when you have a driver call or drop in and advise that we have saved a life or made an impact in their recovery.

Sharon is heading south and will be operating in and around Brisbane over the coming months before making her way to Dubbo and Adelaide. - Keep an eye on the foundations facebook page as to where you can catch up with her.

Our team of volunteers have first hand experience in trauma and understands the transport industry, that has been the core to the success of the Trans-Help Foundation.

Trans-Help plans to have a van in NQ once a quarter

BP Australia enters a second year of sponsorship

BP Australia is now in their second year as a major sponsor of the Foundation. In recent months the launch of BP's Driver+ App has included the foundations traffic alerts and also health tips. 

Without the support and sponsorship of BP the foundation would not be able to reach as many places as it can now. This has increased our support within the industry as well as providing more services to more areas.

BP also had Trans-Help attend the Global Truck & Trailer Leaders Summit in Melbourne where CEO, Dianne Carroll gave international leaders an overview of the Trans-Help Foundation. BP also invited Trans-Help to partner them at the NatRoad Conference in Adelaide.
"The partnership with BP Australia has been so rewarding for Trans-Help and it continually grows. It is bringing more benefits to the transport industry nationally, making it healthier and safer, something BP and Trans-Help are committed to" said Di Carroll, CEO.

Health & Support out West

When one of our Units head out to an event, we always ensure that we make the most of the trip and get the most mileage and support out there as possible, be it dropping off brochures, calling on clients or meeting up with drivers on the road before setting up at a destination.

After heading to Hartley Roadhouse for a "Meet and Great Day" with WesTrac, the trip included Dubbo, Cobar, Broken Hill, Mildura before arriving in Adelaide in time for the NatRoad


GP2U partners with Trans-Help to turn truckstops and Health Units into virtual GP surgeries.

GP2U Telehealth, specialists in providing online video consultations for those in need of flexible access to healthcare, has announced a new partnership with National Transport Support Services charity, the Trans-Help Foundation. The venture will provide truckies with immediate access to doctors via video conference.
Trans-Help already has a number of health units traversing the main roadways across Australia, providing free nurse led check-ups to truckies, with the aim of making Australia’s roads the safest in the world.
GP2U will now be assisting the work of the Trans-Help nurses by providing telehealth consultations direct to drivers, wherever they may be.
This innovation will allow drivers, when referred by the nurse, to speak directly to a GP or even a Specialist, and is designed to both improve access to healthcare services and get more truckies to think about looking after their health and wellbeing.
Dr James Freeman said, “This new partnership is a great fit. Telehealth technology brings the doctor to the patient, wherever they may be. It’s a good way to deliver services to remote locations, and to those who cannot easily access health care.”
CEO of Trans-Help, Dianne Carroll OAM said, “Truckies can be on the road for weeks at a time, away from their local GP, and often can’t find the time to see a doctor. This can leave them at risk of conditions that could affect their ability to drive. Preventative health checks have been proven to save lives, time and money, as well as significantly reducing the possibility of accidents. This partnership means not only can we detect problems early, but also deliver essential health care on the spot.”
The partnership will provide extra relief to the families who often worry about how well their loved ones are taking care of themselves whilst on the road.
Download the GP2U APP

Major Companies get behind the Foundation

Our CEO, Di Carroll OAM was invited as a guest speaker at the 2014 Comcare National Conference in September.

Presenting "The Cracks in the Windscreen" Di was able to give an in site into the grass roots of the transport industry, the trauma, heart ache and barriers. Her presentation astounded many and has opened new prospects for the Foundation.

Henty Field Days a success

The field days, held from September 23-25, drew an estimated crowd of 60,000 to inspect more than 1200 sites, and the car parks were filled to capacity. The Trans-Help Foundation had one of their Health & Support Units in attendence, giving people an oportunity to have a free preventative health check whilst some had the oportunity to finally meet some of our volunteers.

CEO Di Carroll was a guest speaker in the Country Lifestyle Pavillion, giving the audience an understanding of the foundation and highlighting the synergies the transport industry has with the farming community and how some of the foundations clients were in fact famers who also drive trucks.

Companies are getting Health Units to attend Depots.
The Trans-Help Health and Support Units are attending more companies and the Foundation is pleased with not only the interest, but also the results.  With the detection of high blood pressure, worrying high suggar levels and also road trauma in companies, not only with the drivers but also with yard and office staff it is proving the importance of the work we are doing.

