Media Release
Monday July 18th 2022


The new campaign to allow gay blood donation is calling for community members to help put a human face to the issue.

Let Us Give is asking for personal stories from those who are currently unable to donate blood including gay men, and bisexual men, trans women and some non-binary people who have sex with men.

Let Us Give spokesperson, Andrew Badcock, said it is important to put a human face on the current ban.

"Removing the current ban will help save lives and remove discrimination and we want to illustrate this through personal stories."

"For example, I have a rare blood type and am safe to donate but I am unable to just because I have a male partner."

Two examples of personal stories are attached: Francis and James, and Nick. To send a personal story to Let Us Give email

Meanwhile, Let Us Give is filming short videos for social media to highlight the need to remove the current ban and replace it with a new policy of screening all donors for their individual risk.

Film-maker, Leo Bieneman, said,

"I'm looking for people of all ages and backgrounds who live in Sydney and who identify as gay men, bisexual men, trans women and non-binary people who have sex with men.

"We need you to take part in a series of short clips to spread awareness of the Red Cross Lifeblood’s current block on blood donations from people of the above communities."

"The videos will be posted on social media to spread awareness and encourage people to campaign alongside us."
Currently, the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Sevice requires three months of sexual abstinance before it will accept blood from a gay man, or bisexual man, trans woman or non-binary person who has sex with a man. 
In a growing number of countries similar to Australia, including the UK and Canada, all individuals are assessed for their individual risk regardless of the gender of their sexual partner.

For a copy of this statement on the web, click here

For more information about personal stories contact Andrew Badcock on 0400 844 148 or email
For more information about appearing in Let Us Give's videos contact Leo Bieneman on 0451 124 501 or

For more information about our campaign and to sign our petition, check out

Let Us Give is auspiced by Just.Equal Australia