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On Second Thought ~~~ From Seed To Table~~

I literally bumped into a neighboring friend this morning while shopping for ‘Epsom Salt’ for the tomato plants. She was food shopping, and she has this huge garden plot - all worked and planted…or so I thought. With a bit of careful coaching…well, actually I just asked…” why are you not eating from your garden?” Seems she only planted one time, it all came at once, and it all left at once.

Very important to remember…plant two crops of the same planting…two weeks apart, this will allow you to have the vegetables you want all through the season.

Depending on where you live, some crops don’t fall into this method…I’m in the SE and lettuces don’t do well (if anything) after it gets hot…and since it’s hot already my lettuces have bolted and turned bitter. I’ve pulled it, worked the beds and replanted with cucumber and squash…these I will plant in succession and have them right into the early to mid autumn months.

I do have some success with selected lettuce in large containers and moving it around to keep it in the cooler and filtered sun spots…but, that requires pampering, and I don’t do that well. So we are comfortable saying good-bye to fresh lettuce by this time. Spinach is still producing and nothing compares to a cool spinach and fruit salad, or spinach and toasted mushrooms and red onions…yum is the word!

Snow Peas… have been abundant. Have you ever had them raw, with a creamy home made yogurt dressing…this I will be sad to let go.

Leeks…easy to grow and all flavor, plus a powerhouse of nutrition. Plant them now if you haven’t already…they will mature by late summer-early fall-they go perfectly with fall foods…soups, stews, roasted meats and other roasted veggies.

Sweet potatoes are my favorite, healthier than the Irish potato, less starch. Roasted with a bit of grapeseed oil and sweet onion…the best blending of flavors.

Corn…if you’re avoiding GMO’s…yellow corn is out, I don’t even trust the organic yellow, call me doubting Bea--corn is also a high fungus food, which isn’t good for the body at all. Do your research and decide.

Parsley…a must for all seasons, nothing in your garden is more nutritious than parsley (flat leaf Italian) sprinkle it on any vegetable, salad or even fruits, a little delivers a whopping dose of vitamin C.

Tomatoes and Peppers…so many fabulous ways to use these two garden stars, from grilled to stuffed, any way you serve them will be the best.

Fun Tips

If you have a Potting Shed, small green-house, any area that you work or play with plants…make it a project of fun instead of ‘work’…add some special touches -always something blooming or sprouting, gather the bird-nest after they have been discarded by the tenants, group them on display with snapshots of little birds that once lived in them. If space allows, a couple of small chairs and a table is very welcomed.

If you are at all artistic…sketch a few things while you work/play…your children and grand-children will treasure these at a certain point in life.

Remember…to keep your gardens and work/play areas clean and healthy-always wear gloves when connecting with the earth…watch for standing water and fungus/mold growth in damp places. Tea Tree Essential oil is a wonderful product to keep germs and bacteria at bay…also great for keeping bugs and insect bits down.

Most of all…have fun with your gardens, be bold, try new things, grow outside the box or the plot. There are very few hard and fast rules to gardening….if it works for you…and I…then it is approved and recommended.

Opt for local and in season…it’s a good thing, for self and for community.

Happy Summer…it is upon us….

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