Attending the depots, including Border Express, TOLL, SRV Transport and Cleanaway to name a few has been very rewarding.

Each company donates to the foundation for our attendence. All those that attend are given a copy of their results, details of the services Trans-Help provides and an emergency wallet card. The emergency cards are also being distributed by police and on occcations has assisted police following an accident as it details the next of kin in an emergency.

The checks are private and confidencial to each attendee and each attendee signs the form to allow their results to be added to our statistic data.

Trans-Help Income Protection
Finally we are able to provide an income protection plan that is designed for transport drivers and owner/drivers which is affordable and you are still covered if you move from one transport related job to another, unlike other plans. You can be covered from as little as $28 per week. 
We have also been able to negotiate to get the plan to age 67 and if we can get enough to join, we may be able to increase it to 70yo. 

The “Trans-Help Foundation Income Protection Plan” is administered by Ten4/Ausinsure.
As part of Ten4/AusInsure’s commitment to supporting the Transport industry, Ten4/AusInsure will donate a percentage of their commission/income, back to the Trans-Help Foundation.
By supporting this plan you will be supporting the Trans-Help Foundation whom in turn provide support to transport personnel and their Families Australia Wide.
Trans-Help Foundation, Ten4/Ausinsure  and You. Working together to support Drivers and their families.
PH: 1300 13 60 55     ten4@nationw.com.au     ten4transportinsurance.com.au

After dealing with so many idows following fatalities and also talking to drivers, it is estimated only 20% may have wills. Now thanks to MY WILL ONLINE you can now get yours organised.

My Will Online is a totally online legal will kit. We provide you with a complete last will and testament that is downloaded directly onto your computer or tablet. Our wills are valid in New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), South Australia (SA), Western Australia (WA), the Northern Territory (NT), Tasmania (TAS) and the Australia Capital Territory (ACT).
You can include an Enduring Power of Attorney document with your will if you choose. The enduring power of attorney documents are specific to each state of Australia. -  Click here to access MY WILLS ONLINE

Football, meat pies, Trans-Help and Iveco Vans

Iveco Trucks Australia and Trans-Help Foundation came together in a charity day to celebrate football and raise awareness of the importance of workplace health for transport drivers and office staff alike.
In a football-themed event, Trans-Help Foundation visited the Dandenong South Head office of Iveco to show their appreciation for the generous support given by Iveco Trucks Australia. 
Iveco Trucks Australia has donated four Daily Vans for use as mobile health units. Using the Iveco vans, Trans-Help visits truck stops, changeover driver bays and trucking companies to conduct health checks for drivers and company staff and to highlight to the industry the importance of driver health and to offer support to their families.
“The vans enable our organisation to visit transport companies to conduct health checks not just for the drivers, but company staff like the mechanics and office staff of whom the drivers depend on every time they go on the road for a safe load and a safe truck,” said Dianne Carroll, CEO, Trans-Help Foundation. “Our visit to the Iveco premises was to thank the company for their generous support for the four vans and refurbishment of our older unit and to show staff what it is we do.”
“In addition, supporters like Iveco Trucks Australia, enable Trans-Help to provide assistance to drivers and their families who have suffered road trauma or other issues that may impede the safety of Australia’s truck drivers,” said Dianne. “The latest development for Trans-Help is the development of a mobile device App that provides push notifications to drivers of traffic hazards ahead of time. Drivers can re-route their journey to avoid traffic jams to reduce the amount of time lost from accidents or road closures.”
“We conducted 47 free health checks for staff at Iveco during a four hour period, testing for blood pressure, pulse and sugar levels – all of which are indications of work-related stresses. With this knowledge, staff can then address the issues with their GP. A workplace health check gives a more realistic snapshot of a person’s health than a visit to the GP afterhours when the work stresses are gone.”
“The day was intended to be a bit of fun for staff, celebrating the football finals and to raise money and awareness for the Trans-Help Foundation,” said Stavros Yallouridis, Director of Sales and Marketing, Iveco Trucks Australia. “We are honoured to be able to contribute directly to the health and wellbeing of the transport industry with the donation of the Daily Vans and initiatives such as the phone App, and we will continue to support the Foundation in any way we can.”
In a day that saw staff come to work dressed in their team colours for a gold coin donation, Iveco raised several hundred dollars for the Foundation. Awards were given for the Most Passionately Dressed, Male and Female as well as for the winner of the Norm Smith Medal sweep. It was a day that brought health, wellbeing and staff morale to the forefront, for a positive step toward a better and safer workplace.

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